Daisy 08-438


Daisy is a gorgeous 2 year old.  She is looking for a home that will give her lots of love and exercise.  She was surrendered when her family could not give her the time she needed.  


At a Glance #08-438

Golden Retriever Born: May 2006
Female 95 lbs

Status: Deceased


Daisy is a gorgeous 2 year old.  She is looking for a home that will give her lots of love and exercise.  She was surrendered when her family could not give her the time she needed.  



Monday, January 8, 2018


Yesterday we said goodbye to our “biggest baby” Daisy.  She spent over 9 wonderful years as part of our family and put a smile on our faces every day.  She loved all of her people and especially loved her furry brother and sisters.  She loved the lake, car rides, her daily walks and was always ready for a tummy rub.   She had the true golden personality and gave us many laughs with her silliness.  In hard times, she was the best friend a person could have.

When we woke up this morning, it felt like a part of us was missing.  That said, I know her sisters Daphne and Roxy and her brother Doobie were excitedly waiting for her on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.   I’m sure Doobie had his rope in his mouth as he anxiously waited to renew their tug of war battles.

Paul and Nicole H

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi!  Daisy here!  

Oh boy, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been able to get on the computer!  Time flies when you’re having fun!  Well, lets see what I can tell you. 

  • Hmmmm, I’ve been a good girl, but that’s a given…
  • We went to the dog park – awesome.  It was just Lacy and I, so we could do whatever we wanted.  We sniffed a bit, did our jobs, and then went and stood at the gate. FM thought since we had driven all the way across town, that we should take advantage of it and stay awhile.  So, she ran with us around the perimeter of the park (what a sight!), and after that, we had lots of fun playing.  We especially liked the parts of the park that were nice and muddy.
  • My other ride in the car was to the vet’s office.  FM took me because one day, I asked to go out ALL the time.  Then, that night, I wet the bed!!  How embarrassing… Me, Daisy!!  I couldn’t believe it.  But, FM suspected a urinary tract infection, and yes, that was my problem.  I have pills for 14 days, but it only took a couple to make me feel as good as new! 
  • I have attended obedience class again too.  I did pretty well, but there was this big poodle.  She and I just decided that we didn’t want to sit this week – thought it was dumb.  We both made our foster moms push our butts down before we would sit – ha, ha. Everybody knows I know how to sit because I really showed him or her last time.  So, I didn’t need to do it this week.  This week, I really impressed them with my “down”.  Boy, was I awesome.  FM would say down, and in a snap, I was down – impressive, huh??  And stay, FM could even let go of the leash and I would stay.  Piece of cake!!
  • I get lots of practice at home.   FM makes me sit all the time!!  Like before I can go outside.  Golly, gee…I used to barge to the door and hang out so close to the door that FM couldn’t even get it open.  Now, she says “backup”, and I back up, then she says sit, and I sit (sometimes I wait her out – maybe she doesn’t really mean it?? – nope, she does. I found out that she can outwait me.  I want to go out!). Then, she says, “stay”, she opens the door to the garage, and gets the leash.  Guess what??  I stay!  Yep, I don’t bolt out the door anymore.  (FM is VERY impressed with this!!).  Then, I stand up, but she makes me sit again to put the leash on – boy, if I didn’t like her so much, I’d get really tired of this routine!  But, then we get to walk, and I really love that! FM is very nice about taking us for lots of walks.   I hear FM grumbling about how cold it is now, but I think it’s perfect!  But, because she is so nice, sometimes I do my job right away now, and don’t need to go on a full-fledged walk each time we go out anymore. She says “Good potty, Daisy.  That’s a really good girl”.  (How can I resist that??)  And, get this…FD always takes us out about 9 pm and did I ever impress him last night – I went potty before we even left our yard!  Whoa, will wonders never cease!!
  • RAGOM had a doggie orthopedic surgeon looks at my hip x-rays – yep, I have hip dysplasia, but I knew that.  But I don’t need surgery.  Since I am not lame, I can just continue with exercise and weight loss.  And, I am so good at both!!  
  • Hey, hey hey.  Weigh in today…. down another pound – 103 pounds. That’s 9 pounds in 5 weeks!  Psst…here’s my secret.  Of course, the thyroid pills and walking help, but I am also eating green beans.  I LOVE green beans!!  I get less of that old kibble, and I get ½ can of delicious green beans with by breakfast and another ½ can with my supper.  FM offers me baby carrots too, but Yuk.  Can’t see how Lacy gets so excited about them!  Lacy and I also get little apples pieces.  I only like them if FM tosses them and I catch them.  FM can’t believe what a good catch I am.  I pretend that I’m not paying attention, and at the last second I grab them out of the air – even if she has a bad toss, I catch them!!  So cute…
  • I am now taking my thyroid pills, my urinary tract infection pills, and Glucosomine, Chondrotin, MSM pills (for “joint health”).  The more, the better, I think, because FM dips them in (reduced fat) peanut butter – Yum!


