Gibs 19-002


Gibs is a distinguished older gent whose owner passed away and he was brought into RAGOM. He's a bit rickety and has some health issues that we're trying to figure out, but he's the sweetest guy ever!

At a Glance #19-002

Golden Retriever Born: January 2009
Male 122 lbs

Status: Deceased


Gibs is a distinguished older gent whose owner passed away and he was brought into RAGOM. He's a bit rickety and has some health issues that we're trying to figure out, but he's the sweetest guy ever!


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Goodbye, Gibs.

Gibs came here as a foster dog for RAGOM in January. His owner, who had doted on him, had passed away, and he had no place to go. Three days after he arrived, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, so he became a hospice dog. The oncologist gave him 4 - 6 weeks. 

He was a big sweet lug, the biggest Golden I’ve had. The Happy Meals that his owner used to feed him for lunch had him, at one point, up to 150 lbs. But he was also tall and long, just a big dog. He was just under 130 lbs. when he came here. He had a thyroid condition and had had two knee surgeries.

He went on a diet and lost 15 lbs., could move around much easier and was looking good. He was majestic, and bossy, and spoiled, and a big love. He did great for a long time, and the predicted 4 - 6 weeks turned into 4 months.

But the past few weeks he was declining, struggling to climb the stairs, barking during the night because (I assume) something wasn’t right, and developing nosebleeds. Cancer was winning. So, wanting him to go with some dignity, I knew it was time. 

I made the dreaded call to make the appointment, let him spend the afternoon in the sun, eating some Frosty Paws, and getting lots of love. The staff at VCA Animal Care Hospital in Richfield rocks.

Gibs LOVED that place! It was his happy place. He would wag his tail every time we were there, and he would get doted on by everyone there, and he'd get treats, and he could not have been more happy. There were two vets who came to say goodbye, and three of the vet techs.

They had French fries, cheesy crackers, and cookies for Gibs’ send off—all foods that he hadn't tasted since he came to my house! Goodbyes were said with lots of hugs and pets, tears were shed, a tail was wagged almost the whole time, and the big old guy sailed off peacefully.

So, goodbye, Gibs. You had a good life. Your owner adored you and you were an excellent house guest with us. It was an honor shepherding you on your way. I hope Marnie is there to greet you with a Happy Meal and that you have good tales to tell. 

You were a good boy. Woof.

Gibs 19-009

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Gibs is still hanging in there! He had a tough couple of days where he didn’t seem like he was having much fun, but he has rallied! He’s still bossing us around with his barks, enjoying his treats, has totally destroyed the hydrangea patch because it’s his sleeping spot, and has really perked up. He’s enjoying Spring!

Gibs 19-002
Gibs 19-002
Gibs 19-002

Friday, March 15, 2019

Gibs has been hanging in there, although the lymphoma is progressing. The prednisone helps a bit but his lymph nodes are growing and he’s a bit tired, but he’s still hanging in there!

We went to get his meds at the vet her other day and he couldn’t have been more thrilled, or charming. He got all kinds of pets and attention while he was there, loved being told what a handsome gent he was, and then came home and crashed.

Foster Mom has been swamped with work, so any extra attention is appreciated. He loves the snow and is perfectly happy to find a big snow bank and just plop and hang out there until he has to go inside. He’s a sweet boy.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Gibbs is hanging in there, having good days and some not-so-good days. On his good days he's spunky, wags his tail, plays with toys, and destuffs other toys. On not-so-great days he's lethargic, kind of crabby, and barks.

We adjusted his steroids this week and he seems to be doing better. I also started him on CBD oil, which the doc says is helpful for cancer pain. He loves the snow, and often comes back in the house with his face full of it—he goes out and sticks his head in a pile of snow and comes back wagging his tail.

Gibbs 19-002

When he first came here, it didn't seem like he could do the stairs. The first few nights, he slept downstairs. Then he started sleeping right at the base of the stairs. Then one morning, I heard his tags jingling and wondered what he was doing. When I came to investigate, he was making his way up the stairs to join the pack!

Now he usually comes up with us at night and sleeps with the rest of the gang upstairs. It's a struggle for him on some of the stairs, but he's a determined guy! He loves getting pets—he comes and stands next to the bed each morning, wanting to get some morning pets.

He spends most of his day sleeping, looking for where the next meal is coming from, and romping in the snow.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Gibs has adjusted to his new life really well. He's such a majestic guy! He's tall, and long, and 122 lbs! And he's super sweet. He seems to like the snow and will pick a spot in the yard and just lay there, and eat whatever snow he can find.

He's on prednisone to slow his lymphoma, and gabapentin to help with his rickety hips, but he seems to be doing pretty darn good so far! The residents try to engage him in some rough-housing once in a while, but he's too distinguished for that. He does pick up his toys and give them a toss once in a while, and loves destuffing any toys he can, but spends most of his time snoozing.

After the first few days here (when he spent the night on his dog bed), he's begun camping out at the foot of the stairs when the rest of us head up to bed. He can't make it up the stairs, but it's so sweet that it seems like he wants to. So he sleeps right at the bottom of the stairs, and when we get up in the morning, he's right there waiting for us.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Gibs went to the oncologist today and his diagnosis of lymphoma was confirmed. She guessed he is about stage 3. Given all the factors of his situation, we have opted not to do chemo with him, but to do the best to keep him comfortable and happy as long as possible. He started on prednisone which will temporarily slow down the lymphoma's progress. The vet estimated he may have a month or two. 

So, he will be enjoying hospice life at the Golden Palace with his two frisky pals, Dodger and Ozzie, and the feline mayor. He's still in good spirits. He's not terribly active, even now, but, man, when he got to the vet office, his tail was wagging and he was checking out all the ladies!

He likes this bit of snow that we've gotten, and he's enjoying his toys and the elk antlers and sprawling in the middle of the living room floor on his giant bed. His hips are too rickety for him to make it up the stairs at night when we head to bed, but it has been so sweet the past two mornings to find him sleeping right at the foot of the stairs.

He clearly wants to come up with the rest of the pack, but just can't manage those stairs. We're gonna try and give this guy the best we can for as long as he's with us. He's had a good life, and he's such a sweet boy!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Gibs is a 10-year-old guy whose owner passed away about two weeks ago. She doted on him and he was well taken care of. He came into RAGOM this past week.

He has some health issues that we are figuring out now. He's had two knee surgeries so he's a bit rickety. He's HUGE! He's tall and long and weighs 122 pounds! He doesn't move around much but is a happy guy and very sweet.

The sad news is that we discovered yesterday that he has lymphoma. We're trying to figure out how to handle that right now, so he's currently not available for adoption. He had a chest X-ray today that didn't show any tumors, but he'll have an ultrasound to give us more info.

Gibs is just the sweetest guy ever, and he totally charmed everyone at the vet office.

Gibs 19-002