Ellie 20-049

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Ellie 20-049Ellie 20-049


Ellie was found as a stray and found her way to RAGOM so that she could find a perfect home. Ellie is a spry senior whose tail is constantly wagging. Ellie needs to find a home without children. She would enjoy a dog companion who is a calm, adult dog. She has not been tested around cats. Ellie requires a physical fence to keep her safe. Ellie loves affection, is well behaved, and has become an avid walker. She would do best in a home where someone was home most of the time.

At a Glance #20-049

Golden Retriever 11 years old
Female 60 lbs

Available as of May 18, 2020
Fostered in Rosemount, MN

Status: Closed to Applications
Adoption fee: $175

Cannot live with children
Can live with other dogs
Not tested with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Medium energy
Cannot live with children
Can live with other dogs
Not tested with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Medium energy

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Ellie was found as a stray and found her way to RAGOM so that she could find a perfect home. Ellie is a spry senior whose tail is constantly wagging. Ellie needs to find a home without children. She would enjoy a dog companion who is a calm, adult dog. She has not been tested around cats. Ellie requires a physical fence to keep her safe. Ellie loves affection, is well behaved, and has become an avid walker. She would do best in a home where someone was home most of the time.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

I understand I have been selected as Featured Dog of the Month, I’d like to thank the Dogademedy for this nomination and all the hard working RAGOM volunteers and all my adoring fans who made this possible!

So, in preparation for this honor Foster Dad took me to the groomers to help me be even more beautiful! Overall I had a good time, a nice bath, a little trim up…granted they touched my paws and only Foster Dad gets away with touching my paws!

Foster Dad did warn them and yes they did have to muzzle me but I will give them credit, they tried to not do that, they wanted me to be as comfortable as possible but I just don’t like my paws touched. They did tell Foster Dad that I was 100% adorable other than my paws and a little bit by my derriere. I must admit it does feel better without all the ‘grinch’ hair!

We still enjoy our twice daily walks and it does help me a lot to burn off that energy. I like weekend walks the best as Foster Dad is willing to go longer as he has more time.

Last Saturday morning we did 5 miles and another 2.75 mile that night, Sunday was 4 and 2.75 again plus they are adventure walks where we get more choice in the direction we go, which often means tall grass and mouse hunting. Another benefit is we get extra belly scratches, he claims to be looking for ticks, but we know he just cannot get enough of us!

Yesterday Foster Dad tried to skip our routine of snuggling on the floor before starting the day. He went downstairs to prepare our breakfast and he was worried when I didn’t come down, I really like my food, came back up to check on me and I was patiently waiting for him. We did our snuggle and then I raced down to eat and start our day…do not mess with my routine (and I like my cuddles)!

One of my other great skills is a culinary supervisor, I like to be right next to Foster Dad when he is making something to eat. I am always happy to taste test for him and make sure things like cheese are still good! So I am very dedicated to this career and hope very much you will let me continue this passion!

Well I need to get Foster Dad out for his walk, looking forward to talking at you again!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Wow! Have I been having fun! I can’t believe I went this long without posting something…well I do post on Foster Dads Facebook page regularly; he doesn’t really use it so why not?

It’s a bit warm and humid outside so we have been staying inside today, though we still get up and go for our walks every morning, I really look forward to our twice or more walks, admittedly the last couple of days the afternoon one has been short.

Foster Dad says I am getting a lot more determined to go where I want to go, why should Heath get to choose our direction all the time? I choose my own path…sometimes, Foster Dad is fairly good about letting us take him on adventures but sometimes he puts his paw down, and he has really big paws!

A couple of different neighbors have started giving us treats when we go by their house. The new one, even though he is a cat guy, he kind of melted when I leaned into him to ask for another! Humans are so easy to manipulate! 

Yes, we continue to work on my dislike of being touched on the paws and while Foster Dad says I am much MUCH better, he says whoever adopts me will always need to be careful, as with any dog, especially if something is bugging me like a cocklebur. If it weren’t for my dislike of being touched on the paws Foster Dad says I am a 110% adorable…okay I might get a tiny bit excited when he brings out cheese too, I really like cheese! 

Foster Dad did put down a few more rugs again to help me get around, I do struggle a bit on the laminate flooring, and the rugs are very thoughtful of him.  I can get around okay but it does make it easier to have the rugs. 

I do want whoever adopts me to take me on more car rides, I love going for rides in the Jeep, especially when he takes the top off, oh the wind in my fur - it is just glorious. I try to let him know everyday that I want to go for a ride by laying by the garage door, and stand by the door of Jeep when we go out for our walk, sadly he rarely goes anywhere, though once in a while...he will just take me for a ride.

