Emmy 18-176

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Emmy 18-176Emmy 18-176


Emmy is a former breeder girl, given to RAGOM to find a forever home for her retirement years. She is afraid of many things but she is also very curious about everything. As she gets more comfortable her friendly and enthusiastic personality is coming to the fore. She will need time, a quiet environment, and lots of love to work through her anxieties but her forever family will be rewarded with a sweet, loving, and happy girl.

At a Glance #18-176

Golden Retriever Born: September 2011
Female 59 lbs

Status: Adopted


Emmy is a former breeder girl, given to RAGOM to find a forever home for her retirement years. She is afraid of many things but she is also very curious about everything. As she gets more comfortable her friendly and enthusiastic personality is coming to the fore. She will need time, a quiet environment, and lots of love to work through her anxieties but her forever family will be rewarded with a sweet, loving, and happy girl.


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Our sweet girl, who came to us afraid of almost everything she encountered, happily jumped up into her new family's truck for the long ride back to her new home. Joining her on the comfy blanket in the back seat was her new canine sister Willow.

She will be living the good life at the lake with Willow and her new mom and dad. Emmy, you're a very lucky girl. Here's wishing you a long and happy life.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hi, Ms. Emmy here again. It’s been a month since I last wrote and quite a bit has been happening. Last month I got to meet a really nice couple and their dog Willow. Foster Mom and Foster Dad said that they wanted to see how we all got along. I thought that I did really well with everyone.

Willow and I took turns getting attention from all the people. I think that Willow is a great dog. She is very calm and collected—just the kind of dog I like to spend time with. Foster Mom and Foster Das aren’t telling me a lot, but they’ve hinted that if things go well, I might get to see them all again. I’d like that!

I’ve also been doing some training. When I came here, I was scared of lots of things but especially this thing Foster Dad called a kennel. He wanted me to learn how to lie down in it, so we worked and worked together.

This got to be fun as I ended up getting many, many treats. Pretty soon I ate my meals in the kennel. As time went on, I decided that it is a great place to take a quick nap or just to hang out.

Emmy 18-176

This past week I went back to the vet to see Dr. Jean. I remember saying hello to her and then I can’t really remember what happened after that. Foster Dad came to pick me up and we went back home. I felt terrible! I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t able to eat my supper that night or breakfast the next morning.

I’ve been feeling kind of funny and sometimes I’m sore, but every day seems to get better. I’m glad to say that my appetite has come back, and I can gobble up my kibble again. Foster Mom said that I got spayed (whatever that means), got a tumor removed from one of my mammary glands, and had a couple of teeth pulled.

Emmy 18-176

The good news is that my mouth feels better than it has for a long time. It’s easier to eat my kibble. The bad news is that Foster Mom and Foster Dad seem to think that I shouldn’t lick my tummy, so they put this plastic cone thingy around my neck. Now that is a serious bummer. I run into things and it’s hard to get into my kennel.

They tell me that I won’t have to wear it much longer, but I wish I could get rid of it now. The tumor thing seems to concern Foster Mom and Foster Dad. They said that they’ll know more this week and will tell me all about it. 

Emmy 18-176

Well, that’s it for now. I need to get back to my comfy dog bed and get some more shut-eye. I’ll write again soon.

Your friend,

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hi everyone, this is Emmy again. I wanted to let you know that I’m getting used to life here with Foster Mom and Dad, my cat sisters, and my dog brothers. I’m learning lots of new things and I’m starting to feel more at home all the time.

Last week I surprised myself by mustering all of my courage to go down the steps into the basement. There I discovered something called TV. It was amazing—a big screen with all kinds of things moving and what sounded like human voices talking. It was fun being down there together with the whole pack!

Emmy 18-176

I’ve been learning that Foster Dad, especially, really likes it when I pay attention when he shows me treats. It’s sort of like a game—if I guess right about what he wants me to do he always gives me a yummy treat. It’s really quite amazing. I get treats when I do my jobs outside, I get treats when I come back inside, I get treats when I sit. I never knew there were that many treats in the whole world!

Emmy 18-176

Dog beds are just about the best thing ever. Right now I have to share the two beds in the living room with my brothers. We’re pretty good at that as we all take turns. I have my very own bed in the bedroom though.

