Carson 04-220


Carson is an 8 week old male Golden/Rottweiler/Husky mix.  RAGOM rescued Carson and his 8 siblings (7 males and 2 females) from northern Minnesota. 

At a Glance #04-220

Mixed Breed Born: April 2004
Male Weight not specified

Status: Deceased


Carson is an 8 week old male Golden/Rottweiler/Husky mix.  RAGOM rescued Carson and his 8 siblings (7 males and 2 females) from northern Minnesota. 


Monday, September 3, 2018


Our Husky/Rottweiler/Golden Mix that was a part of a big litter born in April 2004 crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday August 21st. He lived 14 amazing years with us, and we're really missing him and his big personality. Throughout his life, he was able to meet and play with his brother Andy, and RAGOM rescues Sadie and Cedar.

We will miss Carson James so much. Thank you for allowing him into our family!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

As the cooling winds of fall settle into our area, Carson is really enjoying being outside everyday.  He loves to run and play outside all day with the kids and his foster brother and sister.  He is eating well, playing hard, and loving lots.  The only way his life could get better is if he can find a forever home.  He is perfect for a family who loves to walk and play outside and then snuggle up when they get home.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Carson had a great time playing in the rain today.  He’s just like a little kid; he didn’t want to come in from the rain.  It‘s been two weeks without an accident in the house.  WAY TO GO CARSON!  He has learned that he needs to be quiet in the morning if he wants to be let out of his crate.  He also is now sitting on command.  He is learning so much so fast!  

Carson is becoming a sweet and loving dog who enjoys giving everyone kisses.  He would be a great addition to any family that likes to get out and walk or play outside.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Well, Carson is getting a little bigger.  He has been doing excellent with the other dogs and the cats.  He really likes to play with Jack.  He is 28 pounds; he is also updated in shots. 

He has really started to listen to commands.  He walks nicely on a Gentle Leader.  He is also a very healthy dog and very lovable.

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Carson is starting to get bigger now and with that he is beginning to feel more confident with himself.  He has become more vocal and friendly with people while at the same time his love nipping has gone way down.  He is the perfect Golden/mixed breed dog for someone who loves to be outside and active.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Carson is doing great in his new foster home.  He loves to play with our dog Jack and the cats don't really seem to bother him.  He is very playful and energetic like most puppies are.  He loves to chew on the bones we got for the dogs. He is also very sweet.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Not too much new on Carson, except he grows more and more every day....and gets cuter and cuter!  Housetraining continues to progress and his puppy biting seems to be lessening.

My son has taught him to sit, and he will often do so on command -- what a smart puppy!

He plays like crazy too --he loves to go after my Golden's tail!  Carson has learned that if Maggie doesn't seem interested in playing, chomping on her tail at least gets a reaction! true Golden Retriever fashion...he LOVES to play fetch! And he'll bring the ball back to you too!  He has a happy face and a waggy tail, and wants nothing more than a home and family of his own.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Carson continues to be a wonderful puppy, and he's growing like a weed! And getting more and more beautiful by the day. He's got a fun-loving personality and has no fear of anything -- he tries to entice my old, grumpy Maggie into wrestling on a regular basis, and her "leave me alone you crazy puppy" growls don't deter Carson at all! It's quite cute!

Carson has learned his name, and will usually come when we call him. He has also learned to sleep peacefully in his crate, and stays quiet through the night now.

Right now, our main project is housetraining, and I'd say we're about 75% of the way there. Carson does most of his business outside, but has occasional lapses.

We're also working on directing those sharp little puppy teeth toward bones and chew toys and away from my legs and our furniture! Carson is working really hard at learning which things are okay to chew on (and which are not), and I think he's doing quite well! He seems quite smart and picks up on things quickly -- I think he'll be fairly easy to train.

All in all, Carson is a delight to have around. He has such a cute face, and his tail is always wagging. I think his ears are having problems deciding whether he's a golden or a husky because most of the time, one ear is up like a husky while the other flops down like a golden! I'll sure miss him around here, but Carson is ready for his forever home.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Carson is here and he is absolutely adorable, both in looks and in personality.  Our main goal now is housetraining, which is progressing quite well, I think.  He only had a couple of accidents in the house yesterday and both were after it had been a bit too long for him since the last potty break (foster mom fell asleep on the couch!).

He gets along great with the resident dogs -- drives my Maggie nuts with all of his puppy play while he and Maxwell 04-183 wrestle like crazy.  My cats have not made it downstairs yet to meet him, but I plan on making some introductions soon so Carson will learn to get along with cats.  And he's (reluctantly) accepting his crate.  He doesn't whine or bark in it nearly as much now.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Carson and his siblings all received a nice welcome from a wonderful group of RAGOM volunteers, had a warm bath, toenail manicure, and food for their hungry tummies.  Four stayed together the first night and they met two others at the Vet's office today.  Their weights range from 6-9 lbs.  All of Carson's siblings have gone to their foster homes, so he is now alone at his foster Mom's.  He's had a very busy day and just went to bed.  If you are looking for a sweet mix with a Golden heart, Carson could be the one for you.