I understand he is trying to figure out how to bring a toy with for me for when I get excited (I like to chew on the seat cover) but he knows that he will have to restrain said toy so I don’t throw it out the side. I also wish my seat belt were a little longer but he says I can get quite far enough out the window thank you, he doesn’t want me jumping into the car next to us!

So in summary, I love being loved, treats, walks (be sure to bring water I like to drink every mile or so), car rides. 

I will provide love, joy and happiness, entertainment, protection from squirrels and rabbits and fur, lots and lots of fur! (Foster Dad made me put in the line about fur, I don’t think he’s very funny!)

Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ellie’s in da house! Hey followers, how are you doing?! I cannot believe I have been here a month already, it seems like just the other day that the transporter came and got me and brought me over to this place. On one paw it seems I just got here; on the other, I feel quite comfortable and feel I fit in quite well already.

We continue to have our twice daily walks even in the rain. The only one that was short was during a thunderstorm as my foster brother Heath does not like thunder. 

Foster Dad continues to play with my paws and it has become a kind of game. Now he will pet me and then pet one of my paws a couple of times and go back to normal petting. I will curl my lip a bit when he spends too much time on my paw but when he goes back to petting me, I will often put my paw in his hand.

I'm not a 100% thrilled about being touched on the paws yet, but I am getting to trust him more everyday and know he is not going to hurt me. He thinks it is kind of funny that while I’m not thrilled with him touching my paws I will often roll over on my back on the couch and touch his face.

I often cuddle into Foster Dad when he is petting me. He thinks this is a sign I really like him, but the truth is when I cuddle in I still get the pets but I don’t have to look at that face!

He is forever kissing my head and nose. Apparently it makes him feel good but just eheww, maybe it is Stockholm syndrome, but I think I kind of like it now.

I am getting better about sharing attention with Heath, but he says I can still be kind of demanding when I do not feel like I am getting enough attention.

We had a visitor for a couple of days last week and he is even more ball crazy than I am, so Foster Dad got out multiple balls. Of course we all wanted the same one even though they were all the same.

Foster dad is quite proud there were no incidents and we would wait for the other ball to be thrown or would just wait for the ball holder to walk away.

Well, once again I will sign off, Thank you for supporting RAGOM. If you're not quite ready to bring me into your home, please consider sponsoring me or one my cousins so they can continue to rescue dogs like me and get us where we can feel safe and loved!

Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Hello Again! Well, I have been here two weeks now and I have got to say I like this life! Regular food, walks, play time, lots of pets and cuddles.

Yes, I am letting the human touch me more, I am starting to trust this guy. He has been particularly good to me thus far.

One of my favorite things, besides the walks, is when he plays with us in the backyard. He will frequently get down on all four like Heath and me. He is a little bit taller so I can slip in under his arms and get cuddles, especially when I am starting to get tired. 

I know he has to try to balance his time between Heath and me, but I can’t help but get jealous when Heath is getting the attention and not me. I let him know I am not happy when Heath gets all the attention.

He says that my biggest fault is that I talk too much when we are outside and I am not the focus of his attention. What can I say, I need to make up for lost time and need all the loving and attention I can get!

He is catching on, too. The other night after we got back from our walk we played for a bit in the backyard but then he wanted to watch the stupid TV, so I laid beside him and started whimpering and he turned off the TV and took us back outside to play some more. The human has his priorities right!

He also says I am still a bit too mouthy but the more I get to trust him the less I am trying to pull his hand into my mouth.  I still get a bit anxious sometimes when we are laying inside on the couch and something spooks me – I am not even sure what, but he is getting good at sensing it (or it might be when I slap him with my paw) and he will just talk to me calmly and stroke my head very gently until I feel better.

So again, love my walks though I am in no rush as I like to sniff around. This morning in the rain all the scents were coming out and the human was very patient with us and let us sniff, though I don’t think he was thrilled about getting wet.

I love to play in the backyard. I love treats, these are a must. I love food! The human made cookies today and made special ones for Heath and me. I’ve got this guy wrapped around my paw!

I love to sleep so don’t worry you can still get some work done. It may take me a bit to get to trust you but once I do, I will be your best friend. So if you like these things and you want to make me the center of your world, the princess of your life…throw in an application, maybe we can convince Foster Dad to let me complete your life.

Ellie 20-049

Monday, May 18, 2020

Hello, I’ve moved a couple of times since you last heard about me. First I spent a few days in a dog hotel, nice staff and warm comfortable facility, but the place I moved to now has lots of beds for me to choose from. I also get couch privileges here too so that is my preferred spot.

The human here is nice enough, feeds me regularly and is generous with the treats – could be better but at the same time I need to watch my girlish figure. I have a new foster brother here too. For the most part we get along well and are playing a bit more every day. He (Heath) can be a bit of a dink when the human and I are playing fetch and he runs in and steals the ball.

