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  • Age: 19 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


12/10/06: Daniel arrived yesterday. He is a very special boy! I have had a hard time trying to put together words for his introduction. Let me try to tell his sad story (without crying).... Daniel was one of the Missouri dogs that was rescued back in October. He has spent the last two months receiving vet care. He has traveled from Missouri, to Iowa, then to Wisconsin, now to Minneapolis. Daniel arrived yesterday after having his right rear leg amputated last Wednesday. He had been shot while he was in the wild in Missouri. Poor guy. His leg was in pieces & he still had bullet fragments left in his skinny little body. He has endured a lot.

Daniel has the cutest face. He is guessed to be about 3 years old. He only weighs 35 pounds, & he needs to gain weight. He looks like a miniature Golden Retriever. He eats well. This morning he was hand fed breakfast, to learn humans are good. He loves his Vari-Kennel but also ventures out to check out the house. We had an adventurous 6 a.m. potty outing (the neighbors now have more data to certify me as nuts!). Daniel needs to learn about people, so he's not very trusting right now. He didn't want to come in. I was out in the dark, with the security light going off & on, in my robe & slippers....brrrr.....with treats in hand, trying to get an un-trusting dog to come in the door, which he did. We went back to bed & then we heard the hop, hop of Daniel. He came in the bedroom & laid on the dog bed. He wanted to be near us. Too sweet!

Daniel has come around in just 24 hours. I think whoever adopts this very special survivor needs to name him after a very special hero! He has been through so much.

The resident dogs are being very patient with him. They attempt to play, but know that Daniel needs some rest right now. No reaction or problem with the cat either. I don't think his having 3 legs instead of 4 is going to be a problem. He does great. I felt sad when it looked like he was trying to scratch himself with the leg that's gone. He's going to need a human to help him out with the scratches on his right side! I think there are some other benefits of having a dog with three legs....one less paw to wipe the mud off! Maybe a discount on nail trimming?! Maybe RAGOM will discount his adoption fee! Ha! Ha!

We will keep you posted on Daniel's amazing progress. I know he will exceed to be the perfect mini Golden. If you would be interested in having Daniel as yours, please e-mail [email protected]. Daniel is very special & his forever family will be just as special!

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