Frankie (Daisy 18-232A)

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Daisy 18-232ADaisy 18-232A


Little Miss Daisy is the sweetest and softest Golden girl, with the purest heart of gold. Daisy came into RAGOM from a large commercial breeding facility, which means she is still hesitant of all new experiences including new people, noises, situations, and movements. This sweet little girl is learning all about the Golden life and loves to run in the fenced in yard and play with toys.

At a Glance #18-232A

Golden Retriever Born: April 2016
Female 44 lbs

Status: Adopted


Little Miss Daisy is the sweetest and softest Golden girl, with the purest heart of gold. Daisy came into RAGOM from a large commercial breeding facility, which means she is still hesitant of all new experiences including new people, noises, situations, and movements. This sweet little girl is learning all about the Golden life and loves to run in the fenced in yard and play with toys.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

This morning I said my good-bye to sweetheart Daisy. I have been so blessed to have been her first home and mom. She has come a long way from the scared little girl who would have to be carried inside and the sad sad girl who would hide out in her crate with her stuffed animals.

In over three months, she has won the hearts of many, ran and leapt through piles of snow, stole many socks, wrestled with my resident dog, and greeted me with her wiggle butt, sweet kisses, and grumble bark.

She finally stole the heart of a sweet family in Iowa, who had been waiting to meet her since November. Her new mommy is retired and will be with her all day. She has a Golden fur sister who is so calm and just the perfect fur sibling to help Daisy continue on her road to becoming a confident dog.

Daisy 18-232A
Daisy 18-232A
Daisy 18-232A

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Little Miss Daisy just loves the snow and I wanted to share photos of her outside. You can see pure joy in her eyes and face when she is outside. She loves to run, dig, and bounce through the snow. She also makes Golden angels in the snow.

Nothing stops her from wanting to go outside. As soon as I open the patio door, she scoots right out. These cold temperatures don't slow her down. Too bad for her that her feet get cold and then is told to come inside.

Daisy now knows come, kennel, outside, and her name. If she is chewing on something she shouldn't, I say "Uh-Oh" and she stops. She comes up for treats and has started to take treats from other people. She has even gone up to new people for pets, too. Yay for Daisy for being so brave. It still takes her time to warm up to new people, but she loves running to look out the window by the door when she hears the door bell.

Enjoy the picture of Daisy snuggled in her chair last night. She is hoping everyone is staying warm, too!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy New Year from Miss Daisy!

Daisy's new year started with some new adventures. January first began with a trip to the "doggy spa" for a full bath. Foster Mom had her hands full washing two dogs in the tub, but Daisy was just a champ going into the tub by herself and staying put. 

She closed her eyes and really enjoyed the warm shower and shampoo massage treatment. The dryer is not her thing, but she enjoyed the towel rub down. Then it was back home to get nails trimmed and and her ears cleaned. She was then ready for her beauty nap. She is such a good sport and so easy to work with.

Daisy's other New Year's adventure was going hiking at a nearby regional park. She was in her happy place. There was no hesitation on the walk through the woods, near the lake, or over the boardwalk. We even walked over a bridge and she did great!  People make her nervous so she did pull on the leash to get to the far side of the path as we walked by.

Little Miss Daisy is just the sweetest girl. When I return home from work and let her out of her crate she just can't go outside until she gets her snuggles from me. This girl loves hugs and will put her paws on my shoulders to get more love.

She is still hesitant of new people but anytime someone walks on the path by our fence with a dog she just wants to run and play with the dog.  

Daisy does have a big prey drive for rabbits when we are out on our walks and needs to have a new family who will have a strong grip on her leash when out for walks. 

She does love going for walks and gets so excited to go. Such a difference from the little girl who, just two months ago, would snuggle/hide behind the chair and not want to go. When I get the leash out, she is the first one to the door.

Daisy wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hopes to find her furever family in 2019.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Sweet little Daisy continues to be the biggest sweetheart. Daisy went to a Meet and Greet at the Wag N' Wash in Lakeville at the beginning of December. She stole a lot of hearts and everyone commented on how sweet and soft she was. 

She spent her time laying on her blanket and taking in the surroundings while letting everyone pet her. She is shy when it comes to people but just loved seeing all the dogs.

We continue to go on daily walks and Daisy now comes to the door so I can put her leash on. She is just the best walker. She walks right by my side and if she finds herself walking ahead of me, will quickly position herself right by my side. She has started to sniff on walks and there is a lot of tail wagging going on.

I hosted a holiday party at my house and Daisy just sat in the chair in the corner of my living room and quietly observed everyone that came over. She let the guests pet her and everyone mentioned how soft and sweet she was.

Miss Daisy also got to go on her first road trip to northern Minnesota this past week: a 4-hour trip up north and another 4-hour trip back to the Twin Cities area. She rode in the back of my SUV without a peep and would occasionally look out the window, but mostly she laid right next to my Golden. She loved the snow and was so excited to explore trails out on our walks. 

The Grandma we visited was a bit of a pushover and let Daisy up on her sofa, and of course Daisy made a collection of toys near her. The Grandma had a little Shih Tzu that Daisy sniffed at but mostly ignored.

Daisy did have a potty accident in Grandma's house shortly after we arrived. She only had the one, and the combination of riding for 4 hours in the car plus a new outside environment might have been the cause.

