Fergus (Kennedy 20-046)

Kennedy 20-046Kennedy 20-046


Kennedy came to RAGOM through a shelter after being surrendered by a breeder. He had no training but this lovable Labradoodle is a quick study. Kennedy requires another medium to large, confident dog to help him continue learning about life as a family member. He is interested in cats but shows no aggression. Young children can make Kennedy nervous, so kids in his forever home should be age 10 or older. A fenced yard is recommended so Kennedy can safely burn off that puppy energy.

At a Glance #20-046

Mixed Breed Born: April 2019
Male 45 lbs

Status: Adopted

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Kennedy came to RAGOM through a shelter after being surrendered by a breeder. He had no training but this lovable Labradoodle is a quick study. Kennedy requires another medium to large, confident dog to help him continue learning about life as a family member. He is interested in cats but shows no aggression. Young children can make Kennedy nervous, so kids in his forever home should be age 10 or older. A fenced yard is recommended so Kennedy can safely burn off that puppy energy.


Friday, November 6, 2020

Kennedy found his forever home today. He’ll have a fur sister to play with and wonderful caring parents to love him. His foster family will miss him but they are so happy for this sweet guy.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Kennedy is doing well. He continues to love his playtime and loves any dogs and most people that he meets. He can still be a bit standoffish with new people, especially men, but he does warm up fairly quickly. He will bark for a few minutes at new people who come into the house but stops barking relatively soon.

Kennedy was cat tested recently and passed. I wouldn't say with flying colors but he did pretty well. We first met an older cat, 20 years old, who was being carried by the owner. She hissed at Kennedy and that seemed to frighten him more than anything.

Then we went next door and met two younger cats who were more dog savvy. The cats sniffed at him and he sniffed back but didn't really do much else. So, I think he would do alright in a home with a cat or two.

Kennedy is still anxious when I leave for any length. The accidents he's been having while I am gone have decreased but not entirely. Kennedy still needs a home with a confident dog and someone who is there much of the time. He does fairly well with children older than 10 years old.

Maybe your home is the perfect match for Kennedy. He is such a love and wants to be able to show his love, but it just takes him some time.

Kennedy 20-046

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Kennedy is doing so well! He has been with me for about six weeks now and his comfort level has gotten better all the time. He walks well on the leash and enjoys being outside, sniffing and looking for rabbits and squirrels. Fortunately, he hasn't captured any yet. He really does listen well when I tell him “No,” and to leave it. His prey drive isn’t nearly what it was.

Kennedy's big love is to run and play! He loves to run and will play with any dog friend who wants to join him.

We've tried the ball a few times. He'll chase it but then pretty much just drops it to look for something else. He has gone to a few friends’ homes to play and just enjoys it so much.

Kennedy 20-046

Kennedy still has some separation anxiety but when I think back to when he first came to me, he has improved so much. Before he would have accidents in the house, not just when I was gone, but any time. Now he might still have an accident when I'm gone, but they have even become less frequent.

He is such a sweetheart and loves to be with people. He greets strangers well, rarely barks, and doesn’t have a mean thought ever.

When Kennedy isn't playing, he'll sit in the chair in front of the window and watch the world go by, or find his favorite bed and take a nap. He's just a love!

Kennedy 20-046

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Kennedy has changed foster homes and is now living in Minneapolis. He's been with me for about a week now and is doing so well. He has adapted to life in the big city and doesn't seem bothered by the noises, airplanes, lawn mowers, etc.

I am not fenced so we walk a lot with resident dog, Bella. I think he likes having Bella along to make him feel more confident. He walks very well on a leash and with the Easy Walk harness.

He is quite curious to sights and smells and especially likes the squirrels and bunnies. He'd love to just catch one someday but hopefully that won't happen. He does listen when told “No” and his prey drive seems to have lessened a bit.

One of his favorite pastimes is lying on the porch watching the world go by. Kennedy does have a bit of separation anxiety when I am gone, so I try not to be gone for very long.

He doesn't kennel well so he has free roam and is not destructive, just gets nervous. I do have the kennel set up with the door open and he'll go in there at times but not stay very long. I do feed him in the kennel to get him more comfortable with it.

Kennedy 20-046

Kennedy is not completely potty trained but pretty much so. If given time and walking distance he will generally do his business outside. When I am gone, he has occasionally had an accident in the house.

He is just so good and cooperative. Never growls or shows any distrust and hardly ever barks. He and Bella have started to play more and he enjoys that.

Kennedy 20-046

Kennedy does need a medium- to large-size confident dog in the house. A fenced yard would be nice but not required. Children would not be good for him at this point. Their quick movements would startle and scare him. He still has some typical breeder dog fears but is becoming more relaxed all the time.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hi everyone,

SURPRISE! I bet you didn’t think you would hear from me again. There was a very nice family that thought they might adopt me, but after several talks, it just wasn’t the best time or fit to be a forever family. I really, really want my own family.

