Bear (Quinn 17-146)


Quinn is an 11-year-old former Golden Retriever breeding boy. He weighs in at 83 pounds and has the most stunning block head and huge paws. With his neuter scheduled, his breeding days are over and he will be a wonderful companion for a loving family.

At a Glance #17-146

Golden Retriever Born: June 2006
Male 76 lbs

Status: Deceased

Quinn's Well-wishers

Marsha M
"Sending lots of love to you and hoping you find your forever home very soon!"


Quinn is an 11-year-old former Golden Retriever breeding boy. He weighs in at 83 pounds and has the most stunning block head and huge paws. With his neuter scheduled, his breeding days are over and he will be a wonderful companion for a loving family.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

When your "bad" days outnumbered your "good" days, mom and dad knew it was time. 

Your mind was failing with blank stares at us and your confusion was overwhelmed by anxiety.  We would look at you so peaceful when the medication would finally let you sleep.  Your legs would jolt running through to the days you never knew as a dog.  You never knew love, affection, or playfulness behind those kennel bars until you arrived with us. 

Now, my dear, you are free of your demons.  You can run, play without fear.  You know love through our sweet voices of comfort and encouragement.  You feel our touch of affection with every stroke on your head and body.  You have returned to your clear mind and no longer does the confusion fog your thoughts and actions.

We love you so much, so run free our beautiful boy without the confines of bars who restricted your mind.  Our life has been enriched by your smile and intense brown eyes every day for the short time we had you here with us. 

Love Mom and Dad M.

Friday, October 6, 2017

It is with utmost exuberance to announce Quinn has found his forever home!  He will have loving parents, excited siblings, and a plethora of tennis balls.  I have watched him as he advanced baby steps to who he is today and am so proud of him.  Thank you to everyone in RAGOM who has allowed me to be his foster mom.  I love him dearly. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Quinn has had an extremely busy month!  He had his first professional trip to the "pooh" shop and looks absolutely gorgeous.  The groomer said that he was very well behaved and basically slept thorough the whole process.  Who doesn't love a massage?

We attended the RAGOM picnic in late August.  Quinn was unsettled a little bit as he LOVES his routine.  While the other resident and foster pups played and chased each other, he watched intently where I was the whole time.  He is truly a wonderful companion.  The return car ride was spent sleeping and he was so excited to see his foster brother and sisters when we arrived home.

When he first came into our home, Quinn would go out the garage service door, but would not come in as he didn't understand the one step to climb and the doorway scared him.  Now after observing the resident dogs and many praises, he jumps up and in he comes.  It's like he has been doing it for years! 

Another thing I have noticed is his playfulness, especially with a tennis ball.  He scoops them up in his mouth and will carry them around in the yard.  Quinn gets so excited when he finds one that he left in the grass, as it reminds me of a child at an Easter Egg Hunt.  When he runs, you would have no idea he is 11 years old.  Sometimes he is faster than our three year old!

Your loss of not applying for Quinn is our gain.  Our home is enriched by having him share his life with us.  He is truly a special pup.   See what you are missing out on?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Quinn has had so many experiences in the past month and he handles them like a champ.  

He attended the Meet and Greet on Sunday and watched intently when I was out of his sight to buy him new squeaky balls.  He is such a loyal boy!  Quinn soaked up the cuddles he received from the kids and the rest of the time laid quietly watching the world go by.  Since he missed his afternoon naps, he slept all the way home and was in bed by 8.
About a week ago, we had a thunderstorm come thru with heavy rains and 70 mph winds. It drove the rain so hard against the windows that it sounded like hail.  Quietly, never crying nor whining, Quinn tried to get under our bed. The next several days, he reverted back to when he first arrived - scared of every sound, bucking and planting his paws firmly on the ground as if to say "I'm NOT going though that door".  He was very confused and unsettled. But with the help of his foster siblings along with patience and love, he overcame his fears and returned to his normal playful self.
The old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" certainly does not apply to Quinn.  He has become a fun, loving member of our family. And would also be in yours.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Quinn had his neuter surgery on July 12th and recovered beautifully, never once bothering the incision.  Good boy!  He suffers with allergies, what Golden doesn't!, so he now takes Apoquel twice daily in a pill pocket.
We lovingly call him "Bear", as in Teddy Bear! With his big paws and cute face, he is just a love - loves to be brushed, cuddled, and to be with his humans.  He is right by my side constantly while awake and lays peacefully on his bed next to me at night.  When he can't physically see me, he cries!
Bear does all his duties outside and comes right back in.  The only thing that might detour him is chasing a squirrel, but "Rocky" always scampers and the look on Bear's face says, "where did he go?, well, I'll get the next one!".
The routine in the house has been quickly learned by Bear.  He eats every morsel of his two meals daily along with knowing where the toys are.  He continues to depend on his foster brother and sisters to show him how to be a wonderful companion.
Quinn is a happy, content boy who anyone would feel blessed to share their home with. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quinn was welcomed into our home on July 2nd.  He is a stunner with light golden curly fur, huge feet and is just as sweet as they come.  Being from a small breeder, he is extremely well socialized and loves everyone he meets.

He weighed in at 83 pounds on his first vet visit which surprised me as I thought he was much heavier.  But he is stocky and with all that curly hair, looks bigger.  He takes a twice daily hip and joint supplement and is a great walker on a flat leash.  Quinn loves to tour the property stopping to look at the crops, sheep and horses.

At first, Quinn wasn't too excited about eating, so I placed some chicken stock along with white chicken pieces on his food and he gobbled it right up!  Now he is the first one to bark when the clock strikes 5.  I am still having a little difficulty getting him to eat in the morning, but it has gotten better.

Being a former breeder pup, new sounds at first startled him although we live in an extremely quiet rural existence, but Quinn takes his cues well from the resident dogs.  He has a three year old foster brother who has showed him how to play ball along with climbing the stairway. Riley has also taught him to become a Velcro dog.  When I move, now instead of one shadow, I have two.  Both of them follow me wherever I go!  When I leave their sight just for a minute, Quinn now is the first one to cry!

Quinn will definitely need another confident dog in his forever home.  He will also need a loving family that dotes on him, as he so deserves.  Is that you and yours?

If you think Quinn would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form.  If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to applicationsatragom [dot] org with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the "Inquiry for Application" form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.