At A Glance

  • Age: 23 years, 3 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Deceased


1/30/06: Jake and Haley arrived last night and spent about an hour exploring their new yard and greeting their new friend Babe, the Chocolate Lab. They wore themselves out running up and down the fence line barking at each other.

Haley and Jake are siblings, 6 years old. Haley is a beautiful blonde and Jake is a very handsome red. They are very attached to each other, have always been together, and should remain together.

Haley is kind of put out that the cats get to sleep in the bedroom, but we had a talk and she begrudgingly slept in the dining room with Jake last night. I brought Haley into the bedroom today to meet one of the cats and he just sniffed and wanted to get on the bed with her. He wasn't aggressive at all but with one sniff my cat quickly hid under the bed. I'll try Jake and the cats tomorrow.

Haley is the talker and has an opinion on everything. Jake is more laid back and seems to follow Haley's lead. Jake does love his stuffed toys. He walks around the house carrying them while talking/growling and wagging his tail. They are both little wiggle butts.

They are both well behaved and in true Golden fashion, love attention and follow me everywhere. I think they received a little too much attention today (we were out playing in the snow and shoveling the driveway) and they are both out cold laying next to me.

Jake and Haley are on seizure medication and allergy medicine twice a day and take these pills like troopers. It is so easy to give them their pills. Neither Jake nor Haley can be crated. This creates stress on them and will cause a seizure. But with these two, no crate is necessary. They know their boundaries with a baby gate and are not destructive at all.

Jake and Haley were very loved by their owners, which is evident by all the information, supplies, food and toys that came with them. Both are trained to lay on the floor and put their paws up so their paws can be wiped off. They know many commands and walk easily on a leash. No Gentle Leader is necessary, as they are trained to heel.

These two are very special and would like a home that will continue to show them how special they are. They will give you unconditional love and lots of Golden kisses.

Haley Haley

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