Ella 17-250

At a Glance #17-250

Golden Retriever Born: September 2017
Female Weight not specified

Status: Adopted


Monday, March 12, 2018

Ella 17-250, or as we refer to her as  “E Train” came  to us  as 8 week old puppy. She had some respiratory and other health issue from which she rebounded quickly. Ella loves to cuddle, poke around in the yard, go to puppy camp and going for walks. She very quickly learned “sit”, but “shake”  and "laydown" took a little longer. Ella is not a fan of her kennel and being the resourceful little gal that she is, she has figured out how to let herself out.

Ella has found a loving family in Iowa who is committed to her ongoing training, along with puppy camp for continued socialization.