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  • Age: 12 years, 3 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


12/07/06: Miss Brandi came to us a couple of weeks ago and I apologize for not getting her bio published before this. Quite honestly, we were so smitten by her, we didn't know if we could let her go ! As foster parents we have to relook at the commitment we made to RAGOM initially and remember we love each of our foster babies in a special way. This sweetie just happens to be extra special, so be forewarned potential adopters- you will have to be an equally special family to make your home her forever home!

Brandi made it just under the wire to be spayed. She was on the verge of going into heat and the Vet doesn't like to do surgery during that time. We had an intact male dog at that time, so our wonderful Vet made some time for us to get her in quickly. She stayed quiet for a couple of days afterward, but couldn't wait to be back in the yard with her buddy Bandita after she felt better. Bandita had just been through the same procedure a couple of weeks before, so now they have even more in common. You see, they are both still puppies- Brandi just a spunky 11 month old and Brandi approximately 10 months. The difference is Brandi had a normal puppy hood with a family who loved and nurtured her. Bandita, on the other hand was whelped into a pack atmosphere and had to fight even her siblings for a few morsels of food. Brandi was nurtured by loving humans, Bandita did not know the kind touch and soft voice of her human. Brandi was added to our family partly to be Banditas role model, a therapy dog so to speak. We needed her to show Bandita how to be a puppy, to play and run carefree! Brandi has been doing a great job in her new teacher role! (Being a carefree puppy seems to come natural to her!) And Bandita is becoming a star student! She is also learning to trust Brandi, she's starting to realize that there's always going to be enough food for BOTH of them, that she'll never have to fight for food, water, or a warm place to sleep again! Brandi is showing her by example that her humans are nurturing, loving people that are worthy of snuggling with, worthy of trusting. When I see the two of them snuggling together it melts my heart! Both of these pups will soon become awesome additions to some very loving forever homes of their own!

OK, on to the boring statistical stuff...

Brandi is an average sized female purebred Golden, about 51 pounds. She has a smooth, silky golden colored coat with a white tummy and throat. She walks regally, ladylike, quiet- quite unlike the larger dogs I've had in the past! She loves to have her belly and chin rubbed and is quite vocal in her appreciation! She was an easy bather, my guess is that although she's never experienced a swim yet, that she'll take to the water very well! She is kennel trained, sleeps there at night and is quite comfortable there. She loves chew toys, slippers, shoes- pretty much whatever gets left out she will gladly "retrieve", but will release when asked. Brandi is very mellow around family members, but gets very excited when visitors come over. She could use some obedience training, like any pup would. She is very loyal to all family members, loves to cuddle, but stops when asked to. She was trained to sit, lay down, and shake by her previous owners. She obeys these commands very well! She was known to guard her food with her previous owners, but hasn't shown any of that here. We are cautiously watching her just the same however. I would highly recommend that any potential family have a fence as she loves to do hot laps in our back yard. She hasn't tried to run off, but we don't really give her the opportunity to do so either! She's cat friendly, our cat cornered her the first day in the bathroom and let her know who was boss in the house and she's been sweet as pie to him ever since! (Max is such a great trainer!) Brandi loves babies and other small humans, especially right after they've eaten so she can clean up their face and floor! We watch out for big kisses and babies just so she doesn't knock them over with her zeal! Brandi loves to play tug of war with other buddies or a human if theirs not a fuzz butt available.

We'll write more at a later date. We are learning more about this sweet lady every day! If you want to see her in person I plan to bring her to the Petco in Maple Grove this Saturday Dec 9 from 11-3. She'll be the one with the big red bow and Golden bells!

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