Heath 17-091TD


Heath will require a home with no small animals and a fence because he has no recall. He is good with children but has a high energy level and is still learning not to place his mouth on a human.

At a Glance #17-091TD

Golden Retriever Born: April 2015
Male 60 lbs

Status: Adopted

Heath's Well-wishers

Jen E
"Hope you find your forever home soon!"
Marcia B
"Handsome boy!"


Heath will require a home with no small animals and a fence because he has no recall. He is good with children but has a high energy level and is still learning not to place his mouth on a human.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

I am very happy to announce that Heath has found his forever home!

I know he will be well loved and enjoy the company of his brother.

He wanted me to pass along his thanks to all the RAGOM family members who helped him on his journey.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Heath’s nails need a trim and I don’t want him scratching up my keyboard, so I am going to take this one.

I have to admit I’m really torn doing these updates, I want to find Heath a good home…but Koda and I both really enjoy his company. Is he perfect? No, he really isn’t, but he is really a very, very good dog!

Heath’s favorite past time is to lay by the patio door and watch everything outside. Most of the time he is quite content and very quiet, but then he will see a UPS or garbage truck go by and it is bark, bark, bark. Once it’s gone, he is quiet again.

Heath will wait for me to get up in the morning now and will even wait till I start coming down the steps, but since he knows he’s about to be let outside, he will bark and bounce pretty much until I have my hand on the door handle. If I do sleep in late he will give a couple of barks to see if I will get up, but will go back to waiting for me to get up.

Heath is definitely a lover and he likes his pets, and if I’m petting one I better be prepared to pet the other. When he first came to me he only wanted certain parts of his body touched, especially not his paws. He trusts me enough that I can touch him anywhere with no reaction. I wouldn’t let anyone else do that until he develops that trust with them.

I have noticed he is much more likely to request attention from strangers (neighbors and neighbors friends) when I go talk to them, however he can still occasionally be a bit stand-offish and I never allow anyone to approach him; he must engage them.

He does seem to get tense around noisy, screaming or running kids, especially if they are carrying something like a hockey stick. He for the most part ignores other dogs on our walks and will only engage if Koda does, and even then he seems to get upset with Koda for paying attention to another dog.

Heath is not a fan of noisy vehicles and will lunge at them unless I get his attention first and talk to him and ask him to stay calm; holding a treat out works really well. He was doing really well, but someone drove at us one day (dang kids) and he will need work again.

While I still recommend a physical fence, his recall is actually quite good at this point, and even when he isn’t listening all I have to do is clink the biscuit jar and he will come flying back in. Of course, I have to reward him with something even if it’s not a biscuit.

In case you have gathered from his notes, he is allowed on furniture. Though he rarely gets up on the couch or chairs, he likes his mat by the door. He does sleep with me. Initially he liked to be in the bed but not being touched other than the head; now I can lay my arm anywhere and he is happy…unless he is too warm of course.

I probably should work on asking him to go in his kennel more when we're home. We really only use it when we are visiting family and he gets uncomfortable. He and Koda both have free roam of the house when I’m gone. If I check in on him with the camera, he is on the floor by the patio door or sometimes laying at the base of the stairs staring at the camera waiting for me to launch a treat.

I think a big help for Heath has been our activity level. We do walk a lot, over 2.5 miles in the morning and another 3 to 3.5 miles at night. Okay, tonight trudging through all the snow it was just over 2. I also let the boys out to play as much as I can; they do like their wrestling, much more so if I partake as well.

While I think Heath could be an only dog, I know he likes company. However, I think it will need to be a confident but patient dog; he can try even Koda’s patience sometimes, but Koda tells him off and he calms down immediately.

I think a quieter household would still be best for him. If you like to walk or run and need a loving companion, Heath is a great option.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wow where did February go?

We have really been enjoying our time together! I’m really enjoying the warmer weather so that I can see and smell grass again. Daylight too, the human keeps up a bit better pace when he can see where he’s going. I still love walking directly in front of him and stopping, it’s funny to watch him dance around me. I’ve been taking it easy on the human when I see critters. Hey, I still get excited, but don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not worth the effort of trying to drag him along to chase. So while I may lunge at them I don’t try to chase anymore.

We are seeing a lot more cousins taking their humans out for walks now that it is warming up. I just don’t know how my cousins deal with those little humans. They are so noisy and all over the place, they make me uncomfortable. On the plus side, my human knows this and tries to keep us away from them as much as possible. Noisy cars kind of annoy me too, again I’m lucky that the human carries treats and will distract me with one or two of them if he thinks I need it.