I would especially love to have a furry playmate and maybe a family that loves walks, maybe hikes or jogging. When I get a little older, I can be a running partner. Just a bunch of time playing in the yard would be great, too.

I love my foster mommy and sleep with her every night. I do not potty in the house and Mom calls me “good boy.” When she isn’t looking, I need to see what’s yummy on the counter top. Not much, selfish Mommy.

I don’t want to brag so Foster Mom said she wants to share some of the things I’ve learned.

It’s true, Kennedy still is an energetic guy. When he came to our home, he didn’t know his own name let alone anything else. It amazes me how much Kennedy has absorbed in a short time.

He is so bright and food motivated; it is rewarding to see him blossom. He doesn’t jump on anyone and knows sit, down, leave it, wait, and a biggie, “No.” One trick Kennedy especially loves is “catch it.”

Kennedy is a love bug and needs to be with people, but does not beg to be entertained. I love watching him play ball with himself. Squeaky balls are his very favorite and stuffed toys he considers “shred.”

Because of the lock-down, it is very difficult to give Kennedy a lot of new experiences. He really likes other dogs. Sometimes meeting new people can be a little scary, so we take it slow. Never once have I heard Kennedy growl at anyone or anything.

So Forever Family, wherever you are, you can have an easily trainable, silly, loving, loyal, cute-as-a-button family member for many wonderful years to come.

Just how embarrassing is this?!
Just how embarrassing is this?!
Just me and my bestie!
Just me and my bestie!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hi Kennedy fans!

Foster Mom wants to let everyone know that we have learned kids cause Kennedy to become a bit overwhelmed, due to his lack of socialization before he came into foster care. Since he has never interacted with children, he doesn't know what to think of them and they make him anxious.        

He is a sweet as can be but will need a home that does not include children.

Friday, April 3, 2020

What a difference a couple weeks can make! Kennedy has settled in as family and like a toddler, keep things moving. He knows his name, is potty trained, and knows what “No, no” means. He is also learning what is and isn’t acceptable to chew. Counter surfing is great fun.

The last couple of nights, I have left the bedroom door open. Kennedy lays in the dog bed with Jack in the family room and a little while later patters into the bedroom. He then sleeps all night with me and fur brother Johnny. So proud of him. I think this is a big step.

One of the main requirements for Kennedy is another mid-size to large dog to interact with and follow their lead. My dogs only play a few minutes and poor Kennedy wants to have some fun. He often entertains himself with a ball or toy.

A reminder—Kennedy is behind in his social development because of his previous life. Social distancing makes this a real challenge to help him become acquainted with the world.

A forever family will need a lot of time, patience, and love to give to the big guy. In return, you will receive lots of laughs, a great walking buddy (in his fashion—work in progress), and he will shower you with love and devotion for always.

Want to come play with me?
Want to come play with me?
Yep, this is livin’
Yep, this is livin’

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hi everybody! I just moved into this warm comfy house and my name is Kennedy. My foster mom calls me Cutie Patootie (is that nice?) and No No, so those must be my middle names.

In a couple weeks, my foster mom says I will have a special day—my very first birthday. She says I will get special things just for me. But I am going to share with my two furry foster brothers because they play with me (not enough) and let me hang out with them on the dog beds and show me the ropes here.

Oh, gotta go, I think I hear the treat jar!

This is Foster Mom. Kennedy has been here a week. We first thought he was a Goldendoodle but now we guess he is a Labradoodle—one gorgeous guy. He was surrendered to a shelter with several other dogs so we have no background. But he is very social and loving although he hasn’t been taught a thing.

So, Kennedy is starting from scratch as a year-old pup. He follows the lead of his big brothers and is doing remarkably well. BUT—he is a pup. Chewing is his hobby so we have lots of toys, Kongs, and balls everywhere. He has learned fetch (love, love, loves), has stopped jumping on me, and he’s getting the idea that Foster Mom’s arm is not a chew toy.

Kennedy needs to have a family with another medium to large, confident dog and lots of time to play and teach. He is very gentle and sweet, not a mean bone in his body. He is beautiful, funny, and loves cuddles.

Because of these unprecedented times, we cannot go out and visit as we normally would, but I really don’t think this is an issue. He loves everything and everyone, even our young neighbors through the fence and leans into their pets.

Kennedy sleeps on the bed (sorry) with me and my younger dog and sleeps quietly for 8 hours. There have been two potty accidents but that was during the first couple days. I can’t say he is completely potty trained yet, because I am diligent.

Although not required, a physical fence is preferred to allow Kennedy to burn off his puppy energy safely.

I believe Kennedy (alias Cutie Patootie or No No) is going to be an amazing, happy, fun-loving addition for the forever family he so deserves.

Kennedy 20-046
Kennedy 20-046