At A Glance

  • Age: 20 years, 4 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


10/15/05: I have had Brandy less than 24 hours and I know this much about her...she's really sweet, allows you to cut out matts for an hour, clip nails, clean out ears, and give a bath...tho the bath was a duo thing :) She is small, short legs, long hair and if you look closely she looks like her eyes are lined - a girl can always use a little help in the eye area :) - and her face says she has little something else hiding in there. She has an infection in her right ear and cries when you try to clean it out and put medicine in it, but never snarls, growls or is uncooperative. She really likes the cats and last night Sam had to show her he was not putting up with any nonsense from her. She just wants to play with everyone and any furr butt around.

She likes to counter surf and has placed her paws on the counter for a better look see. A firm no or get down is all it takes. She comes when called and her tail Never Stops Wagging!!!! She does not guard her food or anything else. She is busy, but her sign to go out seems to be to go to a door, look out and prance a bit. She spent the night in the bedroom with the door closed, took her about 5 minutes of pacing and checking everything out and then that was it for the night. I tried the big crate, but she didn't care for it and whined, so let her out. She was in the house at nights at her last place and did fine.

She loves to play ball....she picks up the tennnis ball and makes what sounds like a growly sound, but it's her way of saying ok, let's play. When told to drop it, she does. Reba, my old resident girl who usually hates the females, played with her last night. They tussled and wrestled to the point I had to call it quits on account of I was afraid Reba would have heart failure. They are playing as we speak....but you have to know Brandy has been running "free" with a German Shepard and Pitt Bull for 2 months, playing hard. She wandered onto the property and the lady was kind enough to keep her in hopes someone would claim her. But with 2 big dogs, she just couldn't affored to keep her. I know it was difficult for her to give her up, but she did the best thing for Brandy. Thank you!

I think in her previous life Brandy was loved, well cared for, was taught basic commands and loved to play ball. Especially the ball part since she keeps coming to me and dropping the ball in my lap and waits for me to either throw it or bounce it...boy can she jump to get that ball. This girl is high energy and we will be taking long and frequent walks. She's not fond of the leash, but doesn't pull, will go potty while on it and walks nicely. I have no idea of her age...her teeth aren't too bad, but looks like her right side canine is a little swollen. She eats well, likes treats but has shown no interest in chew things...and has not touched anything inappropriate. She loves riding in the doggie mobile and is a good rider.

Gee, all this after less than 24 hours, can you imagine how much more I'll know in a couple days :) If you are looking for a girl that is friendly, sweet natured, playful, loves to please and always has a nice "tail fan" going....she's your girl. Will tell you more after we've been to the vet on Monday morning. Wow, she is such a gem, I wouldn't wait too long....I can feel you all thinking....mmmmm maybe this is the one :) If interested, please email [email protected].

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