Dotty (Goldylocks 20-034A)

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Goldylocks 20-034AGoldylocks 20-034A


Goldylocks came into RAGOM from an auction of breeding dogs. She is a gentle girl who enjoys human attention and leisure time in the yard. Due to her tendency to run when spooked as well as an emerging prey drive, Goldylocks will require a physical fence in her forever home. She also needs a confident dog to show her the ways of being a family companion. Goldylocks can live with dog-savvy cats, and any children in the home must be 10+ and understand that she needs her space.

At a Glance #20-034A

Golden Retriever Born: January 2018
Female 55 lbs

Status: Adopted


Goldylocks came into RAGOM from an auction of breeding dogs. She is a gentle girl who enjoys human attention and leisure time in the yard. Due to her tendency to run when spooked as well as an emerging prey drive, Goldylocks will require a physical fence in her forever home. She also needs a confident dog to show her the ways of being a family companion. Goldylocks can live with dog-savvy cats, and any children in the home must be 10+ and understand that she needs her space.


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Goldylocks went to her forever home this past Tuesday, the 21st of July.

Goldylocks, now named Dotty, first came into RAGOM back in March from an auction of breeding dogs. Since then she has been learning how to live the Golden life. After a few months of learning what it’s like to be a dog she has finally found a family of her own to give her the GReat life she deserves!

Her new family has a 2-year-old Lab/Boxer mix named Jax who will help show Dotty (Goldylocks) the ropes in her new home. She’ll also have lots and lots of humans to shower her with love. Here are few pictures taken on her adoption day.

Jen (new mom), Collin (new human brother), Goldy (now Dotty) and new fur brother Jax.
Jen (new mom), Collin (new human brother), Goldy (now Dotty) and new fur brother Jax.
Goldylocks 20-034A
Dotty (Goldylocks) doing what Goldens love… getting petted.
Dotty (Goldylocks) doing what Goldens love… getting petted.
Dotty (Goldylocks) and her new brother Jax.
Dotty (Goldylocks) and her new brother Jax.

Her new family reports that she’s had a very good first week. She fits right in with their family routine. Dotty (Goldylocks) and Jax are learning how each other like to play, and the family is working on Dotty’s manners!

Goldylocks 20-034A

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Greetings from Sioux Falls, SD. It's been a couple of weeks since I have written about Goldylocks, so it's time to share what she has been up to. Goldy has had a busy couple of weeks. 

Goldy is slowly getting more comfortable and trusting of her foster family and wants to be near them all of the time. Although loud noises and quick movements still startle her and make her run for her kennel, I can call her name and she will run back to me before retreating all the way.

Walks continue to go really well. When I get her leash and harness out, she knows she is going for a walk and will lay down for me to put them on. She walks very well with my other two dogs and she walks nicely by herself, too.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took Goldy with us to the lake. She did great on the hour-and-half car ride. She will usually get into the car with no problem if the other dogs are in there, but it does take a little convincing if she's the only one, so it's better to have her get in the car after the other two.

Goldy was exposed to a lot of new people and activities. She was pretty timid at first, sticking close to my side. However, throughout the weekend, she became more comfortable.

She especially enjoyed laying on the deck and watching all the people go by or the kids fishing on the dock. And she never barks at anyone.

Goldylocks 20-034A

She also met my younger niece and nephew while being supervised. She was so gentle around them and did not act frightened, either.

By the end of our weekend, this pretty girl had the courage to walk out on the dock! What a shock that was to see. She was quite intrigued with the other dogs who were swimming. It will be exciting to see her at the lake this coming weekend.

After lots of consideration, I want to share some of the things I think will be important for Goldy to have in her forever home:

  • Goldy will need another large and confident dog to continue to show her the ways of being a dog. Many things we do on a daily basis are new for her and may frighten her at first.
  • Goldy needs a home where her new family will be very patient. It will take Goldy a while to trust all new people, and her new family will need to understand this. Once she gets to know you, she is a very loving dog and wants to be with you.
  • Goldy needs a family who is willing to work with her to help build her confidence. Training classes would be essential. Goldy is only two and has a long, golden life ahead of her. 
  • Goldy would benefit from a home with routine and one that may be on the quieter side. While I think she would be fine around children, older children (ages 10+) who are able to understand Goldy would be better.
  • Goldy needs a family who will take her for walks. At two years old, she has quite a bit of energy and currently takes a two-mile walk daily. 

These are just a few considerations for anyone who might be interested in having Goldylocks become a part of their family. Please enjoy some new pictures of this beautiful girl playing with her foster sisters!

Goldylocks 20-034A
Goldylocks 20-034A

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Goldylock's foster mom here. If you have been following Goldylock's profile, you may have noticed her status has been changed to "Unavailable" this week. I made the decision to make this change because I feel that Goldylocks needs a little more time before meeting new potential families.

Goldy is still quite timid around her foster family and spooks at loud noises very easily yet. So, many of the daily activities I do and don't think twice about frighten her. For example, a broom scares her. Therefore, we are working on desensitizing her to objects that frighten her.

