At A Glance

  • Age: 13 years, 1 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 69.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


September 30, 2012

Introducing Clyde, a pure bred golden retriever, breeder boy.  Clyde is 3.5 years old (DOB 12/25/08).  He is obviously a beautiful golden and he is also just as wonderful inside.  He was surrendered from breeding due to having hip dysplasia.  He is neutered and current on all vetting/shots, heart worm and frontline.  He has a beautiful golden coat with a nice long mane crowning his chest.  In the short time we have had him, he is making big steps every day blossoming into a ‘regular’ companion dog in a home from being an outside breeder boy.  He has a very ‘soft’ mouth and gentle personality.  We do manage to get lots of kisses, so wonderful, so welcomed.  He is currently here in a home with 2 other dogs, our Maggie (a border collie/eskie mix who is 11 yrs and Eddie, the 3.5 year old Pembroke corgi) and 3 cats.  Clyde is wonderful and respectful of all of them.  We have a large fenced in backyard with big trees and neighbor dogs (whom he ignores).  He is now trying to engage either the calico cat or one of the dogs to play which is so cute to watch.  Everyone is very comfortable with him.  He also is super great with our grandkids (who are 8 & 6).  A wonderful disposition.  I will list the basics of this magnificent boy:

  • Clyde is a ‘breeder’ dog so he is not familiar with all the normalities that a normal household dog companion does.  He is learning well, in and out the door, up and down steps, carpet vs. hard floor, tv, etc.  He has done just amazing.  A lot of his fear/apprehension is going away and curiosity has begun.  That makes him somewhat ‘brave?’ 
  • He follows the other pack off the porch by himself now!  And will go out in that yard.  We learned a hard lesson early on that we didn’t know:  he will NOT go potty in anyway on a leash.  In the first couple days, even with a fence, we of course walk a new dog around on a lead and for over a day and a half, he did not potty….. so then we discover he is more ‘private’ and will not potty on a leash.  That was a relief as we sure didn’t know what else to try to do.  He drank fine and it had to go sometime.
  • He is crate trained (large wire one we have in central part of home in kitchen by the family room) and likes as his ‘safe spot’ yet which works great.  We just leave the door open for his freedom to go in and out.  He crates fine while I am at work for about 4.5 hours.  Never an accident in the house and I don’t think we will.  He is one of those goldens, at least at this point in time, does not need to go that often.  So we keep with the same schedule every day, for the entire pack.
  • He goes in the truck or suv ok but needs help getting up yet.  We are trying to give him some supplements (chews) for the hips but he does not care for them or treats really. He does like peanut butter.  With more exercise, etc. he will do fine.  The hips are nothing which are to be fixed by surgery, just good food, exercise, supplements.  His rear end is much weaker/narrower than they should be for a dog his age however, when we see him romp and run in the backyard, he does just fine, and oh so beautiful.  Beautiful gate he just looks a little odd from behind.
  • He likes to lick/eat some grass once in a while which I discourage; he is a typical golden which you could pet for hours and hours! He loves to be brushed, very calming for Clyde. 
  • Found he does like nyla bones which is so nice; he needs his teeth cleaned as there is tartar.  If he has a ‘soft toy’ he will ‘de-stuff’ in time. 
  • Clyde will NEED a fenced yard, and another dog—I think a bigger dog for him to begin to play with, another golden, etc.  Our Maggie is just enough older she does not really play that much and the corgi Eddie of course, herds everyone.
  • Clyde will NEED someone who understands ‘breeder/mill-like dogs’ who take time, a lot of patience, and teaching him that the world is a ‘safe’ place a little day by day.  Loud new noises are scary.  Clyde does quite well with outside noises.  Again, he has come a long way in the time we have had him which is not that long.

I had a fun experience with him yesterday—I had Animal Planet on and “too cute puppies’ was on and wow, did he enjoy watching and especially listening to the puppies on the TV.  It was the cutest thing I have seen in a very long time.  He cocked his head, ‘bowed’ down to maybe try to play and perked his head ears up when the puppies may their cries.  Wish I could have gotten a video for sure.  Also, if you would like to help SPONSOR this great boy, or DONATE to Ragom, please go to our website  This is one beautiful golden boy.

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