Daisy just loved all the snow that fell last night. She had so much fun leaping off the deck steps into the backyard that looked like a snow globe. Too bad my resident dog is 7 and decided he'd rather sleep than run around outside.

Daisy's fun side is really starting to come out. She loves to play "catch me" in the house and will even grumble or bark at me if she wants my attention.

Daisy is only in her crate when I am at work for the day. She now has free roam in the house when I am gone for an hour or two. She goes in her crate in the morning when I say "kennel" and is very calm when I leave. Her crate is always clean and she has never had an accident in my home.

Daisy will still need a confident medium to large dog in her new home as she is learning how to be a dog. She really looks up to my dog for support.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sweet little Daisy is coming out of her shell a little more each day. It is a slow process when you have never been exposed to anything outside a cage for your first two years of life.  

Here are some things that Daisy has been up to the past two weeks:

  • She is coming up to me to take treats out of my hand.
  • She'd rather spend time outside her crate instead of in her crate, which means her new safe spots are the chair by the window and the hallway upstairs. These are also spots she can keep an eye on me.
  • She loves pets, hugs, and kisses. She will come up to me anytime I am sitting on the floor and when I pet my resident dog to get in on the action.  She even does the Golden paw maneuver (one paw on me) so I continue to pet her and will occasionally put two paws on my shoulders to get closer.
  • When I leave a room she comes to look for me.
  • She has been going on daily walks.  She is a bit hesitant to go but will walk to the door once the leash is on.  She is very nervous of cars and people.  She will do her business on the leash and walks right by my side.
  • She rides great in the car and doesn't make a peep.  She likes to look out the window at all the new sights and likes to lay next to my RD.  She doesn't like to go in the car and does try to bolt to get out.  We are working on wait.
  • She has barked a couple of times at her reflection in the window and at someone walking by outside, but she is usually quiet.
  • She continues to love being in the fenced in yard and runs with her tail up.  Unfortunately, Daisy and my RD cornered a bunny in the yard so now she loves looking for bunnies too. Thankfully that was the only time I saw one in the yard.
  • She loves playing with balls and chewing on Nylabones.
  • She likes to snack on carrots, apples, and bananas.
  • The TV no longer spooks her but sudden movements, things accidentally dropping on the floor, and even if she comes around a corner and I am there she will get spooked and goes to a safe spot.  
  • Taking pictures of Daisy is a bit tricky.  She gets nervous anytime I take my phone out to snap a photo of her.
  • She continues to do her bathroom business outside but does not give any indication that she needs to go out.

Daisy had her spay appointment on November 15th and is healing well.  She has not bothered or licked her incision at all.  The physical exam findings during this appointment found that she has mild tarter on her upper canines, is in heat, and is underweight. 

She went into her heat cycle the week before her surgery. Foster Mom is working on her weight gain with a mixture of dry and canned high protein food from Fromm. 

A follow up note from my last notes. (A follow up visit was scheduled on November 5th and she had an EKG.  The vet said that everything looked good and was in the normal range.) The vet did call me back a few days after my first update and told me that she has Sinus Arrhythmia. 

This means that the heartbeat changes pace when she inhales and and exhales. This does not limit her exercise and should not affect her at all. Also, Daisy was very scared during the EKG and when she was at the vet. The vet said the results may not be accurate.

Daisy will need need a family who is patient with her and will keep her safe from fleeing.  She is an absolute sweetheart and snuggle bug, but it will take time in her new family for her to show you this side of her.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Little Miss Daisy is a 2 year old petite Golden Retriever who came into RAGOM from a commercial breeding auction without any experience living in a house. This means everything is new to her. The first few days in my house she spent almost all her time in her "safe spot", aka her crate. She would need help to go outside and would then need to be carried inside.

Luckily, she loves..loves..loves..being outside and always potties and poops outside in the fenced in yard. You would never know how scared she can be if you saw her running and chasing my resident Golden outside. I found out that the sliding patio door is a bit tricky for her. She ran into it a few times and now only goes through it with my resident Golden.

Daisy is slowing warming up. She is learning all about dog toys and loves to chase balls around the house, chew on antlers, chew the fuzz off tennis balls, and collect all the toys to bring into her crate...and a few non toy items. She is still hesitant about new noises including the TV, radio, and dishwasher and will retreat to her crate.

Movements can startle her and she will retreat to her crate, but slowly creep out to check it out. New people can also be scary right now. She will stay in her crate and after awhile will come out to peek at the people, but likes to be near her crate. She is slowly venturing to other parts of the house, but likes to know that she can run towards her crate if need be.  

She is warming up to me and will take treats out of my hand, comes over for pets, and gives the sweetest kisses. She is just a love bug and just needs time to adjust and for the real Daisy to come out. She is choosing to spend more time out of her crate when I am home and even likes to lay on the dog bed.

Daisy had her first vet appointment on October 31st. She had a mild ear infection in both ears and received ointment for her ears. The vet also noticed that her heart would occasionally skip a beat. 

A follow up visit was scheduled on November 5th and she had an EKG. The vet said that everything looked good and was in the normal range. She is now up to date on all vaccinations along with Heart Guard and flea and tick preventatives. Her spay surgery is scheduled for November 15th and she will be ready for her forever home once she has recovered.

Daisy will need a family who is patient with her while she is learning to be a dog and willing to work with her on her basic commands. She will need another confident dog in the home and a fenced in yard.