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  • Age: 17 years, 5 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


5/30/06: This weekend RAGOM volunteers picked up 3 little, little pups being sold out of the open back of a pickup truck at Gander Mountain in Minnetonka. The pups, with 20 others, had been transferred from South Dakota on a very hot day to sell in a parking lot as people came in to shop at Gander Mountain.

RAGOM took in the three smallest to make sure they received a better start in life. King, Queenie and Bart are undersized, red Goldens who were born on April 1 of this year. All checked out pretty well at the vet?s office on Tuesday. They are currently undergoing a crash course in human-dog socialization ? what better place to get this than in RAGOM foster care?! Bart is the smallest of the three at 4.2 lbs, Queenie was 6.6 lbs and King was 7.4 lbs. (Most 8 week old Golden pups are at least 10 lbs.) All three are a little shy, but very sweet.

Queenie is the most outgoing of the three. She explores the most and vocalizes quite a bit. She spent two hours yesterday playing with a 6 year old girl ? puppy heaven anyone? Queenie has two adorable blonde blazes above her eyes. If they stay through adulthood, she should have very expressive eyes indeed.

King is more of a typical boy. He likes to wrestle and chew. He will play tug and can be a little hard headed. His behavior is very typical for a pup his age.

Bart is tiny and adorable. He has sad looking eyes and just melts when you pick him up. He is certainly a lap dog in training!

Currently these puppies are consulting with approved families on our waiting list. If their status changes, that will be noted on this page. Please do not contact placement on these guys. If you would like to contribute to these little darlings? medical bills and training regimen, please follow our donation link. Thank you!

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