At A Glance

  • Age: 15 years, 6 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Hello Everyone!  My name is Buddy.  I am a 1-year-old male Golden Doodle who came to RAGOM from Mankato.  I was living with a really wonderful man named Bob.  He took good care of me until I went to live with my RAGOM foster family.

Prior to my stay with Bob, I was living with a young family near Prescott, WI.  My original family really loved me a lot.   I had two human kids and two adults taking care of me plus a fur brother or two.  My family decided that I had to go live with someone else because I kept stealing the human kids' socks and undergarments.  We are not talking just one or two pairs.  I stole them A LOT and ate them.  Once the snow started to melt, I was really busted when they saw what was out in the yard.  My adult humans tried to get me to stop but, I really couldn't.

When I was living with Bob I did not steal at all!  (Yay!)  Since arriving at my foster home, I have only stolen once.  (Bad Buddy!)  Foster Mom (FM) thinks I was trying to get some attention because all my fur-brothers were wrestling but I did not want to.  Now the bedroom door is always closed.  Darn, I really like lying on that bed.

Since coming to live with my foster family, I have gotten a haircut.  Below are my pictures of my "hippy" days.  My hair was really long and fluffy.  My FM says that with the warmer temperatures, the yard gets muddy, and it takes too long to clean me up every time I want to go outside.  Plus, I really did not want to take a bath every day.  I wish it would really warm up though.  This new coat is a little chilly right now.  If my new forever family decides to grow my hair out, they will have to brush me just about every day.  The undercoat of my hair gets matted easily and it is hard to comb it out once that happens.  I am pretty good when being brushed, especially now!

I love to play.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I am living with three fur-brothers and a fur-sister right now.  Two of my fur-brothers are also RAGOM kids waiting to be adopted.  We all get along really well.  We chase each other a lot.  Jerry (09-006) is really fast.  He out-runs us all.  Cameron (09-021) is kind of a silly guy.  He stays in the background, but somehow he always ends up with the ball.  When we are not chasing each other, we are wrestling.  I am pretty good at it too.  Now that my hair is short, the others don't have much to grab on to!

I am UTD on all of my shots. I have been "fixed" - whatever that means.  I have not had any accidents in the house.  I alternate between sleeping in my crate at night and sleeping in the bedroom.  I am really good doing either.  I guess I would rather sleep in the bed than in the crate if I had my choice.  Currently, I stay in a crate during the day when my FM is at work.  It must be that undergarment crime coming back to haunt me.  I know some commands, but try to get away with not doing them sometimes.  I have one trick that gets me just about anything I want:  I sit on my haunches and I put my paws out begging.  Gets 'em every time.  I love to go for walks.  Bob and I walked every day.  I was very trustworthy on my walks, as he would let me walk as a loose leash.  I would come back every time when called.  I need help in getting into the car.  I have not gotten the hang of "jumping in."  It is a little scary to me.  Once I am in there, I'm okay.  I like to ride in back.

Other than the undergarment and car thing my FM says that I am pretty much perfect.  She says I am sweet, adorable, and really cuddly.  I am ready to find my perfect family and go to my forever home!   

Cameron and me taking it easy on the couch.

Hello - did you call me?   I really can't hear with all this hair.

I'm living the good life.   Me and a bone - Can't get much better than

Buddy - before haircut.

My curly-top head.   Ain't it cute!

Here's my best move – how can anyone resist me?!

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