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  • Age: 2 years, 3 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: N/A
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Finn is a beautiful neutered Golden/yellow Lab dog of 9+ years old. He is truly a wonderful dog. We got him on last Sunday 1/02/05. He adjusted immediately and is so sweet. Finn comes immediately when called and sits as soon as he comes in the door. Finn is about 20 lbs. overweight but is very frisky and friendly. We just got him groomed and had his vet check. His shots are now up to date and he looks beautiful. He has a very mild disposition and loves to be petted and loved. Finn is a very special, intelligent dog. All he asks is to be loved. He sleeps well and doesn't snore (unlike my wife). He is on a senior diet and is getting exercised daily. He loves to go on walks and play fetch. I am sure he will be adopted soon. The only fault we have seen is that he barks at cars when he is riding in the car, but stops when he is told "no". Finn is really a winner!

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