At A Glance

  • Age: 5 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 97.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


June 22, 2012 

We sprung big Baxter from boarding on Monday. Wow this big boy grows on you really fast. By Monday night he was already showing his character to us. Baxter is UTD and on Heart Guard,Frontline and has been neutered. He is such a handsome fellow. He needed a bath and had some mats on him so we gave him a bath after we arrived at home. He did really well with that. Just stood there and took it all in. I will be taking him to be groomed on Thursday. Baxter just loves attention,he'll sit by you for hours as long as your petting him. If you stop he'll nudge your arm or hand with his nose looking for more and then you'll get the paw. Baxter loves meeting new people of all ages.

I believe Baxter is enjoying his new GOLDEN LIFE here at RAGOM. He knows sit,lay down,shake,no,and is house trianed. He does get very  excited when he first meets someone and does jump up on occasion. We will be working on that. He doesn't always do this. He does protect his ball and bones. He hasn't snapped or tried to bite but,with certain people he has growled. He hasn't done this to myself but,has done it to my 14 year old with the ball and my dad with a bone. Which is strange because he just loves them both. He does allow me to take his ball and bone with no problem. I don't think he would bite anyone. I think he just needs to be taught. Which will be easy as he has already learned not be aggressive with my father and son. I do think that he should be be in a home with kids who have experience with dogs because of this. Like I said I don't believe he would hurt anyone I just feel this would be the best type of home for Baxter.

Baxter loves to ride in vehicles and likes to go for walks. He does pull a little at times. He loves his ball,as you can see in the pictures. He carries that ball everywhere even on his walks and goes too bed with it. I think I might have to buy another one since he stole that one from my resident dog.Bater has free roam of the house and has been sleeping with my 14 year old son in his bed. I call Baxter a big boy because that is exactly what he is. He weighed in at 98lbs. Now he isn't over weight he's just a big muscular baby boy dog that wants nothing but to love and be loved. Baxter has the biggest golden eyes to go along with his big golden heart. I can't tell you enough how much of a sweet heart this guy is. I'll update after we go to the groomer tomorrow.

If you your looking for big boy with a big heart to love this boy will show you how much he can love. He will be a great and loyal friend for life. If Baxter sounds like what you've been looking for please contact you placement advisor. Oh,I almost forgot he like to chase his tail and he does catch it and bite's it. Sometime he get's upset and growls at it and barks too.


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