Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley 19-096TDBentley 19-096TD


Bentley came to the U.S. from Turkey through RAGOM's international outreach program. He has some skin allergies, but he is otherwise healthy. He gets along with other dogs but he has a high prey drive, so he should not live with cats. Bentley has resource-guarding tendencies that can be managed, but his forever home should not have children. A physical fence is required to keep him safe. Bentley is a lovable goof who enjoys tennis balls and walks.

At a Glance #19-096TD

Golden Retriever 10 years old
Male 78 lbs

Available as of May 20, 2019
Fostered in North Libery, IA

Status: Adopt Me
Adoption fee: $275

Cannot live with children
Can live with other dogs
Cannot live with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Medium energy
Cannot live with children
Can live with other dogs
Cannot live with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Medium energy

Bentley's Sponsors


Bentley came to the U.S. from Turkey through RAGOM's international outreach program. He has some skin allergies, but he is otherwise healthy. He gets along with other dogs but he has a high prey drive, so he should not live with cats. Bentley has resource-guarding tendencies that can be managed, but his forever home should not have children. A physical fence is required to keep him safe. Bentley is a lovable goof who enjoys tennis balls and walks.


Friday, February 12, 2021

Hello from Bentley Bear! A picture says a thousand words and this picture says: I'm the cutest boy in the world! His cuteness definitely works in his favor because who can resist this face?

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley loves attention and he leans his whole body into you when he is getting petted. He also loves to be brushed. He will sit there for as long as you can brush him, the pampered life is for HIM.

He is the sweetest boy; we love him so much. He likes to be by his humans, he follows us everywhere, and does not like to be in a different room. We don't like him to be in a different room either. It's adorable!

He is doing a lot better on his resource guarding too: if he has something of ours like a sock or hat, we can pull it from his mouth no problem. So proud of him.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Mr. Bentley Bear had a GREAT Christmas. Someone was his angel tree donor and he got a brand new green squeaky ball, which might just be his new favorite. He went to two Christmas gatherings and it was the first time hanging out at someone else's house with six guests.

He was a perfect gentleman and he just LOVES car rides. He snuggles right up between our arms and just likes to be by us and look out the window. He turns into mush in the car, it's so funny. He loves adventure and walks.

Bentley is doing so well in a routine and surrounded by love. He is an excellent dog and we are really lucky to get to spend some of our life with him. We love him!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Mr. Bentley Bear did so well with the two dog sitters who stayed at our house when we went on our vacation. Kay, my foster mentor, said she feels bad for him because he is so sweet, he just has a bad rap. He deserves to find a good loving home; he is a big love bug. A routine, trust, and love have done wonders for him.

Kay also brought him a food bowl that slows down his eating because he is a scarfer. He does love his food! The bowl slowed him way down—it's pretty entertaining to watch.

We gave him a bath; he was pretty nervous about it. We kept him in a muzzle because he doesn't like being lifted or certain parts of him touched a lot.  Ben cradled his head and petted him during it, he did well. He got super frisky after and wanted to play ball in the yard. He is a beautiful guy.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Just wanted to jump on and say thank you to whoever Bentley's anonymous sponsor was! I told him he has people rooting for him and he gave a famous Bentley smile.

I am so impressed with him lately. He is turning into such a good boy. I always tell him I know he was born good, but his circumstances made him harder to the world.

But now he has a family that he can trust and are dedicated to him even in his struggles—and he is truly starting to shine with that love and trust. I really want to find him the best home so that he can start to bond with his forever family and not have to start over ever again.

He is awesome!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

You know those things in life that just don't make sense? One of those things is why Bentley hasn't been adopted yet. We find ourselves saying "You're such a sweet boy," and "Someone would be lucky to have you" all of the time!

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

He has his baggage. Who wouldn't if you had to survive by yourself on the street? But his goodness outweighs it all. You just have to get to know him and build trust with him.

We feel so comfortable with him now, and you could too. We were not experts in behavioral issues in dogs. His flaws are manageable and I bet with some professional training, they might even go away. Give him a chance, he is worth it. We love him a lot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sweet Bentley Bear has lost some weight! He is looking trim and healthy. His favorite time of the day still is breakfast and dinner—and you won't forget when that is because he will remind you. He also LOVES being outside. He loves to watch the birds.

