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  • Age: 18 years, 2 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


2/4/06: Wow, can this boy wag a tail!! He had a long journey that started in Iowa this A.M. Thanks to a great bunch of people who gave up part of their Saturday, I met Buddy in Maple Grove early this evening. He is a sweet boy who stretched out on the back seat of the doggie mobile for the ride to St. Cloud. He met all 3 dogs, Casey 05-438 (with nary a growl or snap on her part...yes it's true!), resident Reba (she loves everyone) and cousin Bruno (6 months old and beautiful German Shepherd who's visiting for the weekend). Everyone did their meet, sniff, and howdy do outside. Buddy is 18 months old and a very strong boy. I would say I see a Gentle Leader in his future. He's not house trained so I have kept the leash on.

Everyone dined a bit late tonight, and I took Buddy in the laundry room to eat.....he was so excited and I'm sure hungry after his long trip.....he wolfed down the food in nothing flat. Then it was time for everyone to go out and check out the yard.....like something might have happened in the last 30 minutes. Buddy and Bruno hit it off and all they wanted to do was play...however Bruno is not supposed to being playing since he had surgery on his right front leg. Try and keep 2 youngsters from wanting to play....very difficult. Buddy found one of the chew bones and did a little growl and postured like he was gonna be nasty if anyone came near. So I took it away from him and when he got it back all was quiet. So they all hung out and chewed on bones and hooves. Few more trips out, some pics and now every one is flat out on the floor napping. Buddy will go into a crate tonight and hopefully he'll find the accommodations to his liking.

He is a sweet boy who's tail never stops wagging, his tongue is always hanging out from being excited and loves to lean into you for some lovin'. He is going to the vet Monday to be updated on all his shots, micro chipped and then on Thursday will be neutered. Good thing Bruno is going home as I could never keep these 2 quiet together :) I have no idea how much he weighs, but looks good, has a blondish-red coat and beautiful eyes and smile. He will definetly need obedience training not only for the socialization but the training......he has a lot of energy but no manners whatsoever, counter surfing with and without paws planted on the counters is his favorite, then checking out the garbage inside and out. He did take his treat nicely after I got him to sit for it. He's not a big boy, but would not do well in a house with small children or older people as he gets excited, jumps and has his paw in the air to make his point. He is very good natured and came into the house and fit right in. The fact that he and Casey didn't have a war was a big relief, so now I know the time he's here will not be fraught with fighting and confrontations. I don't think there is a dog or human this boy has met that he didn't like and get along with...he's a happy, happy boy :)

Stay tuned for more updates and pics. If you think this boy might be for you, email [email protected].

Foster mom, Buddy and the troops

P.S. He hasn't seen the cats yet :)

BuddyCasey 05-438 & Buddy their first night togetherBuddyCasey & Buddy (front) with hoovesBuddyBuddy, Casey & a shy BrunoBuddyRight at home
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