I complain to the human and he is fairly quick to grab another toy and toss it to me. His training is coming along well.

The human takes us for walks a couple of times a day usually early morning ~2.5 miles and early evening ~ 3 miles. I really enjoy these. The human is smart enough to let us “hunt and sniff.” Once in a while he takes us on adventure walks where we get to choose the direction and is willing to go off trail and walk where a lot of other humans won’t go.

I have got to stress to you how much I REALLY like these walks, they help me burn up a lot of nervous energy. The human is a bit surprised at how much energy I have and that I still want to play even after our walks. He says he’s not sure how they determined I am 11 as I act like a 5 year old.

I am working through some trust issues and I know I send some mixed messages, but the human is trying hard to help me. I like to talk when I want attention…of course I talk when I am done and do not want attention either.

There are times I really like to snuggle into the human, however many times I would prefer not to be touched by him. The human says I am a lot like every woman he has dated. 

While I would prefer to be outside I like to keep an eye on the human. So, if he is outside, I am too. If he goes inside, I am quite content to lay on the couch while he works.

He does let me have free roam of the house, but I am less than thrilled with steps and prefer to remain on the main level even though he goes downstairs to work and upstairs to sleep.

I did go upstairs the other night and yes, he let me on the bed. Again I wanted to snuggle in, but I’m not that kind of girl so no touching. He finally turned on his side and I got the rest of the bed. He said it was like being married again.

I do feel more comfortable with him when we are outside and playing than I do when we are inside. He says eventually I will learn to love him…I think that is a bit of a long shot, but I suppose crazier things have happened. I mean Heath seems to really care for this guy and for the most part Heath seems like a confident, happy dog.

I do want to say a quick "Thank You" to the RAGOM organization for their help in getting me off the streets and into a warm and caring home. Hopefully in time I can find my fur-ever family and live the Golden Life they think I deserve!

Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049

Monday, April 20, 2020

Hello from Ellie!

Since her last update, she has settled in even more to her foster home and you can tell she feels safe and secure as her "talking" to us has diminished greatly. Ellie is still a "verbal" dog, which is good because she can let you know when she is anxious, hungry or needs to go outside. She didn't seem bothered by a recent thunderstorm.

We had some work done on our garage with people going in and out and while she barked when first meeting them, that subsided. Anything brand new tends to throw this senior girl a bit but she does acclimate. Gradual introductions are good for her. 

We had one incident where she resource guarded a stuffed toy. Maybe she has never had a toy before, but she growled. We redirected her attention and removed the stuffed toy. It's probably good not to give her stuffed toys.

She is just fine with a tennis ball outside but hasn't learned how to drop it yet. She does not resource guard her food, which is great. And as I mentioned previously, she takes treats gently after she does a very pretty sit. 

She has a goofy side and loves to roll on her back and have you pet her tummy. If she is not snuggled up on her dog bed, she likes to lay next to Foster mom and dad when they are on the couch by the fireplace or working from home in the den (our new normal). Ellie has also started to relax outdoors and will lay down in the sun for a bit. 

We don't know what Ellie's life was like before RAGOM but for now she is feeling loved and safe. 

Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Meet beautiful Ellie! 

Ellie was found as a stray on January 30th in Des Moines, Iowa. She stayed in a shelter until mid-March where she was spayed, had benign lumps removed and 14 teeth extracted. Everything has healed nicely. She is believed to be around 11 years old. She is up to date on all her shots, etc. She weighs about 62 pounds.

This spry girl has a never-ending wagging tail. She has earned the nickname "thumper." She loves her humans and resident RAGOM dog Charlie Bear. She has learned to walk nicely on a leash and enjoys sniffing just about everything.

She does the golden lean in and she will "talk" to you if she thinks you should keep petting her. Ellie enjoys free roam of the house, is not destructive, nor is she a counter surfer. She has a fenced in backyard that she loves and watches all the dogs and people walk by. She barks at them only on occasion but it is a "come play with me bark." 

Ellie took awhile to adjust to her new surroundings and was easily startled by unknown noises but in the last two weeks, she has settled in nicely. She knows basic commands and takes treats gently. 

Ellie would do well in a home with older children and someone who is at home most of the day. She could be an only dog or with a mature dog to make her feel comfortable.She has not been tested with cats. She is a great companion and will lay at your feet. She requires exercise, up to two walks a day. 

Please consider this lovely senior girl as a wonderful addition to your home. 

Ellie 20-049
Ellie 20-049

Closed to Applications: Many families have submitted applications for Ellie or she is working with an applicant for a potential adoption.