At A Glance

  • Age: 11 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


It is our pleasure to introduce you to Diego (12-366). He is 18 months old (DOB 5-1-11). He is a beautiful boy with a medium color coat and dark eyes and nose. He has a very small scar on his nose. His mother was a PB Golden Retriever. His SO believes the father was too. He weighs 61#. Diego was surrendered because he lived outside and kept wandering off. Diego was neutered in September. We went to the vet last week and he is up to date on all of his shots and was micro-chipped. He was negative for heartworm, but did test positive for roundworms. He is being treated and will be rechecked 11/19/12.

Diego was a bit apprehensive at first when he met our resident Goldens, Sunny (10-285) and Hank (10-240), but within 20 minutes they were off playing. He has found his place in the pack now. He is really good with children. He hasn’t been exposed to cats.

Diego has a typical Golden personality. He loves people, seeks a lot of attention, and wants to please. Diego came to us having never been inside a house, worn a collar, or had obedience training. He is a trooper!

  • He has had no accidents in the house or crate for 7 days. He will not yet indicate he needs to go outside, but hopefully that will come soon.
  • Getting him to come into the house was hard at first, but now he responds 80% to the word “come” and 60% to the word “sit”. He has a look that shows he is so proud of himself and we just love him up!
  • He pulls on walks, but really enjoys them. He’s an excited puppy. He has only been wearing a collar for a week so we are taking it one step at a time. We are using a Martingale collar as we think he will slip out of a traditional fixed length collar. Now that he is used to a collar we will introduce a Gentle Leader.
  • He is in his crate when we are gone during the day (max. 6 hours so far) and at night. He tolerates it, but it is necessary to keep him safe at this point. He is a puppy and the house offers so much to explore. He is partial to fabrics, including shoes. He doesn’t release yet, but will trade for a better treat. He loves toys, including tennis balls and Kongs. He has no resource guarding issues.
  • His favorite spot is the window seat where he watches for rabbits and squirrels. He does bark, but will stop when we approach.
  • He let us clip his nails and check his ears.

Most of all Diego is a sweet boy. He loves to snuggle at night and gives lots of kisses. He is very affectionate. He would do best in a home that has a fenced in yard based on his history of wandering. He will also need to be enrolled in a basic obedience course. You must also be comfortable with lots of kisses! He can’t help himself.

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