At A Glance

  • Age: 10 years, 7 months
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 40.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


October 2, 2012

Bert is half Golden with a 100 % Golden personality; but since he is also Border Collie, a working dog, I have prepared his resume:

BIO: Shoreview resident; 7 month old (February 2012), 48 lb Golden – Border Collie mix (good companion and worker bee?). His mom is Allie (12-310) a beautiful golden also rescued by RAGOM and currently on the RAGOM website. His dad was a Border Collie.

HOUSETRAINED?: Beginner; ongoing education; a lot of understanding but practice needed. Bert spent the first 7 mos. of his life as an outdoor puppy, so not surprisingly, is not completely house trained. Bert is great when we are home and able to let him out, but if we are not home to let him out he has accidents. He has made progress though. He goes to the door to be let out, and if there are accidents, they are by the door (a good sign that he tried). He is able to go all night with no accidents and sleeps quietly in the bedroom.

ENERGY: Puppy playfulness; high speed chases with his furry friends mixed with exploring outdoors. Bert would like a fenced in yard to run around. When indoors he follows me around or is laying at my feet. He is quite mellow and well behaved while indoors. With the border collie mix I was expecting more energy so am pleasantly surprised. He knows he has to sit to get attention.

TEAMWORK: Bert would do well as an only dog and the sole recipient of your attention but does play well with others. He has exhibited good teamwork – assisted his furry friend dig for . . . hmmm not sure what is down there? Good news – he didn’t initiate the hole digging and is only being a good team player. He likes to follow me everywhere and would love all my attention; yet he gets along very well with the two resident Goldens. He does not want the other dogs to peek in his bowl and will show some teeth, but is fine with my taking his food.

JUVENILE RECORD: Bert is a very sweet boy who only wants to please. So far Bert has not been jailed. Okay – since my first draft he was kenneled once for 3/4ths of a work day. He did not want to go in his kennel but did not bark; he did wet his blanket. Other than that one time, while at work (me not Bert), Bert has been free to roam the house. When I run home to check on him, he is lounging on the bed with his furry friends. And yes, there have been accidents by the door (I roll up my area rugs). He hasn’t destroyed anything yet (I don’t count the squeaky toy), although he has been interested in cords, which I cover with an old blanket (by the TV) and block off the computer/printer cords. He can easily jump a baby gate.

HEALTH: Bert went to the vet and is very healthy, up-to-date on shots and neutered. Bert was so good at the vet – he just sat there while being examined. The vet asked if he was very tired or always this good. He is good. We went to Bubbly Paws for a bath and he just sat there and let me wash him up and even sat well for the dryer!!

HOBBIES: While Bert has puppy energy and will run around the yard, indoors he just lays down quietly near one of his people or his furry friends. He seems to know “no” and “sit”. All he wants is for us to like him and give him some loving; he seems to know taking care of business in the house is not a good thing, while I clean up, he comes and lays down right next to me and looks so sad. Apparently he got car sick on the long drive from Sioux City, but does fine around the metro area.

Bert has the best Golden – Border Collie traits. He doesn’t seem to need any more exercise than the usual Golden, and is content to lounge around in the house and sleeps well at night. Although he is mostly black with the white border collie bib, he does have the golden floppy ears, and is starting to get feathering on his tail. He will make a great addition to a loving family.

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