At A Glance

  • Age: 10 years, 8 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Gulliver is a beautiful boy from Turkey. He was found being housed and kept safe off the streets at a private vet’s office. The vet was not able to keep him and so looked for a rescuer for him. He made the transition from Turkey to our home in Lake Elmo amazingly easily, when you think of all the shocking changes he must have experienced after a very long flight and then another trip from the Chicago airport in a van. He is a beautiful light color; on his “passport,” the color was described as “champagne.” The vet said his color is often called “English cream,” and people import Goldens from England with this popular color.

He has that great Golden personality. He rarely barks, wants to be with the people all the time, and will follow FM (foster mom) from room to room. He comes when called and knows his name. He is playful and happy, although sometimes he looks a little sad. It is unknown what landed him on the streets in Turkey, and we do not know what he went through. He has a few scabs and some scratches on his nose.

Medically, he checked out fine, although he came with some parasites and a cough, and the vet prescribed medication for both. According to the vet, he is a little underweight, and his coat, although beautiful, is dry - the vet suggested adding fish oil to his food. He was negative for tick-borne diseases and heartworm. He is now completely up to date on vaccines, etc. He has been recently neutered.

There are really very few downsides to Gulliver. He and the RD (resident dog) play well together; he rides in the car happily; and he takes food and treats gently. He will sit for a treat. After a very short time, he is now handling the stairs. It took him just a day (it was obvious he had never seen stairs before). He is usually calm and peaceful, but every once in a while, he will get so excited, displaying his happiness with you that he is tempted to jump up and mouth a little. I just say “no” and turn away, sometimes more than one turn, and he stops.

He is housetrained, although we need to pay attention to the way he indicates he needs to go out, which is a little vague. He walks towards the door, but does not bark. He also thinks it is great fun to rearrange items in the house – but does not seem as interested in chewing them. The main idea is the attention he gets when the item is taken away - a little game of chase is the most fun.

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