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley has turned so many corners; I trust him so much now. This morning he was laying his head on my leg while I did my makeup. It was adorable. He loves to be petted and talked to and he loves to play ball.

Just because of his bite history, we are still aware of his body language when we get close. But it is easy and we just have so much more trust with each other. That said, we still distance him from guests in the house. Ben's parents came to help redo our floors and he was wandering around and did just fine. But I don't want to push it. They knew his rules.

Bentley needs a home with no kids and with people who will give him the chance to build trust. We love him and we really want to see him go to the best home possible. We are very active and social, and he hasn't been stressful for us to navigate, it's completely possible for anyone.

Ben and I had no experience with dogs with some behavioral issues, and we learned about Bentley’s issues and triggers, we give him a good home, and we love and trust him. If we can do it, you can too! Please give this sweet boy a chance.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mr. Bentley Bear is still waiting for someone to love him forever. He is seriously turning into such a good dog. He has really adjusted to our home well. And HE IS THE CUTEST DOG EVER. He snuggles his face into his little paws when he sleeps, and he is always happy and waggy.

I really feel like we have cracked the code with him, and I would love to pass off all my knowledge to his forever family for a wonderful transition.

Someone please give him a home—he's seriously awesome.

Bentley 19-096TD

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Well, I have figured out Mr. Bentley Bear. He just needs people who will invest in him, learn who he is and about his boundaries, respect those boundaries, and just build trust with him.

He has been with us for about a month now, and the trust we have with him today compared to Day 1 has grown considerably. He is such a loveable guy, and he deserves a home with someone who understands him. We love him so much.

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley has been bounced around a lot since he came to the U.S. He hasn't had an opportunity to stay in one place and really learn to trust someone fully. We are making huge strides, but since we are only temporarily fostering him, he will be making another move here before too long and will have to start the trusting process all over again.

What would be wonderful is if he got adopted before then—and then he could build trust with just one more family for the rest of his life. If you give Bentley a chance and respect his boundaries, you will fall in love with him. He is precious.

Bentley's rules:

  • No kids.
  • Must have a fenced yard because he just loves the birds and squirrels. It is so cute to watch him, but he would take off.
  • Must be cautious with him when he has something valuable, like toys. He is very protective, probably because he never had toys when he was on the streets. When we allow him to have a ball, we pay extra close attention to where the ball is and our actions around it.
  • He LOVES attention and being petted—but you have to watch his body language. If he starts tensing up or gives you a warning growl, you need to stop. But 98% of the time within 10 seconds he wants to be petted again. This has gotten really easy for us after observing him. He loves our attention and now that we have built that trust, it's easy to read him.
  • He is a counter surfer and will find all food (and the trash can). You've been warned! Easy fixes. And it helps you keep your kitchen cleaner.
  • When guests are over, Bentley should be gated or kenneled (he does well with both). For the safety of your friends and Mr. Bentley, he needs his own space when people are visiting. Again, I think it's a trust thing. He hasn't built trust with them and initially he loves the attention, but the minute he feels threatened (and your visitors won't know his quirks or signals) you could have a problem.
  • He doesn't like his paws touched, or his ears if they are bothering him. He will let you know.
  • He did really well at the vet. We did muzzle him because of said paw touching and building trust with strangers. But we rewarded with a lot of treats and he did just fine.
  • Bentley does have a bite history, and you have to know that and be aware of it. It should be in the back of your mind when you're petting him. But I really do think that by knowing his boundaries and observing him it can all be avoided. I'd love to hear an update on how he is doing after six months when he has had time to learn to trust and love someone. I really think he is a good dog.

Things Bentley loves:

  • He does so well with my two Golden girls. He would totally like to play with them if they were the playing type.
  • He LOVES walks.
  • He loves attention and pets.
  • He loves smiling, wagging his tail, and being the cutest little bear you've ever seen!

This boy deserves a loving family—could it be yours?

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Friday, January 24, 2020

It’s Bent’ Dog! This little turkey all the way from Turkey has left the Minnesota boarding facility and landed himself in Iowa!

Bentley is settling into his life at our home. I wasn't sure how he would do with my two other Goldens, but they are all getting along really well! They all sleep in the room with us—it's looking like a wolfpack in there, ha ha.

Bentley is the happiest little goofy dog. He wags his tail more than any dog I know. And he is just so cute!

