Birdie (Elisabeth 17-222A)


Elisabeth is one of ten dogs that came from a Missouri auction to begin a new life with RAGOM. Elisabeth is as sweet as they come and loves everything about her new life. She was pregnant and surprised me with an early delivery of three tiny puppies.

At a Glance #17-222A

Golden Retriever Born: October 2013
Female 65 lbs

Status: Adopted

Elisabeth's Sponsors

Elisabeth's Well-wishers

Barb D
"Merry Christmas, Elisabeth"
Julie P
"Thanks for sharing your puppies. It has been fun to watch you and them and learn and laugh. You and your pups are just beautiful!"
Sonia U
"Happy Holidays, Elisabeth!"
Karin, Todd, Kate and Anna M
"Merry Christmas Elisabeth! We can see how much you love those cute puppies. Keep up the great work!" Love the M Family
Ruth H
"You are such a good mom to your three precious pups. Have a very Merry Christmas!"


Elisabeth is one of ten dogs that came from a Missouri auction to begin a new life with RAGOM. Elisabeth is as sweet as they come and loves everything about her new life. She was pregnant and surprised me with an early delivery of three tiny puppies.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today is a bittersweet day for me. My sweet Betsy has been adopted. She has hit the jackpot and ended up with the most wonderful family. I will miss her deeply, but also know I could not have found a more perfect family for her!

We would like to thank all the wonderful people that have watched her and her family grow and everyone that donated money, gift cards, and supplies and decorated her page with icons! The RAGOM family has given this girl and her family a great beginning to their new life.

Congratulation to the B family and fur brother Buddy! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Elisabeth is doing well! She is a very happy girl and loves playing with the big dogs and also likes to get into the puppy pen and play with the puppies!

Elisabeth was scheduled to have her spay surgery next week, but unfortunately she went into heat and I do need to reschedule that appointment. When she does get spayed she will also have a tooth removed. She is up to date on her shots.

She is a sweet girl and we love having her here. She will soon be ready to move on to her new life. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Elisabeth went to the vet today and is now up to date on her shots.

She is scheduled to have her spay surgery on January 22nd. During her surgery she will also have one tooth removed.

She is done caring for her litter and is now ready to find her very own forever home.

RAGOM has a few rules for dogs who come from commercial breeders.

The perfect home for a commercial breeder dog is a home with another dog, no young children (10+) and in most cases, a physical fence.

These are the requirements that Elisabeth is looking for. 

If you think Elisabeth would be a good fit in your home, please submit an inquiry for application.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Elisabeth is doing great! She is enjoying the holidays and all the visitors that come to the house. She is happy to greet everyone. We are not getting out much for walks with the cold weather, so there is lots of playing and wrestling in the house. She loves her foster sister and they play great together. 

Elisabeth loves to chew on the tennis balls and Nylabones. She is not good with soft toys, as she likes to tear them up. 

She is very good in the house when we are home. She loves to lay on her dog bed for naps and plays nice with the other dogs. When we need to go out she does need to be crated. She likes to get into things when we are not home. She has only chewed up a few things; a plastic cup from the sink, my shoe lace and a pair of socks. I don't want her to eat something she should not have, so the safest place for her is in a crate when we are not home.

Elisabeth will be going to the vet at the end of the week to get all of her shots and check to see when she will be ready to be spayed. She will be available for adoption when we get that information. I will update again soon. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Elisabeth is doing great! She is spending much less time with her puppies and really enjoys hanging around with the big dogs. She likes to lay on the shelf over the stairs that leads to our lower level. She is our elf on the shelf! 

She is very loving and will always ask for some petting with a gentle nudge. She also likes to give kisses. When she gets excited she does this funny thing with her mouth, it looks like she is shivering and her teeth rattle together very softly. She is a total pleasure to have in our home!

Elisabeth's puppies are 7 weeks old now, they are growing bigger every time I look at them. A few more weeks and the puppies will be moving on to their own homes and Elisabeth will be done with her mamma gig.

We would like to thank all the wonderful families for decorating Elisabeth's page with the Holiday Icons:  Julie P, Sonia, Karin, Todd, Kate, Anna and Ruth! We wish you all a Happy Holiday!  

Elisabeth will be going into the vet in early January to get up-to-date on her shots and to see when she can have her spay surgery. When I find out that date she will become available for adoption.

RAGOM has a few rule for dogs that come from commercial breeders:  The perfect home for a commercial breeder dog is a home with another dog, no young children, and—in most cases—a physical fence.

Also needed: A family that is gentle, works only with positive reinforcement, will take the dog many places, introduce it to many people and animals, and will take the dog to obedience training classes. The home and surrounding area should also be relatively quiet.

I will be looking for that perfect home for this very special girl!  We will update again soon. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Elisabeth has been busy taking care of her family! She is doing a great job and the puppies are getting bigger and are starting to play with each other and with Elisabeth. It is fun to see them interact with each other! 

Elisabeth is also feeling more comfortable leaving the puppies for longer periods of time. We have started taking her for longer walks. She is now walking about 2 miles at a time and is keeping up with the other dogs. She is using a flat collar and does not pull very much. She does get excited when she sees a person or another dog coming at her. She is so happy to meet everyone that approaches.

