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  • Age: 11 years
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


10/2/05: Brianna (Brenna) was a stray down in the Rochester area since spring. She's thought to be 8 years old. We've done a lot together in the past 24 hours that I've had her. But, before I tell you of our adventures together, Brianna and RAGOM want to say thank you to those who literally saved her life. Heartfelt thanks go to the David T. family who in mid-September took into their home and heart a 66 lb. underweight, matted stray and brought her to the vet. Our next GReat BIG thanks goes to Francine and Don F. (a Golden lover who couldn't get her into their temporary foster care fast enough), cat shelter volunteers, who spoiled her like a grandma and grandpa, lavishing her with all sorts of gifts and love and also taking her to the vet for care. They love Brenna dearly and would have liked to keep her if they hadn't already had 2 dogs and many, many orphaned cats. Their vet thought Brenna had been a stray since spring and appeared to be 30 lb. underweight. He noticed she'd lost some vision in her left eye. They cleared up her ear infections. We are still working on a tear in her right ear, trying to get it to heal. He noted there were no signs of general infection or parasites and the fecal was negative. David T. family, Francine and Don were able to put 20 lb. on her, so she's now 83.4 lb. And, the last step to getting her into foster care, RAGOM's transport members, Karen and Lu, also deserve a GReat big thanks for getting her to me.

Francine sent along a wonderful note telling all about Brianna (Brenna). Here's just part of it: "Her energy level seems to be getting better. She loves to dance and prance around just acting silly. I prance from side to side and say 'dance Brenna, Brenna dance' and she has a great time. She is now up to 83.4 lb. She loves kids, dogs and cats. She loves to ride in the car, have her belly rubbed (it took a week for Francine to be able to do that), she circles when she has to potty, she loves tennis balls, comes when called, doesn't mind storms, and will follow you wherever you go."

Brenna and I met at our RAGOM Petco event yesterday (10/1). She got along great with the other dogs and was ecstatic when kids came in to see her. She's just a love bug, tall and graceful. She's sporting a tiered haircut from when they cut out all the burs.

We went for a walk to the lake and she was great about not pulling and walking with me or stopping when called. She waded into the water up to her chest and had a fun time trying to bite the waves. We got lost and a nice guy driving a golf cart brought us home. Brianna hopped into the cart and layed down like she does this every day. He commented on what a great dog I had - so well behaved. That's Brianna.

When we got home she joined the household without much ado. My 4 cats rubbed around her legs and purred at her. My 2 older dogs took her into their pack immediately. She's so easy-going the household isn't even disrupted. Brianna was comfortable right from the start and played with her tennis balls. She is the sweetest girl! She slept soundly on the floor in our bedroom with the other critters. She doesn't beg at the table or countersurf. Someone had to have loved her and put time into working with her and socializing her. She's pretty near perfect. With time and TLC she will get even healthier and grow a beautiful coat. But for now, we'll love her just as she is.

We'll need to visit the vet to see if she's been spayed (it is thought she may not be) and have them check her overall progress. I'll know what our timetable is for adoption after that. They'll want her in good health and strong before surgery. We'll see if they think her weight is high enough. In the meantime, we'll just hang out and enjoy our time together. If you are interested in this gentle girl you can contact ragom at [email protected]. But, be warned, I'm not in any hurry to place her :)

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