At A Glance

  • Age: 16 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 49.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased



Please welcome Bronte to the RAGOM family!  She is a very sweet 18 month old girl.  Bronte came from Indiana last Sunday.  She had a long trip, but did just wonderful!  She was a stray, and was very lucky to wander into a home of a caring person that wasn't able to keep her, but found a friend that took her. This friend already had a dog and was trying to find Bronte's original home, with no success.  The friend then tried to find a new home, but as we all know, there are just too many puppers out there.  The golden rescue in Indiana didn't have room for her, so she contacted my sis-in-law, and here she is with RAGOM!  The other option was to bring her to the shelter, where more than likely she would have been put down.  We just couldn't have that happen!   RAGOM put together a wonderful transport and she made the 12 hour journey north!  Thank you to everyone that helped!

I am so glad everything worked out and she is safe with me!  This is a WONDERFUL dog!  As you can tell by the pictures, she just smiles!  She is so sweet!

Bronte has had a very big week so far!  Monday afternoon, she went to the vet for a check up and they were able to keep her and spay her the next day.  She came back negative for heartworm, which was really great coming from a southern state.  She did have whipworms, but has been treated for those and will need another treatment in 10 days.  This is probably a big part of the reason she is so thin.  You can feel every rib and her hip bones and back bone!  You can see her ribs through her curly coat in one of her pictures below.  She weighs 49 pounds but should have another 15 pounds on her!  She loves to eat, so I don't think that will be a problem for long!  (And I love to feed dogs, so I think we will make a great team!)  Also, with those nasty worms gone in a few days, she will be getting the nutrition rather than them!  Bronte was a big hit at the vet's office.  Everyone loved her.  She is so easy to have around and is willing to do whatever you want!

Bronte has been mingling with our 3 cats today after she got back from the vet.  She is doing great with them (and I have obnoxious, in-your-face cats).  They treat dogs like other cats - everyone is supposed to play with them!

I haven't let Bronte be with our dogs yet.  I think 7 boys might be just a bit too much after major surgery!  So she is going to rest for a bit and be a lady of leisure!  She did give Boz, one of our guys, a big kiss on the nose when they briefly met.  She got along great with the dogs she was with down south.

Bronte is a big lover, will get as close to you as she can, and will soak up as much love as you can give her.  She is really just wonderful!  Bronte walks nicely on a leash.  And she is very housebroken!  No accidents for this girl since she has been here or with her former Indiana angels!

I will need to get to know Bronte more to write more about her, but so far she is one of the sweetest girls I have met.  And if we didn’t already have 7...

So if you are interested in this honey, I would contact your placement advisor now, because I don’t think she will be available long!

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