We have been decorating for the Holidays. We did a photo shoot of the puppies! We tried to get some of Elisabeth, but she is not that good at sitting and waiting for her picture to be taken. I will keep trying!

We are very thankful for many things this year! We are thankful that RAGOM was able to get Elisabeth and many other dogs from the auction.

We are thankful that Elisabeth had three beautiful puppies and we are also thankful that they are healthy. 

We are very thankful for the family that sponsored Elisabeth! Thank you Nicole 13-351, Paddington 17-179TD and their Mom, Marsha! It's wonderful that sweet people like you make RESCUE possible.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Elisabeth is doing great! She is a wonderful Mama and is taking such great care of her puppies! They are all gaining weight and growing bigger every day. They will be added to the RAGOM site in a few weeks.

They are still in the puppy box, so not much for me to do but sit back and enjoy them. I'm sure that will change in the next week or so. They will be climbing out soon and will start playing with each other.

They are still only on Mama's milk, so they are not very messy - YET! Elisabeth is keeping them clean and cleans up any mess that they make. 

Now that Elisabeth has had her puppies, she is much more playful with the big dogs in our home. She likes to chase them around in the yard and wrestle with them.They are fun to watch. 

She is a very happy and friendly girl. She likes all people! She will be looking for a home with another dog her size, no small children and a fenced-in yard. She still has several more weeks of taking care of her puppies and then she will need to be spayed before she will be ready for adoption. 

We will update again soon!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Elisabeth is doing great and is the most wonderful mama! She is taking such good care of her babies and it shows in the babies' weight. They have all doubled their birth weight. They are still small but they are strong and very lively.

I would like to tell you the story of the weekend her puppies were born. We had a due date of November 10th. We had been to the vet on Thursday (October 26, 2017) to have Elisabeth checked out and confirm that she was pregnant. They did an ultrasound and sure enough she was pregnant. The vet said they looked big and that may mean she was not having a big litter. 

We have a lake home and wanted to go close it up before we could not travel with Elisabeth. We headed up to the lake on Friday after work. The evening was uneventful. Elisabeth laid on the floor next to me as we watched a movie on TV and then I let her out and she went into her crate for the night. That was about midnight. At 4:15 am I heard her barking. This was very strange for Elisabeth, as she is usually very quiet in her crate and sleeps soundly through the night. I went to see if she needed to go outside for a potty break. When I got close to her crate I could hear the sound of a little puppy. I turned on the light and to my surprise there were two puppies in the crate with her. I went flying into the bedroom, telling my husband she is having her puppies NOW. I grabbed some towels and ran back to Elisabeth. I opened her crate door, wrapped the two puppies in a towel and took them and Elisabeth into the kitchen. 

She laid on the rug in front of the stove and cared for her puppies. I pulled a space heater over by her to try and keep the puppies warm. They were very cold and I was a bit worried because I didn't have any supplies with me. Remember, the puppies due date was November 10th. 

My husband came into the kitchen and I sent him right back to where the dogs sleep. I said, go check that whole room and make sure there aren't any more puppies. He came back and said there wasn't any more. 

We sat in the kitchen and waited. At 5:37 am out came a much bigger puppy. The other two were very small. Betsy took great care of them and I just sat and watched! 

After waiting another hour Betsy was looking for water and food. She wanted to go outside. I was thinking she was done. We waited a few more hours and decided we should head for home. I really wanted to get the puppies under a heat lamp to warm them up.

We packed up the car, loaded everyone in and headed home. The temp in the car was 90 degrees and the sun was shining in. We were roasting, the big dogs were panting. The puppies were cozy and warm! Betsy kept giving the other dogs funny looks - I think she was protecting her puppies. We had to cover the car barrier with a towel so she couldn't see them. 

When we returned home we got them settled in and started putting the puppies on a heated pad. That helped to get them warm and keep them warm. They are doing so well. They are all growing and gaining weight every day. A little slower at first, but great weight gains the past few days.

Rose 17-230 is the biggest one on the left, Lake 17-231 is the smallest one in the middle and Walley 17-232 is the one on the right.

Betsy has a puppy cam up on the RAGOM YouTube page. Check it out and watch the puppies grow!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Elisabeth is a 4 year old Golden Retriever. She comes to us from an auction. She was a backyard breeder dog; we are not sure why she was auctioned off. Maybe because she was a bad producer. Meaning she has small litters.

She has spent her whole life making babies. She came in with 9 other dogs. One is 5 month old Caramel 17-218A. Elisabeth is her mom. Elisabeth is pregnant again. We thought she would be having a litter around November 10th. Surprisingly, she gave birth on October 28th. She had three tiny puppies. She is taking good care of them and we hope they will continue to grow and gain weight.

This poor girl didn't even get a break before they were breeding her again. I am happy to say this will be her last litter. She will not be up for adoption for awhile. She will be very busy for the next 8 - 10 weeks raising her family.

When she is ready, we will be looking for a very special family for Elisabeth. Someone who can show her all about the Golden life that she deserves to have. 

Elisabeth is named in memory of a kind-hearted RAGOM angel, whose family generously contributed funds to make her rescue possible.

I will update her page often, so please check back to see how she is doing!