Pretty girl waiting for her pills & beans     

Mmmmm….pills dipped in peanut butter

 I LOVE those green beans!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hi, it's Daisy here again!
Well, it's been  a great week.  For starters, I've been a very good girl.  But, that's no surprise, right??  
I'm staying on those walking and diet plans too.  I am now down to 105 pounds.  FM is pretty jealous.  She thought she might loose some weight right along with me, but I've go her beat!!
I was quite the hit at the Coon Rapids Petco event.  FM calls me a little social butterfly.  I would just nose in to each little group and wag my hello.  Can I help it?  I just wanted to greet each and every dog and human!  It was really fun.  I didn't find anyone I wanted to go home with, tho.  I'm picky, you know.  I won't just settle for anyone.   I want a REALLY special family for a REALLY special me!
Guess what??  You know that private business??  Well, I guess if Lacy can do it on the leash, I can too.  FM and FD are quite relieved that I have given in.  I guess it's not that big a deal.   I'm not letting them off the hook that easy yet, tho.... I won't do it on a short loop around the yard - oh, no, (he,he) I hold out for a full fledged walk!!
Oh, let me tell you about this.  This is really awesome.  I went to dog obedience/agility class this week!! Boy, did I show them!!  I was great - acted like a pro.  FM wondered how I could be so good the first time ever.  I loved all the dogs and people there.  FM was really surprised, but I minded my own business and heeled and heeled and heeled.  I even sat when she told me too.  I was a lot better about that at class than at home - FM was so proud.  I wouldn't want all those other dogs to think that I didn't know how to heel or sit, really!!  (I was the star pupil - wow! me Daisy!!)  I had to hold back on the agility part, tho.  FM only let me do a couple of things.  I liked the tunnel.  I am so brave - I went right through - even the first time!!  Here are the pics to prove it!!


Well, I'm not sure what these guys have planned for me next week, but I sure will let you know.  I'm sure there will be more walks, obedience class, and other fun stuff.  Maybe even a car ride or another boat ride.  Check out the picture below - there I am on the left with my best bud Lacy.


Daisy Duke


Thursday, October 30, 2008

10/29/2008  Daisy is adjusting and doing so well at our home.  She's a happy-go-lucky, very lovable dog and always ready for the next adventure!  
Here's the weight loss update:  She has been here and on the walking regimen for 2 1/2 weeks, and has been on the thyroid meds for two weeks.  She lost 4 pounds the first week and 2 pounds last week!  Even the vet said that she wished that SHE could loose 6 pounds in 2 weeks!!  Below is Daisy proudly sitting on the scale at the vet's office weighing in at 106.

 And, her favorite thing in the world - being in the car.  Below, she is just hanging out in the back of my sport utility vehicle as happy as she can be! 

Daisy is ready for her forever home.  She loves it here, but is ready to move on and ready to fall in love with YOU!  AND YOU WITH HER!!
Here are some things that Daisy hopes for in her dream family:
A family who:

  • loves to walk and will walk her daily to keep her  hips strong.  Daisy does very well with her Gentle Leader and LOVES her  walks.  She trots along with her tail wagging...
  • will provide her with a high quality, low calorie  food to attain that trim figure
  • will take her for lots of car rides!!   
  • will provide her with a fenced yard - or someplace  safe to do that private business that she doesn't like to do on a leash.   She has only done it once on a leash since we've had her!!  She  doesn't waste time when she's off leash - she does her business quickly!   
  • will work on her obedience training to make a  good Daisy GREAT!  She has a good start, and just needs more  practice will take her for lots of car rides!!  (Daisy  made me put that in twice!)
  • will give her LOTS of love and receive LOTS  more

Are you ready for the love of this awesome girl??



