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  • Age: 13 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Paul and Mary T.
"Finally on your way to the "golden life" you deserve!"

In memory of my first PM girl Gracie.  In memory of my first PM girl, Gracie. From Cheerie

April 3, 2012

Bridget is one of 21 adult golden retrievers rescued from the retirement of a commercial breeding facility. Bridget was born 6/14/09 (probably in captivity) and remained there until she and a total of 29 were liberated and are now fostered in RAGOM's care.

Bridget is a thin beautiful PB golden with very light blond hair. Her coat is short from spending her lifetime in an enclosed environment but once her nutritional status improves and she spends time outdoors it should become more full. None the less she will shed just like any other golden and require care and brushing frequently if not every day to keep shedding in your home at a minimum.

Bridget has bilateral ear infections (receiving medication) and left ear hematoma (from shaking her head and ears because of the infection and pain there is bleeding in the tissue of the ear now flap resolving on it own). Her heart worm was negative :) , fecal was negative :) , and vaccinations were brought up to date. She is in need of a bath but that will wait until she become more comfortable with her new foster home and our routines. She will also be spayed (not believed to be pregnant) sometime after she is more calm and less panicky as we move outside the realm of her foster home.

Bridget came into my home (with two goldens, foster golden Abby 11-376, and a 10 month old minigoldendoodle to welcome her) this past Saturday. Her behavior could be described as in a panic mode seeking any method to escape her new environment. By Sunday pm she was running in and out of the patio doors as if she had been doing it her whole life and on Monday pm her running had changed to a gentle trot. Bridget prefers corners (very typical) to lay down so she is in the bedroom sometimes with Abby or one of the others. She comes running always thinking it is time to go outside ( I really think she enjoys running in and out of the house) and it really makes no difference what I say (even if I am calling one of the other dogs) she comes running out of the bedroom as if in great expectation.

Bridget is eating Taste of the Wild both dry and soft mixed in. She eats in isolation as her preference and I can hear her eating as if it is her last meal. I have not seen her drink but suspect she is either very quiet or drinks at night when she cannot be seen (again very typical). All her bodily functions are working and there has only been one accident in the house.

Bridget is wearing a martingale collar and a lead at all times which was helpful trying to get her to come into the house the first two days. These are imperative for her and foster moms safety and will remain on indefinitely. Bridget's adoptability window is dependent on her time table only as she overcomes the obstacles of learning to live in a kinder human environment. It can be done but requires time, patience, and lots of love. Bridget's adoptive family of the future must be ready to address these issues and the immense time it will take to make her part of the family keeping in mind her past at all times. As you will see under her picture and name in the box the nonnegotiable needs her future family must possess to be considered eligible to adopt her.

Thank you to all those who have given the gift of themselves to get these goldens to a safe place.
Thank you to all of those who have sent in donations to help defray the cost of their expenses so we can do it all over again with the next rescue whether it be one or many who need us. Enjoy the few pictures I can get when she is not running the backyard marathon.

Bridget's foster mom

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