Grizzly Bear


At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 10 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 85.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


June 28, 2012

Hi Guys.  I'm Grizzly Bear and I am ready to find my forever family.  My silly ole FM called me Bear, but can't figure out why she didn't know Bear is my middle name and everybody calls me Grizz.  I had to tell her if she wants my attention Grizz is what it is!  Now I am just waiting for my forever last name.

I am seven and a half years old, weigh 85lbs. which that doctor guy said was just right.  Knew that, a guy has to keep his figure.  I have lived with my other family my whole life and they loved me very much and I miss them, but they had to move clear across the country and they couldn't keep me, so they knew RAGOM would find me a great new family.

I am really starting to like living here with FM and FD and pup Jackson.  I get to roam the yard with FD and ride in the truck all the time and he has already put me to work.  We love the birds and so I have been put on squirrel patrol and even if I do say so myself, I am doing a great job.  Oh, gotta run, one of those pesky guys is climbing up that feeder.  GRIZZ to the RESCUE-----!!!

Grizz has been with us for about 10 days and on the third day we went to a ballgame and it began to rain.  When we got home about a half hour later, Grizz had chewed the wallboard by our basement door.  He was panicking and wanted out.  He came with some anxiety meds for storms which we should have given him.  Grizzly was upset and unsure of everything that had been happening to him.  It rained a few days later when my husband was home and he was just fine.  Guess we will find out what fireworks does in a few days. 

Aside from our basement incident which was not all his fault, Grizz has been the easiest foster we have had.  What a great guy!!  He just likes to hang out with us, has nice manners, walks on the flat collar or harness, gentle and loving to everyone, and totally house-trained. He does bark when someone comes to the door, probably saying come on in.  When he has to go out in the morning, he will lay his head on the bed and stare until you get up.  Grizz has free roam when we are home and the little we are gone he and Jack stay in the basement until we know the anxiety is gone.

Grizz came from a loving family, had all his shots, HW meds and only needed micro-chipped.  The vet did take some x-rays, as he walks somewhat oddly and we could tell his spine was crooked.  Well doc thinks he was born with crooked vertebrae and ribs on his left side that are kind of crunched together, but his hips are perfect and he has learned to adapt and can walk, run and play like any other pupper.  He probably would not be a dog for a jogger but vet said walks are just great.

If you are looking for one handsome guy, a loyal companion and great bud to hang with, look no farther than the big ole teddy bear of a guy called Grizzly Bear!!


Grizz and Jack hangin' with FD

Jack & Grizz hoping for a treat (but such manners!)



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