At A Glance

  • Age: 11 years, 5 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


November 7, 2012

Here he is one of the most handsome, adorable, heart stealing, lovable pups I've had the pleasure to foster, BUCK!!! Everyone who helped get this little guy to RAGOM just fell in love with him. He will definitely be a hard one to let go.

Buck is a male 18 month, neutered, UTD golden/mix (according to SO's vet), I'm not sure on this as I was told he was a PB. He looks like, acts like and has all the temperaments of a golden. He is light in color and comes in at about 65lbs. He has a big white spot on his chest and as my mom says a cute little white butt. He has the typical big paws.

He was kept outside due to being scared of the SO's German Shepherd. He has been doing well in the house. Only 2 accidents and one was my fault. He's learning and so am I. He paces around a lot when he needs out and I'm not use to this kind of sign. It makes it hard too, because he so active being a young guy and in a new place with so many new things going on and being able to be inside with his humans.

The first night he jumped right into my 14 year old son's bed and just hung out there with him. Now being that he was outside for awhile he does do some counter surfing and garbage cans. He does like to grab shoes and slippers but, hasn't chewed them. I think he's just looking for attention.

This little guy is such a lover. All he wants is to be by his humans and be loved. He thinks he is a lap dog. Thank goodness he is on the small side. When foster grandpa comes over and sits down, boom right in goes Buck and takes in all the loving. Buck is Crate trained but has the run of the house when I'm home. Which is most of the time. I haven't had to leave for a long period of time and someone has been around so I don't know as of yet how he would do not being in his kennel. He sleeps with me or my son at night and sleeps all night. He does love being in the bed and snuggling as close as he can to us. Like I said this guy is a love bug.

Buck doesn't resource anything food, toys, treats you name it I haven't had any aggression what so ever from this little guy. Buck will need a special family that can take it slow and easy with him. .Buck will make a great addition to almost any family. I do feel that in Bucks best interest that he goes to family with children above age 10 because of his fears. Buck loves kids, I just think its best for Buck. Also, Buck will need a family that doesn't mind sleeping with a love bug. Now over time this may change but Buck will need that closeness in the beginning.

Buck will be going to the vet on Wednesday for a heartworm test, fecal test and to be micro chipped. I will update after we see his vet.
Now if this little adorable, loveable little guy sounds like he'd fit in to your life please contact your placement advisor.

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