Birdie Mae


At A Glance

  • Age: 10 years, 6 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 45.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Hello, we are introducing Birdie May, who just recently joined the RAGOM family.  Birdie had about an hour drive from south of the cities to north of the cities where she is being fostered in Elk River.  Transporter said Birdie was very well behaved when riding in the car.  Birdie’s introduction to her foster brother (FB) went very well and they are having a blast playing together even though FB has about 30lbs on Birdie.  Birdie does very well holding her own when wrestling with FB and most times comes out on top. 

Birdie is an 8 month old purebred golden retriever weighing in at 50lbs.  Birdie’s weight is ideal for her age.  Birdie is a perfect little lady who appears to know several commands: sit, stay, laydown and will sit politely while waiting for you to put her food down. 

Prior to arriving in RAGOM Birdie was very well taken care of and well loved.  Birdie is housebroken and walks very well on a leash.  Between playing with FB and going on 2 mile walk in the morning and evening, Birdie is getting lots of exercise and seems to enjoy being outside sniffing all the new scents.  

Birdie is spayed, up to date (UTD) on her shots, micro-chipped and on tick and heartworm preventative.  Birdie’s coat is a beautiful golden blonde color.  See pic below to see just how beautiful this sweet girl is.

Stay tuned for updates as we get to know this beautiful young lady.  If you think Birdie might be the forever companion you have been looking for, please contact your placement advisor today.

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