Back at home I’ve also figured out the master of the house (Koda) and the human's greeting routine when the human comes home, and they let me participate in the love fest. I like the big bed the human has, too. It was nice on the cold nights to snuggle up to him. He seemed to sleep much better when I kept his legs warm. Granted now that it’s getting warmer I sleep on the other side of the bed, but he still feels the need to reach out and scratch my head…I don’t mind so much.

We went to the vet today, and they poked and prodded me. This is just not right! However the human was quite happy with my behavior, and the vet said I look good and gave me a rating of 5 out of 9 (which they say is really good)…please, good? I look GREAT, and 5? I know I’m at least a 9.9! At any rate I am up to date on my shots and good to go!

Anyway, if you think you can keep up with me, I like my exercise every day, rain or shine. I love extra playtime too; regular treats are a must. Seriously, keep the little humans away from me. If they are around from time to time, it is best for me to be able to relax in my crate in a quiet place away from their ruckus - kind of like my own man, or rather, "dog cave"! The current human is kind of a hermit. While I kind of like that, I could stand another human to give me some love. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hello again, it has been a while since the human has let me use the computer. If he doesn’t want the keys scratched up, he should be better about trimming my nails, though it does make it easer to hit the right keys.

Admittedly not much has happened this month. We have settled into a very comfortable routine. I know the human will eventually get up and let us outside, then take us for our walk and finally feed us. I no longer wake up the human at 4:30, actually I am quite content to just lay beside him in bed until he gets up. He’s a pretty decent snuggler and will often pet me while we're still both just lying there.

The walks have been a bit odd lately. The human complains that the city was slow to plow the walking paths, so instead of trudging through our normal paths he has been traipsing about the city streets. Granted, I enjoy getting to smell and mark all the different locations, but was quite happy to get back on our traditional morning and evening walk routes.

I managed to get away from him Friday evening. He slipped on the slush and started to fall. At the same time, I took off and the leash popped right off his arm, but he did ask nicely so I came right back to him.

The other day the resident, the human and I were playing outside. I tried to wrestle the human down by grabbing his vest. I don’t think he liked me playing that rough. I admit, I like this human and trust him quite a bit, but he does push his boundaries. He picked me up, which I didn’t much care for, but like I said I like this big ape. Initially I gave him the cold shoulder and looked away from him thinking he was mad, but he just hugged me, rubbed my back and told me he loves me, so I gave him a lick.

It’s kind of amazing what we are willing to put up with from the ones we care about…granted, not so much with strangers, but once you gain my trust I am one lovey dovey dog!
Be sure to put your application in for me, the sooner we get together the sooner I can start showing you the love!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Well, what can I say?  This has been quite a year for me.  First, I was rescued off the streets of Turkey and I was flown halfway around the world where I met even more wonderful people.  They have taken me into their homes and fed me and cared for me, loved me - yes, 2017 has been a much better year for me!  Thank you to all who have helped me and my cousins on the path to the Golden Life!!

Resident Koda and I have been taking the human for walks everyday morning and night.  Lately, with it being so cold, the human has been putting some goop on our paws and making us wear human fur.  He calls it a jacket.  I’m not real excited about either but I humor the human, and it’s no so bad because I get some extra snuggles when he is getting us ready to go outside.

We went out to visit the human’s pack for Christmas.  I did really well according to the human, but he did have to put me in my safe place a couple of times when there were just too many of them around…I get a little tense with that much commotion and noise, but when there were fewer around I got in some really good snuggles.

Human has also been happy that I have been much more reserved in my chat lately; I don’t force him to get up, I know he will get up and that we will get walked and fed and etc… still a recurring theme with me is the critters; I like to warn them off our property!

Since we actually got to walk during daylight hours for once, the human brought his camera and has a video that shows me on a walk.  I’m pretty good with the requests, though once again the critters are still a bit of distraction for me.


I love long walks, especially if you let me stop and sniff!  I really like playing fetch.  I like laying in the sun by the patio door....I’m guarding the back yard of course.  I’m a great snuggler and bed warmer, though this human will groan sometimes when I climb on top of him.  If you’re looking for these qualities in a master…I mean dog, then I’m your boy!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks.  The Master of the house, myself and the human have settled into a nice routine. 

We get up in the morning, granted I would like to get going a bit earlier, but trust me the human needs his beauty sleep!  The human snuggles with Koda for a bit.  I’ve been joining in just to show my appreciation for everything, then we go downstairs and the human lets us in the backyard to check for critters!  After we make sure the yard is secure we go for a walk, about 2.5 miles, then we come home and eat.  After that the human leaves us to lounge and watch TV.  Kind of wish he would get cable so we could watch Animal Planet.  When he comes back we all celebrate and hug each other, we do another yard patrol, then eat again, then go for a bit longer walk, ~3.5 miles.