Beau and Tank tell me that the other great thing that happens in the living room is that Foster Dad will build a fire in the fireplace right behind the beds and we can nap and be toasty warm at the same time. I’m pretty excited because they say that our first fire of the Fall will be tonight.

Beau, Tank, and Emmy (clockwise from left)
Beau, Tank, and Emmy (clockwise from left)

The last thing I need to tell you is that I have a family interested in me. Foster Mom and Dad have been talking to them on the phone and sending them emails. We are going to be meeting them and their dog Willow in a couple of weeks. I’m excited!

Thanks for reading about me. Your friend, Emmy

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hi Everyone! My name is Emmy and I want to introduce myself. I’m a beautiful (if I do say so myself), slim, dark red Golden Retriever. Most of my life up until now has been spent raising puppies. Now that I’m retired, my owners sent me to RAGOM so that I could find a family that I could spend my golden years with.

It was pretty scary for me when I arrived at my foster home. I had new dogs, new cats, and new people to meet. I had to figure out what living in a house was like. It was overwhelming at first, but Foster Mom and Foster Dad told me to just relax and figure things out at my own speed.

I found a safe place to lie down (between their chairs in the living room) and started trying to figure out how things worked here.

It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to eat, but now I’m getting with the program. Foster Dad fed me by hand for the first couple of days, but now I eat all by myself (as long as he stays in the room with me).

I love this smelly stuff they pour over my kibble—they call it salmon oil. It really stinks—it’s just the best! They say it will make my beautiful red coat even softer.

I'm a beautiful, slim, dark red Golden Retriever

My two dog brothers, Beau and Tank, have been great. They don’t pester me, but I can watch them to get a better idea of what I’m supposed to do. Tank came with me to see the vet the other day. He showed me how to get in and out of the van on my own, so I didn’t need to ride in a kennel. He showed me that we could lay down on the floor and actually snooze a bit during the trip.

When we got there, he took me to the exam room and let me know that, if I stayed calm, the vet and the vet techs would give me treats. When we were done there, I followed my big brother back to the van and we went back home. I like my brothers! 

I like my foster brothers!
I like my foster brothers!

This foster stuff is hard work sometimes, trying to figure out what’s going on and how I can fit in. I like it though. At the end of a hard day of foster training I love going into the bedroom with the whole pack and lying down on my very own dog bed for a long night’s sleep.

When it starts to get light, I join my dog brother Beau and help him to wake up Foster Dad to tell him it’s time for our first walk and then breakfast. That’s all for now everyone, I’ll let Foster Dad get on here. Thanks for reading about me!

Foster Dad here. Emmy is a joy to have as part of our pack. She is a unique combination of scared, affectionate, and curious. Her fears are of the unknown—and almost everything about her life in our home is new to her.

Based on our previous experience with retired breeder girls, we will give her the time and space to work her way through all of these new experiences. It always takes time but, two steps forward and one back, she will figure all of this out.

Emmy is one observant girl. By day three she had figured out on her own that she was supposed to sit to get treats. She also caught on quickly that Foster Mom was a good bread baker and Foster Dad was sometimes careless about not putting the fresh loaves in the center of the table.

Two bread loaves and one peanut butter sandwich have quickly and quietly disappeared from the table in the past two weeks.

I like my treats!
I like my treats!

We took Emmy for her first vet checkup this past week. Her ears and eyes looked great. She is negative for heartworm and parasites. She has a strong heart and has good movement in her joints.

The only reason for concern is a mammary tumor that Dr. Jen found during the exam, as well as a couple of cracked teeth. Her spay surgery is scheduled for the first week in December and Dr. Jen will take care of the teeth and remove the tumor for analysis at the same time.

Emmy has met three of our grandkids, ages 13 -15, with no problem. She was wary at first but soon warmed up to them. We think that she will need a relatively quiet environment, so we’ll be looking for a home with adults or perhaps with dog-savvy children ages 10+.

She was initially afraid of our neighbors when she saw them outside. After slow introductions she will now (slowly) come up to them for pets and attention. She will need another large, confident dog to continue showing her the ropes of how to be an inside dog.

Hers will be a journey to get to the point where she can be the confident dog she deserves to be. If you think that you’d like to be part of that, we would love to talk to you about her. Please stay tuned for more to come about this beautiful girl.