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  • Age: 18 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


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Maggie, Molly and Murphy (Ragom 10-311)

You've stolen our hearts--happy valentines day!  You've Stolen our hearts-Happy Valentine's Day!-Judith C.   


Clover-I think you are VERY handsome. Will you be my Valentine? Love, Daisy 13-015  Clover-I think you are very handsome. Will you be my Valentine? Love, Daisy 13-015

June 14, 2012

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to one of the two sweetest Golden's in the RAGOM world.  Clover is an 8 year old pure bred Golden Retriever.  Clover and his brother Big Bear 12-217 have a sad but hopeful story to tell. These two sweet, lovable boys were found wandering around alone, dumped in the woods in Indiana.  No one knows how long they had been on their own but thankfully for these great dogs, a wonderful vet tech from Indiana saw them and spent an hour or so chasing them through the woods before she was able to catch them and get them to safety. Both boys were very skinny and covered in fleas. Their flea infestations are so bad that they are missing much of their hair and have secondary skin infections and allergies. They also had eye and ear infections. Lucky for these sweet guys they were taken in by a small rescue group who took them to a vet for care and posted them on Petfinders as urgent dogs needing rescue. Even luckier for Clover and Big Bear, one of our wonderful volunteers happened to see these boys and alerted our team to their urgent need of rescue. We immediately made contact with their rescuer and offered our help. Just a short time later transport was arranged and Clover and Big Bear made the long drive to Minnesota so they could start their new lives as RAGOM dogs.

Arriving late in the evening, Clover and Big Bear spent the night with one of our super volunteers who gave them a warm, clean place to sleep and catered to their needs, giving them a ride to one of our vet offices in the morning so they could get started with their much needed medical care. Once at the vet we updated them on their vaccines and gave them a complete physical. Clover has an ear infection and a skin infection, not a big surprise. He also had a growth on his rear leg aspirated and we are waiting on the results of that test. All in all, he is in OK shape, weighed in at 63 pounds, a bit underweight but only by 5 - 10 pounds. His coat is in very rough shape with almost zero hair on his tail, rear legs and back half of his body. He is still itchy but is not contagious. Through all of this, Clover is a very happy but tired boy. His tail wags whenever you talk to him and he is never more than a few inches away from his brother Big Bear. They are very bonded and give each other kisses and drink from the same bowl at the same time. Clover was so happy when I gave him a nice soft fleece blanket that he immediately laid down on it, let out a big sigh and quickly fell asleep. In fact he was dreaming, feet moving, making cute noises while waiting for the vet to see him. Clover and Big Bear are spending a few days at the vet office so they can receive the medical care they need. Clover will receive several medicated baths, will start on antibiotics for his skin infection and will start medication to treat his ears. He and Big Bear are comfortably sharing a kennel run so they are not apart. Clover and Big Bear will go to their foster home, again staying together in foster care, in a few days, once we are sure all medical issues have been addressed.

Clover is a very sweet boy, and is very handsome even with his hair loss. He is tired from his ordeal but I know he is happy to be a RAGOM dog. His medical care will be extensive and expensive. He will need to be neutered once he is well enough to undergo surgery so for now he is not available for adoption but would love to have a sponsor or supporters. If you have considered donating to RAGOM, please consider this wonderful boy. His page would look great decorated with some icons or with the name of some sponsors. With your continued help, we will be able to continue to help dogs like Clover and Big Bear. Please watch for more updates and please keep these two special boys in your thoughts and prayers. They have been through a lot and still have a lot to overcome before they can truly live the Golden life.

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