At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Let me introduce myself. My name is Charlie and boy did I come a very long way to get here in America. I came from Turkey with a group of other Goldens that RAGOM brought over. But I came over with a friend that foster mom calls a "wanna be". You see, the friend that came over with me is Daisy. She is a Beagle mix. She sure is a cutie. (Wink wink.) They tell me that they do not know a whole lot about me except that this kind lady in Turkey, (I think she was a volunteer of a shelter, but I do not know that for sure) was watching me and she also brought in this really cute little dog when I was there and we fell in love!!! We were bonded, so RAGOM said that Daisy could come, too. So we came as a pair. How lucky can someone be with twice the fun and twice the lovin'?

I will soon be 5 years old, but someone forgot to teach me some manners. I pull really badly on a leash and I am a big boy and I will take YOU for a walk instead of you taking me for a walk. Isn't that how it is supposed to be? Foster mom tells me, no, it is not, so we are working on that. I do sit, but not on command. I do take treats ever so gently though. Foster mom is really surprised at that as I am a food mongrel. I am a very, very bad counter surfer and we are also working on that BIG time. I just do not understand. If there is food on the counter, isn't it supposed to be MINE? I think so!! But for some reason foster mom thinks different. I am learning "no" and I hear that often. I know my name so I do not know if I came with that name or not or if RAGOM gave me that name.

Daisy and I went to see the good doctor to get a good checking over and I am in good health except for a nasty ear infection in my right ear, but I am on medicine for that. Foster mom puts it in both of my ears every morning and I lay down and let her do it. She massages my ears afterwards and that feels really good so I think that is why I lay down for her. I weigh 79 lbs. but the good doctor said that I really needed to lose a few lbs.

I'm not too sure about these little things that come out of a little hole in a door to the basement. I am told that they are friendly and that they will not hurt me. I bark at them to make sure that they will not hurt me and sometimes I run after them because they run. Here again, I am learning "no, we do not chase the kitties."

As I settle into this wonderful foster home and find out more about myself, I will let you know. So in the meantime, if you want a lot of fun and lovin', then I am the pupper for you and foster mom would love to talk to you about me.

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