He has some quirks as the previous posts have mentioned. But it just takes time to learn his triggers. And he deserves someone who will be patient and understanding with him, and to commit and build trust with him.

He's had a rough life—I would be the same way! He is learnable and deserves someone who will take the time to learn and love him.

Bentley 19-096TD

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Hello again from Bentley, who enjoyed a nice long walk with two of his RAGOM friends today. He was his usual happy, sunny, sweet, energetic self! He thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow and checking for critters underneath the reeds. He definitely likes to dig in the snow!

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Despite his estimated age of 9, he has so much energy and endurance. We walked for an hour and he definitely wasn’t ready to be done. Also, he is on track with his New Year’s resolution to lose weight! His ideal furever home will help him stay lean, healthy, and active by walking him daily.

This sweet boy has so much love to give—he wiggles all over when he sees you and his tail never stops wagging. Please consider giving Bentley the loving home he deserves!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hello from Bentley! Even though it was pretty cold today, sweet “B” was eager and excited to go for a long walk this morning and a romp in the snow this afternoon. He loves searching for critters in the snow banks and under the reeds and trees.

Although he is a big boy and does pull fairly strong on the leash, he keeps a steady pace and tracks straight, which makes him pretty easy to walk. He stops and sits for treats when asked, as you can see in the video. Then he is excited to get moving again. Such a happy guy!

He also likes to sit near you if you stop to look around, and he loves to watch the world around him. He is happy and energetic, yet calm and easy going.

Bentley visited the vet this week and he’s down to 78 pounds! He has more weight to lose yet, but those pounds will come off more quickly when he’s out of a boarding situation and in a home environment.

Just look at that gorgeous, sunny smile—this boy is so ready for a loving and calm fur-ever home. Bentley will make someone a wonderful companion!

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year from sweet Bentley, who is still waiting patiently for his ideal furever home. He is dreaming of a peaceful, calm life with someone who has compassion for all that he has been through on the streets in Turkey. His resilience and willingness to love and trust people is amazing, and as you can see in his gorgeous smile, he is full of happiness and love.

What this boy needs most is a simple life in a quiet home with someone who is content to just have him near; who will give him back-end rubs so he can do his wiggly dance (see video in a previous update below); who will understand that he had to grumble for food to exist in Turkey and is willing to let him eat in peace; and who will give him safe, fun, positive experiences at Bentley's own pace.

Bentley would be fine as an only dog or as a fur sibling to a calm dog that is content to just hang out.

Although his age is estimated to be 9, he certainly does not move like a senior dog! He loves his walks and would love a home where daily exercise is part of his routine. Losing a few pounds is one of his New Year's resolutions! 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Bentley is getting into the holiday spirit. He looks so happy, handsome, and regal as he greets guests at the front door of the boarding facility. He always wears a big smile. Bentley greets dogs nicely, but he really doesn’t prefer to play. He thinks it’s best to just hang out together.

Bentley 19-096TD

The boarding staff enjoyed giving Bentley a break from his kennel space so he could pose with their mascot Chester, who is all dressed up for the season. Bentley is still a bit too big to be a lap dog, but he is looking very cute amongst the holiday decorations!

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley is looking for simple home to just hang out in and enjoy some attention. He is always up for some love, especially a good back end rub. This video is so much fun. If you make Bentley yours, you could have this much fun, too! Happy Holidays from Bentley!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bentley thoroughly enjoyed his visit from his RAGOM friend today. As you can see in the photos, he is such a happy boy—his tail wags constantly, and oh, that gorgeous happy smile! He very much wants to sit beside you and be petted and rubbed. He is such a sweet boy.

And as you can see in the video, he sits politely for treats! He is very food motivated and could easily be trained with treats.

This sweet big fella will make someone a wonderful companion, and he would also be a great walking buddy. Despite his age of 9, he is very agile and energetic! (Did I mention that beautiful sweet Golden smile?)

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Monday, December 16, 2019

I like to visit Bentley. For a 9-year-old overweight dog, Bentley can really move. He keeps a pretty good pace while we are walking. He thinks he’s hunting. He gets excited to check under trees and the tufts of grass for any possible critter. I have decided that this is a classic Bentley look:

Bentley 19-096TD

We are trying to help Bentley lose weight. He gets a little less kibble and a supplement of green beans so he won’t feel too hungry. We are doing our best to give him some exercise while he’s in boarding. He helps out by trudging through the snow on his hunting adventures. He is such a funny boy!

