At A Glance

  • Age: 21 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


Hi...My name is Frank (or Frankie) wanna tell you a bit about ME:

I am a wonderful senior boy 10 yrs old who lived with a wonderful family for 4 years.  My BFF friend at their house died and I was sad and lonely, my adoptive family made the heart wrenching decision to return me to RAGOM so I could have a buddy again. (Thank you so much).

I have been a bit nervous with my change; however I LOVE my new BFF Moose and Rosie....Moose is big and Rosie and I love to chase the bunnies.  My Foster mom says I am an angel and I love all the attention and especially being a puppy mill boy I really love having my new friends to help show me the way.

I am kennel trained and love to go there just for some quiet time or if I am feeling nervous. ( I like Rosie's kennel too but she is not a fan of me sleeping in it).  I have had NO accidents and go out with everyone to do my business.  I romp and play in the snow (see Pics).  I love my daily walks, I love food, I really love all the attention and hugs and kisses from my foster mom.  I was groomed yesterday and just sat quietly for FM to cut my nails cut some hair around my feet and I had a few hair clumps that needed to be cut off my bottom.  As long as you are loving me up I could not be happier.

I snort with excitement and love to tap your hand.  I do NOT bark at all...... Rosie and Moose do!!

I will require a home with another dog and a fence, and No children under 10.  Every day I am more comfortable with where I am I just go with the flow!!  I will make someone who makes time for me and gives me attention very happy!!!  Gotta go FM thinks I am sleeping and she does not know I am writing you this letter.

Bye for now :-}
Sponsor Frank

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