The other day I ate too fast, then wrestled with the human...yep supper came back up, but the human was great about it, didn’t get upset, said it was his fault and cleaned it up. I think this guy really loves me!  I am really loving this “pet” life!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hello again!  Heath here again, just thought I should tell you about my week. The human has continued to allow me free roam of the house while he is gone.  

Koda and I continue to have more fun playing with each other and his human. The human has been playing like he thinks he’s one of us, rolling around on the ground, putting his paws on my head. I’ve learned to trust him and know he won’t hurt me so I’ve been very gentle with him - those humans just are not as tough as us dogs!

I had an exciting weekend! First we went to a Meet and Greet, that was fun!  They had a rabbit in a cage but they wouldn’t let me near him and took him away, but I still had a good time meeting all those nice humans.

Next we went to the RAGOM Holiday Party where I got to see many of the humans who helped me come to this country. So many of my cousins were there, too. It was great!

Did I mention that I’m a lap dog?

While I really enjoy sharing Koda’s human, I really do look forward to having my own people. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Heath, here!  I thought I would give you an update on my current living conditions.

The home owner (Koda) and I have been spending more and more time playing.  I really enjoy his company.  Admittedly, at first Koda was doing most of the initiation of play, but now I am happy to engage him, too.  It is much more fun to play now that I can roam the whole back yard.  His human is a bit surprised that I have not challenged the fence at all.  Granted, I can jump pretty high…but he feeds me well and regularly.  I do still like to hunt and chase the squirrels and rabbits.  I caught the human off guard one day and toppled him like a tree while on our morning walk...caught him mid-step and pulled him into the retaining wall I was walking on.  He says I’m good 99% of the time, but I can be a stinker if I want to be.

Koda also told the human to start giving me more free-roam time with him.  I really enjoy not being crated up all the time and it’s nice to stretch out on the couch!  I even got a half day by myself when Koda was at something called daycare! 

I’ve gotten more used to this human, too, and don’t need to tell him very often what I’m looking for, which is good because we both used to get exasperated with each other when I had to keep talking to him.  He even barked at me a couple of times, so now I just give him gentle reminders when I need to go outside or just want some loving.

Last week we went to a Meet and Greet down in Rochester and I got to visit with a bunch of my cousins and met some really nice humans, too.  I had a really good time!

Koda’s human thinks there is a family who is going to be very lucky to be owned by me.  I enjoy it here, but I really would like to have my own people!

Monday, November 13, 2017

We really haven’t had any outside dog interactions up until now, but have had some really good experiences in the last couple of days. Last night when we got back from our walk, the neighbor's small dog came at Heath and he just ignored him.  Saturday we came out to visit my Dad for his birthday / Veteran’s day - it was a long car ride (about 3 hours) and he did great, by the way. At my Dad’s house he met two more dogs and did very well with both of them. 

We have been working with a long leash on the “come” command and he is doing much better.  

Really enjoying this little guy!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Heath has moved to Rosemount now and is adjusting quite nicely.  He is living with his Foster Human’s resident Golden and they get along very well.  Admittedly, they both tested one another but both let the other know when they were pushing things a bit too far and each walked away with no more than a couple of “air snaps”.  I think he would be okay as an only dog, but having another confident dog with him is good, too.

Heath has been enjoying long walks both morning and night.  He is a phenomenal walker with the Gentle Leader on, and still really good without it.  He doesn’t react when other dogs are walking nearby or are barking at him from a yard.  He gets excited when he sees a critter like a rabbit or squirrel, but so far hasn’t attempted to chase them.  He is very content to walk on the path, but he loves to walk near the tall grass so he can sniff and hunt, and you can see how much it engages his mind. 

Heath is definitely a snuggler and likes to be close to his humans and loves getting attention.

Overall, this is one fantastic little guy!  The biggest negative I’ve seen from him is what some would call humping.  I think he is dancing, since he tends to bounce from back leg to back leg when he is really happy, like after a walk.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Heath had his first outing to PetCo this week.  As you can see, he was able to control himself and behaved extremely well.  Heath enjoys staying in one place until being told he can break his stay.  Heath was rewarded with a new toy to play with in his kennel while FM is working.  Once he got home he had to tell his buddy Oz all about this new "coming to America" outing.  He had never seen the inside of a pet store before.  Heath says this is a great place to visit. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Heath has been a very busy boy and has moved to Minneapolis.  Being a city dog has taken a little adjustment.  However, Heath is really starting to enjoy the concept of the "pet life."  Heath is very happy to go on walks.  He walks like a well trained dog using a Gentle Leader.  In the beginning he wanted to run after every squirrel he saw.  He is learning that walks are for exercise, not for hunting.  Most things on walks do not bother Heath.  He ignores other dogs and people.  Fast moving bicycles and skateboards scare him.  We are training him to move away from distractions rather than lunging towards them.  He is smart and has begun to do this himself, even without the signal. 