Bentley 19-096TD

Friday, December 13, 2019

As you can see, Bentley’s page hasn’t had an update for a while. Bentley has been busy. He was adopted last month, but sadly he was returned as it wasn’t quite the right fit for him.

RAGOM does not have a foster available for Bentley right now so he is staying at a boarding facility in Blaine, Minnesota. We have awesome volunteers who visit Bentley to spend time with him and give him walks.

Bentley came to RAGOM from Turkey (where he had been abandoned to survive on his own) and learned that if he gives a little grumble, he can keep his treats or food for himself. So that means he has some resource-guarding tendencies, which was the reason for his return.

We have found that with some fun positive distraction he will often give things up on his own. Or by putting down a scattering of more appropriate treats, he will drop what he has in his mouth to pick up the treats. We are also teaching Bentley how to “trade.”

Even though he has been in boarding, he always has a smile that goes all the way to the tip of his tail.

Stay tuned for more Bentley updates and pictures, so you can fall head over heels in love with him!

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Monday, October 21, 2019

It has been a while since Bentley’s last update, but I'm happy to report that he is doing great. He enjoys being outside and laying in the sun, when we have it! He loves to play ball and run around the yard and through the leaves.

Being a Golden he loves his pets and attention, and that tail just goes! He is a happy, sweet boy. He needs to lose some weight and we will work on that.

Showing off his huge tennis ball.
Showing off his huge tennis ball.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Bentley reminded me it was way past time for an update—he is doing great! He is also down to 85 pounds.

When he is happy, which is most of the time, his whole body wags. He loves going for walks, laying in the grass, and just being with people. Bentley also loves his ball. Although he doesn't like giving the ball to you we have figured out a way to play fetch.

We start with a pile of balls; he will usually go get the first one and come back. Then we throw the next one and he chases it and decides which one he wants to keep and then returns to us. At some point we have to go fetch the balls to start over!

Bentley did pretty well with fireworks and only got a little nervous with the really loud ones. He is also pretty calm during storms and just wants to be near us.

Bentley is a super, sweet guy who loves attention and hanging out.

Bentley 19-096TD

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We have been working on Bentley's diet and exercise plan, and he has lost 3 pounds. We still have a way to go, but we are making progress.

When we walk he initially pulls on the leash but settles down and goes with the pack after a few minutes.

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley really loves to be outdoors. His prey drive is a little higher than we originally thought, so we have decided it would be best if he had a fence.

We learned that he has a very soft mouth. Bentley scooped up a baby bird last week and just carried it around for a few minutes before we could find something he would trade for it. I am happy to report that the bird was a little shaken up but survived and learned to fly!

Bentley 19-096TD

Bentley is doing much better on taking treats more gently. He knows how to sit for his treat. He is a little protective about toys, so we are still working on that. He loves attention and is usually looking for ear scratches.

Bentley is a big sweetheart.

Bentley 19-096TD

Monday, May 20, 2019

Welcome to RAGOM and the U.S., Bentley! Bentley came to us from Turkey where he was found fending for himself living on the streets. He weighs in at 89 lbs. and needs to lose just a little weight. Bentley is a big, lovable, goofball.

Bentley 19-096TD

He met our two resident dogs with no issues. Bentley does this cute little dance and spins around when he wants to play with our girls. He also loves tennis balls. Bentley doesn't play fetch; he just loves carrying them around. We have had several discussions about dropping the ball so he can eat his treat.

Because Bentley has shown some resource guarding tendencies, most likely developed while he was trying to survive on his own, we don't recommend children in his forever home. This behavior can be addressed with training, but it will always need to be managed.

Bentley also has a very high prey drive and a scampering cat could trigger this, so we do not recommend a home with cats.

He loves food and treats. He is learning to sit for a treat, and we are working on being a little less grabby. He also loves to go for walks.

Bentley is a real sweetheart.

Bentley 19-096TD
Bentley 19-096TD

Adopt Me: If you think Bentley would be a good fit in your home, please review our adoption process. If you have already submitted an Inquiry for Application, email [email protected] with Bentley's name, RAGOM number (19-096TD), the name you submitted under, and a sentence or two explaining why you feel your home would be a good match.