Gabe 17-181


Gabe came into RAGOM because his family is moving into a condo. Gabe is a very sweet boy who does not always act his age. At times you would not know he was 11, except for his raccoon eyes. He is in good health.

At a Glance #17-181

Golden Retriever Born: May 2006
Male 57 lbs

Status: Deceased


Gabe came into RAGOM because his family is moving into a condo. Gabe is a very sweet boy who does not always act his age. At times you would not know he was 11, except for his raccoon eyes. He is in good health.


Sunday, February 24, 2019

It is with a heavy heavy and sad heart that I tell you that Gabe (Gabrial, who was an angel and now truly is an Angel) peacefully earned his wings and went to the Bridge on Saturday morning February 23rd, 2019. He would have been 13 in May.

He came to us a year-and-a-half ago and of course as it never is, we did not have him long enough. He truly was the sweetest Golden Boy and with such a delight in our lives. He certainly was a bright spot in our house. That bright spot certainly has been dimmed. He will be missed more than you know and has left a huge empty spot in our hearts.

Gabe had that wretched "c" word and had osteosarcoma in his back left leg. Despite being on two different pain meds and doggie CBD Gabe let us know that it was time to free him of his pain. No matter how many times we go through this, and will still go through this, it just never gets any easier. There is no love without loss. We wouldn't trade any of that Golden love to avoid the heartbreak of the loss though. You were and are loved very very much.

Godspeed dear boy. Run free. Run free.

Kay and Bob H.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This is Gabe and I am here to tell you that I have been adopted! I know that a lot of people just fell in love with me. I will be very happy and very well loved in my new furever home. I will have lots of company.  My new dad will be home all day with me and my new mom will be home a lot of the time. I will have plenty of other puppers to play and sleep with. My new life will be very good to me. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Well, I have been in my foster home for about a month now and I have been a real sweetheart. Foster mom and dad have had company a couple of different times and I have really enjoyed them. I still have not met the 2 kids that live across the road to see how I get along with kids, but foster mom says that she sees no reason why I would not get along really well with kids. As long as they would pet me and pay attention to me, I'm sure would love them.  :)  :) 

Foster mom found out that I have always lived with other dogs and there are several here for me to pal around with. Every night I sleep with Peanut. Foster mom tested me out to see what I would do if there were no other dogs here. A few times after we went out to go potty, she let only me in the house for a little while. I looked all over the house for the other puppers but could not find them. When I could not find any of them, I started to mope around. Foster mom let the other puppers in and boy was I glad to see them. So foster mom says that I need to go to a home with at least one other dog or I will not be happy. I would not be happy being the only dog in the house unless I was with my human ALL the time. 

Foster mom has been working with me on taking treats more nicely than I do. It is a work in progress but I am learning. Who says that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Hehe.

Here are a few pictures of me with my resident pals. As I said earlier, Peanut is my sleeping buddy and we sleep together every night. The only resident dog you do not see me with is B.J. He will be 14 on the 21st of this month and he stays to himself a lot. He gets a little cranky at times, so we just leave him alone. I run and chase around with Peanut in the backyard and she is somewhere around 3 1/2, but I fit in really good here, as three of the resident dogs are just like Old Gold. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hello RAGOMland. Let me introduce myself. I am Gabe. I am 11 years old, but you would not really know that except for my raccoon eyes. I have recently had my teeth cleaned, have been vetted, and the good doctor says that I am in very good health. I weigh a svelte 57 lbs. The resident female puppers in my foster home say: hubba, hubba, hubba!!!!!!!! I get along with all four puppers here and also the cats. In fact, I just ignore the cats. 

After all of the introductions with the other puppers here, Peanut and I ran and chased each other all around the back yard. Shortly after we went in the house, I jumped up on the loveseat and took a nap. I am on one of the loveseats often. They sure are comfy. Something else very comfy is the human's bed!!!! I can't tell foster mom where I slept in my other home, but here, I sleep at night on the human's bed. Yep, I do. From night one, I just hopped up there and that is where I am all night. So, if you are interested in me, then I need to be able to get on your furniture and your bed. You see, I am very spoiled and at 11, I deserve to be spoiled!

I LOVE my food but I do not counter surf. I do this really cute dance when I am getting ready to eat. I think that foster mom holds onto my food a little longer before she puts it down just to see me dance some more.  :)

I follow foster mom around all the time. Where she goes, I go. (Unless I am lazing on the loveseat.) I heard her say something about a "Velcro" dog, whatever that means. I think I like it though, because I sure do get lots of pets, lovin', and scritches.

I am a real lovebug, so if you want lots of loving and a best friend, then I would love to see how comfy your bed is!