Heath's perfect home will have a privacy fence at least 6 feet high with a wire around the bottom to keep him from digging out.  His yard will have some bushes and trees.  He loves his bushes and critters in the trees will entertain him, as well as the people who watch him.

Heath would really excel at "nose work" or tracking."  His people would have fun with him if they took him to training for this kind of activity.  Heath is extremely affectionate and can be quite a funny, silly boy.  He enjoys being touched and will lay his head in your lap for more.  Heath will do best in a home where his family has had some experience with previous dogs.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We would like to introduce you all to Heath.  Mr. Heath came to us from Turkey and has required some extra time to get acclimated to his new surroundings.  After several months with his foster family, he is now feeling more comfortable being close to everyone.

Heath is a 2-3 year old cream colored Golden with the cutest tan colored ears; because he was found living on the street we don’t know his exact age.  We do know he is neutered, in great health and weighs around 60 lbs.  Mr. Heath is not a very tall boy and he loves to eat, so he will need someone willing to help him keep his weight under control.  If it were up to Heath, he would love a family that likes to run.  Unfortunately for his foster parents, we found that out the hard way.  Even though we have a fenced yard, our sweet boy Heath decided it was OK to work on the gate until he was able to get it open; needless to say, the chase was on.  We are fortunate to live in a small town and our neighbors are willing to lend a helping hand, even without being asked.  Heath is a very fast runner and thinks everything is a game, including chasing the neighborhood cats up a tree.  Heath has a very high prey drive and will jump, chase and eat anything that comes within striking distance so a home without small animals will be necessary.  

Anyone interested in making Heath a part of their family will need to take extra precautions to make sure Heath cannot escape.  Foster dad has gone around the entire chain link fence and secured it to the ground using 2 foot spikes; all doors and gates are locked at all times unless someone is holding Heath’s collar or he’s on a leash; all visitors come in through the attached garage and the garage door is locked before the house door is opened.  Sounds like a lot of precautions, right?  It probably is, but Heath has zero recall and no fear of moving traffic.  I guess that’s what happens after living on busy streets.  Heath would not be a candidate for an invisible fence.  Initially, Heath did not appreciate being touched near his backend, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.  In fact, he really loves to be brushed and will sit quietly for as long as I’m willing to brush him.

Heath has a very funny personality and he loves to voice his opinion.  If he wants to go outside, he will bark to let us know.  If he wants to eat, he will bark to let us know.  If he sees any small animals, he will bark to let us know.  If he sees a car or truck or scooter going by, he will bark to let us know … get the idea?  Heath is having to learn it’s not necessary to bark at us or give his opinion all the time.  It’s taking practice on Heath’s part and a great deal of patience for his foster parents.  

We can say he is a very smart little boy.  He has learned our routine very well and has really become part of the pack.  When he first arrived, you could tell he was apprehensive of the rules and how he was supposed to behave.  So to lessen the stress we allowed Heath to eat and drink in a separate room, sleep in the living room in a kennel at night and restricted his access to a majority of the house.  Now that he is more comfortable he eats in the laundry room with the resident dogs, sleeps in our bedroom without the kennel and has free roam of the house (while we’re home).  We have not allowed Heath free roam when we leave for work and he honestly doesn’t seem to care.  It will take more time for Heath to earn his way to total free roam.  Until then, we have a regular routine in the morning just for Heath and foster mom.  Heath will follow me into the laundry room and I get two treats … one he gets when he goes in his kennel and one after he sits and I say good-bye.  

We have even done some babysitting, which resulted in 5 dogs running around the house.  Heath loved the extra company, especially because one dog guest was the same age and energy level, so he got to play non-stop for a whole week.  It took a few nips for Heath to understand humping was not an acceptable way to play.  By day three, all dogs were sitting for treats like they had lived together forever.


Heath has a very special toy football that he loves to squeak.  He considers it his full time job to drive foster mom crazy with the squeaking ☺, but he’s so darn cute.


We once had a large basket full of stuffed toys, until Heath destroyed, mangled or tried to eat the majority of them.  He is now restricted to hard bones and rubber toys.  

There is not a soft toy, blanket or soft bed Heath does not think he should put an end to.

All in all, Heath is a wonderful boy.  He will require a family willing to give him extra time to adjust and who is willing to provide him with lots of exercise and training.

If you have already filled out an “Inquiry for Application” form, please send an email to applicationatragom [dot] org with the dog’s name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you’d be a good match.