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  • Age: 25 years, 4 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


4/30/06: Bud arrived here yesterday. It hasn't even been more than 24 hours and I have already learned so much. Or rather Bud and I are already learning so much about each other. Bud's previous owner brought him here and dropped him off so he was able to see where Bud would be staying for the time being. Bud's owner loves Bud and felt he needed some companionship. Bud was an outside dog and was lonely when his canine friend who was living with him passed away. Bud's owner felt he needed companionship and wanted Bud to look for a better life!!!

I immediately gave Bud a bath and out emerged a beautiful dark brown Golden with a super sweet face and a beautiful coat. Bud is not a fan of the bathtub and spent his bath either trying to jump out of the tub or sitting down so I couldn't wash him! But I was amazed at the beautiful coat that emerged when the black water went down the drain. We then went off to the vet for the initial appt. where we found out Bud weighs 79 lbs and could stand a lose a few but that doesn't bother Bud. He was happy to hear that he did not have any ear infections but was not a fan of getting his ears cleaned. To our knowledge Bud was not on heartworm preventative so we are waiting on the results of his heartworm test and fecal test to make sure he has no parasites. But Bud looked great at the vet and got a new microchip.

Bud's personality is extremely sweet and loving. He is a Velcro dog to an extreme almost. Apparently this living indoors with people is a great thing compared to being outside and Bud doesn't want to miss a single minute. This might calm down with a little time, after all this is Bud's first 24 hours living indoors. He is partial to males. He would not leave my best friend alone yesterday much to the chagrin of resident Golden Kyah, who thinks my friend is top notch as well. Bud loves pig ears, rawhides, and every treat. He is so treat motivated that every time someone holds up their hand as we normally do during the day, Bud thinks he's going to get a treat and sits appropriately waiting for his treat. He did get quite a few yesterday...(we will have to cut back as the vet said we have to watch the treat intake or Bud will gain weight and we want Bud to lose weight).

Bud respects baby gates. He hasn't knocked any of them down at my house or tried to. He was great in the car when I ran into the store to get him some more treats...which he doesn't need. He is not house trained or crate trained. These two things go hand in hand and we have started working on this already. Since Bud was never in a house he never had to learn to go outside and not in the house. House training is slow going. Bud has had 3 accidents in the house in the 24 hours I have had him but soon he will put two and two together. Bud seems easily trainable. We just need time. Bud slept in his crate last night in my room and whined to go out about every three hours. He did his business every time he went out. Bud drinks a lot of water at one time and not very far apart so we will have to limit his water intake before bed so he won't have to go all night long.

Bud loves water. He can't get enough of it. He drinks lots and lots and lots of it. I have switched his food to Pet Chef Express lean food which he really really likes. He is a messy eater but it is funny to watch him eat. He flings food everywhere while eating! Resident Golden Kyah has tried to engage Bud in play a couple of times but Bud has ignored her. He seems to have no interest in either of the two dogs that live here and instead simply wants all of the human attention he can possibly get!! I am interested to see if this changes over time. In the meantime Kyah just stays out of his way since he is bigger than she is. If I had to say right now what type of family Bud should be placed in, I would put him in a family as an only dog, possibly with kids as Bud's owner said he loved kids, but definitely in a family with a large amount of human attention devoted to Bud!! He so deserves it. He is so loving and eager to please. However, I feel as though he maybe should not be with other dogs as Bud is craving so much attention sometimes his size pushes any other dogs out. We will see what happens over time though.

Bud has shown no aggression whatsoever and no resource guarding. I can't wait to get him outside in some decent weather with a shedding blade to get out some of his shedding fur. It will be nice to go for walks too. The constant rain over the last 24 hours has prevented us from doing that. Bud is staying in the fence and has not tried to jump it. Even though the bio says Bud is 8 years old, he has endless energy. Resident Golden Kyah is overwhelmed by his exuberant energy!! He will need a family that can exercise him a great deal!!

Stay tuned for more updates on Bud as time goes on and some photos will be coming soon.

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