At A Glance

  • Age: 14 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Bailey is a beautiful little girl. She weighs 60 pounds, and is very blond in color. She came into RAGOM from a home with 7 children. The family has Bailey's mother, and decided that they would like another golden just like her, so they had her bred with the neighbor's golden. And what they got was a puppy that turned out to be too much for them. They posted her on Craigs list, and luckily, a RAGOM volunteer was able to get her into our care. At 6 months old, Bailey was chasing a bird, and was struck by a car. She suffered a broken pelvis. The family chose to let the injury heal on its own, so they confined her to a sun room, where she proceeded to chew on the flooring, and was probably very bored, and in pain. She has also chewed off the end of her tail. When I was talking to the vet about this, she said that the tail has a lot of little nerve endings, and that it may have had some tingling from her injury. She still has a beautiful tail, its just a little shorter than normal, Bailey had never been to the vet for any shots, or any checkup, so that was the first thing we had done. Her heartworm test was negative(YAY).  She did have whip worms, and we are treating her for them. Other than that, she is in very good health. She got spayed yesterday, and I will be picking her up today to come home.  When Bailey first came into our home, she would stand in front of us, and bark for attention. She is so much better now. She doesn't bark much at all, unless she sees a squirrel or rabbit in the yard.  Bailey has become a totally different dog since we got her. She now has some consistency, and routine in her life. She knows when she will be going for walks, she knows when she will be fed, and that is all it took for her to settle down, and relax.

Bailey will need to go to a family that will make the commitment to get her several daily walks, and exercise. The exercise will also help her keep her joints healthy, as she could have some arthritis later on in life from her broken pelvis. She has no problems when she walks, but from behind you can see that she throws her back paws outward a little when she walks.
  • Bailey loves other dogs
  • Bailey loves children
  • Bailey gets along fine with cats
  • Bailey has a very high prey drive, and would like to take on every bird, rabbit and squirrel she sees.
She is a very sweet girl, and I am so glad that she has now has a chance to be able to live a good life. Thank you Deb, and all the transport people that made this possible.

                                     Bailey and Aspen having a pool party
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