Goldy is still making great strides. She is your typical Golden who wants to be loved and petted. In fact, if you are petting the other dogs in the home, she is sure to stop whatever she is doing and come over to get her share of pets. She has the infamous Golden head nudge down to demand her share of attention.

With the nicer weather, we have been taking daily walks, and Goldy is really starting to love them. We use a harness to walk because she does pull a bit right now.

Getting the harness on was tricky at first, but when I get it out now, she seems to understand we are going for a walk. She will crouch down on her belly and let you place the harness over her head without any problem. 

During our walks, Goldy does get startled by loud noises. However, when cars drive by us, she doesn't even seem to notice anymore. We have also had the occasional run-in with a loose dog coming up to us on our walks, and Goldy handles it well without getting scared or aggressive. She does the typical butt sniff and moves on.

Yesterday, we took our first car ride. She needed a little convincing to get into the car, but was fine once inside with her foster sisters. Next weekend, we will be taking a little road trip for the holiday weekend to the lake, so we will see how she does on a little longer trip.

Goldy's forever family will need a lot of time and patience to help her as she learns to overcome her fears of noises. A medium to large, well-adjusted dog will also be necessary to help her grow into a confident dog. A quieter home with a routine may be helpful. Daily exercise for this young, active pup is also important.

Here's a recent picture of Goldylocks!

Goldylocks 20-034A

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, Goldylocks made the trip from Minnesota to South Dakota. Her original foster mom thought she would benefit from having a younger, more playful resident dog to hang out with as well as a fenced-in backyard. She has now been with us for two weeks and is settling in nicely.

Settling into my new foster home
Settling into my new foster home

Goldylocks met the resident dogs, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever and a 6-year-old Lab, and has been great with them. She learned very quickly which door she needs to go to in order to get outside and do her business, and we have not had a single accident in the house. 

Goldy is slowly opening up and showing us her wonderful personality. Like a typical Golden, she loves attention and being petted. She is learning laying on the couch next to Foster Mom and Dad is pretty great, but she thinks sleeping in the big bed is the cat's meow. She won't get on the couch or bed, though, without our permission.

I love a good nap
I love a good nap

Goldy is doing great with kennel training and will sleep in there through the night. We have also been feeding her in the kennel, so she understands it's a good place. Goldy likes to play with toys and chew on the occasional stuffed toy, and does so without any resource-guarding of them. 

When Goldy arrived at our home, we did see the vet right away for excessive scratching and shedding of hair. After the vet ruled out some possible causes, he placed Goldy on some anti-itch medicine. Hopefully, along with the medicine and some good nutrition, we will see improvement in her coat. 

As Goldy continues to get more comfortable in her foster home, we will start working on some basic commands as well as walking on a leash, so she is ready for her forever family when the time comes.

Do I have to get out of bed?
Do I have to get out of bed?

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Goldy is doing well. She’s having more days accident-free which is, likely, a result of us better learning her schedule as well as her learning that outside is where she’s to do that business. She does enjoy being outside and will definitely need a fenced yard in her forever home to stay safe while enjoying the out of doors.

She is on a slip lead when outside and is doing better with not pulling. We believe that is mostly from not being as afraid of what’s going on around her and being in a rush to get out, about, and back to the house. We will not venture out for a proper walk and test her leash skills until she’s much more confident and less of a flight risk.

Unfortunately, she injured her paw this week in her excitement when Foster Mom returned home from work. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but just that amidst her zoomies, spins, and running in and out of her crate, there was blood and she started favoring her front foot. We can’t find an obvious injury.

This has set her back quite a bit in her coming out of her crate to spend time with us and immediately retreating to her crate whenever someone moves toward her. We hope as her foot starts to feel better, she’ll regain her confidence in being more integrated with the family.

This young sweetheart is well on her way to becoming a wonderful family member, and we’re excited to find her just the right forever home!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Young, shy red-head seeks gentle, patient, and loving furever family to share long, meandering potty trips outside, zoomie-filled breakfast and dinner dances, and quiet evenings relaxing by the sofa. 

Goldylocks (aka Goldy) is two weeks into the Golden Life and is learning and growing more confident by the day. While she still frequently retreats to her crate, she is very curious, enjoys human interaction, loves to be outside, and would really rather not have to get her ears cleaned or take a bath to treat some minor issues her vet visit identified.

Goldy is currently living with older dogs, one a rescued commerial breeding stud, who couldn't be less interested in her, as well as three cats. Now that she's no longer fearful of all the resident animals, she has started to chase the cats when the situation presents itself. If her forever home has cats, it is advisable they be dog-savvy and not frequently struck with the zoomies themselves.

Goldy is starting to go to the door when she wants to go out; however, not every trip out produces our desired result. She likes to be outside and will require a fenced yard to allow her to safely roam.

She's starting to find things to chew and has recently claimed a Nylabone as her favorite item. She's attempted to steal a sock right out of Foster Mom's hand while putting it on and has gotten a hold of another which she promptly proceeded to rip a hole in. She also counter-surfs. Therefore, she needs a home where inappropriate items are well out of reach.

Goldylocks is young, healthy, more than capable of learning, and as sweet as they come. She has everything needed to become a wonderful pet in the right furever home!

Goldylocks 20-034A