At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


October 9, 2012

Brody came into RAGOM due to allergies in his family. They were very sad to see him go and made the difficult decision to surrender him to RAGOM so he could find a new loving home.

Brody will be four years old on November 30th, he is a beautiful creme color with soulful eyes. Brody was brought up-to-date on his shots and given a clean bill of health, following his neuter surgery, from our wonderful vet. Brody was used to children, having spent time with daycare kids, but he was an only dog so he had a few issues learning how to be a member of the pack. It took Brody a couple weeks to feel comfortable eating in the same room as our girls. We also had a few issues with toys, sharing is not always an easy thing to learn. We have resolved those issues and come to a mutual understanding of proper behavior. Our Pepper Anne takes it upon herself to make sure every foster learns how to play, this was not something Brody understood. We had a few growling issues and Brody would snap at Pepper Anne when she would try to get him to play. However, with time and patience Pepper Anne has once again persevered. Pepper Anne and Brody are best buddies and are rarely without each other, unless Brody is on foster dad's lap (which is also his favorite person).

Brody also loves to watch hunting shows with his favorite human. Foster dad loves to hunt and fish and Brody loves to go everywhere dad goes, so he may become dad's new hunting and fishing buddy too .... move over foster mom.

We have also discovered Brody loves to listen to music. My son recently came home from college and placed his laptop on the floor of his room with music playing ... it didn't take Brody long to find the source of the music and feel the need to investigate. As you can see, Brody is mesmerized by the music.

We held a family meeting and we have all decided Brody is perfect for us. So, we will become foster failures and Brody will be staying home with us. We are all excited to welcome him into our family and Pepper Anne is very excited she won't lose her newest friend. Brody will not only become dad's new side kick, he will also become mom's new home visit partner. Our Golden girl Josie, now 12 years old, is getting to the point she gets fussy during home visits and would rather stay home and rest in her favorite dog bed with her favorite ball instead. We will take a short break from fostering to give Brody an opportunity to properly settle in. Don't be surprised if you see us at events so Brody gets more exposure to other dogs and people, he'll then be ready to take on his RAGOM volunteer role.

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