Monday, October 20, 2008

Hi! Daisy here…

This has been an awesome week for me! Boy, I like this place. I was so scared and lonesome for my family at first, that I was a little crabby. But now, I’m happy and most of the time, I’m a really good girl. I even really like Lacy, and now she lets me play with her sometimes. I lick her face a lot too. I’m not sure she likes that too much, but she lets me…I just want to make up for how crabby I was to her at first. I did my mean growl once in a while just so she wouldn’t know how scared and lonesome I was. I really like Foster Mom (FM) and Foster Dad (FD) too. In fact, I like them sooo much that I want to be with them ALL the time. FM says that I can’t always be with them, that I have to learn that they can be gone, and will come back…But, I don’t want to lose another family! I like to stay close!!

Hey, I went to the vet last week. Guess what? I weigh 112 pounds! Am I on a diet or what??? Actually, I am hypothyroid, and I get to take these little blue pills. Lacy gets them too. They should help me lose some of these pounds. FM and FD are taking me for lots of walks too, so I should be a new woman soon! I will keep you updated on my weight loss. Besides getting weighed at the vet clinic, I had a general check up, ( I passed with flying colors!) got caught up on all my shots, had a microchip inserted, tested negative for heartworms and other worms, and had some Frontline put on me. I’m set!

So, what else do you want to know about me??? Here are some things you might want to know.

  • I’m a very pretty Golden if I do say so myself. My fur is soft and shiny. I usually do not show my tummy, but the one time I did, FM took this picture of me. FM thinks this picture is a riot, so I am including it just for her. I think I look very undignified!

  • I am house trained PLUS. I have great control. I do miss my fenced in yard a lot, tho. I whine at the door if I need to go out. FM and FD take me out, but they don’t have a fenced in yard, and this is a hard concept to grasp. It’s kind of weird that FM follows me around with this leash on me when I need to do my private business! There are certain things a lady wants to do in private, and going potty is one of them. I decided I would tinkle on the leash if I have to, but that other job I need to do, nope, won’t do it unless they take me to the neighbor’s fenced in yard, take off the leash, and let me do my thing. Thank goodness she’s a nice neighbor and understands these kinds of things – really….
  • Did I tell you that I REALLY like to ride in the car even if it’s just to hang out while it’s parked in the garage? Yep, I do. I like to go in the car if I’m scared too. I guess I went overboard the other day. FM seemed pretty hyper. She started up the leaf blower and gee that’s loud and scary. I was tied up, but the car was close, so I thought I’d see if I could get in – nope the door doesn’t open up when I jump up on it and scratch, but it sure does make FM move fast! I saw FD rubbing something on it and using something called a buffer on it. He’s really good with car stuff… So, now you know, I’m not quite perfect, but I am still pretty darn loveable!!!
  • I like my kennel too. It’s close to FM’s computer, and I go in on my own and hang out in it when FM is on the computer. I’m also ok if she shuts the door and keeps me in it when she has to go somewhere. They never shut the door of my kennel in my old house, but they knew me better. I’m sure FM will figure this out too.
  • FM has started spending some time just with me and Lacy doesn’t get to play. We have been practicing heeling, sitting and staying. Oh boy, I’ve known how to sit for a long time! Sometimes, I just don’t feel like it!! She also tells me to stay. She’s especially hung up on this stay thing when she opens the door. I’m getting much better at it. I already knew how to shake. That’s fun!
  • As you can see, I like to swim and I like to ride in the boat.


So, it’s been fun telling you about myself. Now, I would like to meet you.

For any one in the Fargo area, I am going to be at the Lady Wellness Open House Thursday Oct 23rd from 5 – 7. There will be some of the other RAGOM dogs from the area there too. Please come and see me. To know me.... is to love me!!!!

Sincerely, Daisy Duke

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here is Daisy or officially Daisy Duke! She is a spayed 2 year old with sooo much love to give...

Daisy lived with young children and was visited often by teenage relatives, and she loved them! Actually, she seems to love everyone. It hasn't taken her long to bond to me and become my constant companion, she thinks my husband is great, thinks the neighbor ladies are too and even loved the appraiser that came today - wish she would have scared him away!!

But Daisy's FAVORITE thing is being in the car. It doesn't have to be moving, she just loves to be in it. Every time we pass the car in the garage, she lingers hoping that she will be allowed to get in! Needless to say, she is a great traveler!

Daisy came from a loving home, but was surrendered because her family did not have quite enough time to give her the care she needs right now. What Daisy needs is exercise - lots of walks. One thing that Daisy does not have is a trim figure! Losing weight is also important for her hips as she has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and by keeping a dog's weight down and strengthening their leg muscles, problems can often be avoided. So, we will walk, walk, walk !! Just to be sure, we will have an orthopedic surgeon review her X-Rays.

Stay tuned for more about Daisy!!!