Huckleberry 17-192TD


Huckleberry was found in the forest of Turkey suffering mange and in poor condition with cornea scarring in one eye. He is a small male Golden who was shaved and his hair is still growing back. Huckleberry is small, but can keep up with larger dogs in playing. He walks well with a collar and leash.

At a Glance #17-192TD

Golden Retriever Born: September 2016
Male 42 lbs

Status: Adopted


Huckleberry was found in the forest of Turkey suffering mange and in poor condition with cornea scarring in one eye. He is a small male Golden who was shaved and his hair is still growing back. Huckleberry is small, but can keep up with larger dogs in playing. He walks well with a collar and leash.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Today Huckleberry is a very happy dog. He is now on his way to his forever home. No more waiting and he has a nice family to spend the rest of his life giving and receiving love, and being protected from any harm. He has the Golden life now.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Huckleberry has come a long way since he arrived in Olivia. He is now potty trained. I think he was just not used to holding it and partly because he was a young dog. He has taken some time but he has matured into a loving Golden.

His coat and tail feathers have grown back since he was shaved for having mange in Turkey.

He also is getting along with other male dogs. I am including a picture of all the dogs together in the back yard. All the dogs in the picture are males. Huckleberry is on the left and the dog he most likes to play with is on the right. His first playmate was a female, but she has been adopted. He has finally initiated play with a male dog and has fun running in the back yard.

Huckleberry loves people and loves to cuddle in the lounge chair with me while watching TV. He also likes his petting before going to sleep with me on the bed at night. He likes the couch or kennel to nap in on occasion.

I can cut his nails and trim his feet without any trouble. Muddy feet no problem, just dip in a pan of water and wipe off without a problem. He also goes in the shower downstairs nicely when he needs a bath.

He still walks well with a harness and enjoys car rides and will sit politely in the front passenger seat. He will even nap on the seat and when it's cold out - he likes the seat warmer.

He does like to check out the kitchen counter once in awhile, but everything is back away from the edge, so he only looks. He will get down when told and no problems with getting in the garbage. He takes treats nicely and is very happy when you come with his food dish. No resource guarding with other dogs or humans.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Huckleberry's potty training is much better. He is on a schedule to go outside during the day and it is working very well. 

His playmate was adopted over Christmas, so he misses her and playing with another dog. Surprisingly, he has become more clingy with her gone. He enjoyed his ride to go shopping yesterday after being inside with all cold weather. He rides very nicely in the passenger seat. However, he needs to be clipped in, as when you get out, he will hop in your seat and doesn't want to go back to his seat unless you pick him up.

Huckleberry will counter-surf if there is food in reach, but has never gone in the garbage. He loves to be brushed and petted. He would do okay as a single dog home.

Huckleberry has good recall, especially when it is feeding time. He is a good eater and likes his treats and is learning to shake. He is still looking forward to finding his forever home. If interested, please contact placement at RAGOM.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Huckleberry is still adjusting to life in America after coming from Turkey. He is wanting more and more attention from humans. He loves pets and is small enough to get in your lap for some loving.

Huck has also decided he would like to play ball once in a while, and even brings it back to you if another dog doesn't distract him. His favorite playmate at this time is a female dog named Allie. They play well together and look alike. I have included some pictures of them playing tug with a toy in the house. Allie is on the left and Huck on the right.

Here's one of him on the couch relaxing.

I also found out that Huckleberry likes to chew paper towels and Kleenex if he can get them, even off the counter.

His potty training is getting better if he is let out every 2 hours during the day. He is fine at night and holds it till morning, if you let him out before eating. He also needs to be let out after eating to finish, if needed, and get in a little play time. If he plays too long and gets overheated, he will drink a lot of water and need to be let out again sooner than two hours.

He is okay with being kenneled or baby gated. He doesn't like to be left alone and can sneak out of the wire kennel by pushing on the door and squeezing through the small opening. He usually stays in a plastic kennel with a stronger door and is okay.

Huckleberry is very vigilant as to what is going on around him. My computer monitor came on at 2:30AM and he let me know by growling and barking that something different was going on. I'll have to remember to turn it off instead of keeping it in sleep mode.

Huckleberry likes to go for rides and is quick to jump into the vehicle.

If you are interested in Huckelberry, please notify Placement. Keep watching for more updates and enjoy his pictures.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Huck has had a few applicants check him out. One turned him down due to his male dog reactivity and the other is just being contacted. So keep watching in case the applicant isn't a good fit for him, as we want the best for him. 

Huckleberry is having a hard time with the potty training. Three accidents this last week. I noticed he is like a small child who will play outside instead of going potty and wait until he's in the house. We tried treats and praise, but have realized we can't leave him off leash or with free roam when he's been good for a few days. He will go back to the old habit. He usually did it on the dog bed in living room, so I picked it up. He then decided the couch would work and I'm glad we caught that right away. We are now using the kennel inside and the leash outside. I noticed if other dogs are outside he doesn't want to go when on leash sometimes. I let the other dogs inside and take him out alone off the leash and then he decides to go. I will continue these steps for now until we get at least three to four weeks without error and then see if we can let him have free roam again.

I still haven't gotten a picture of his spins as it's hard to get when feeding him and the other dogs at the same time. I'll keep trying. I am sending one of him sleeping in my lap in the chair and one with his friends on the couch. He may be small, but he can keep up with the bigger dogs.

I also changed his summary to "not child tested" so everyone is aware. I don't have children in the home or contact with any. I also found out Huck will take things off the kitchen counter. He chews up tissue or will even steal a dish rag from the counter to play with as a toy.

Huck does love attention, and sleeps in the bed. He likes to lay next to you. He loves to wrestle and play tug with toys with other dogs. 

If you are interested, you can contact placement and they will keep you posted if he is checked out.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Huckleberry is adjusting to new life in America. I call him Huck for short and he responds to this name. He's had only one indoor accident in 2 weeks. He has to be watched when he eats and drinks, with a few more potty breaks for now. I guess when wild, you can go when you want and wherever you want. He is finding it hard to get a schedule and learn he can't use the rug or dog beds for potty breaks.

Huckleberry likes playing with Allie and when resting while I use the computer, he likes my unmade bed to nap.

Male dogs are not his first choice for a playmate. I introduced him to one and it took a couple days for him to understand he didn't have to be unfriendly to this dog to be safe. I kept him on leash and praised him when his behavior was good and redirected other behaviors. It took a couple days before he decided the other dog was okay and let off leash, but he still stayed away from him. When the other dog came close he raised his lip and I just said "Huck you're okay", petted and redirected him and it only took another day before that stopped. The new dog now is getting to know Huckleberry and it's fun to play ball and bring it back. Huckelberry picked it up right away and did this for about 15 minutes today. Yeah Huck!

Huckleberry is okay to be kenneled at night or when given treats and food. Huck does a dance when it's time to eat. He will turn circles and then look to see if you are coming and does this all the way to the kennel sometimes. I will try to get a picture of this for his next update.

We also discovered he likes to jump up to get noticed, so we are also working on that. I think this is because he is a smaller dog; jumping when standing between two bigger dogs gets him treats more quickly!

He also likes to jump up in my chair by the TV before I get there. At first, he had to be told "off" and assisted to get down. Now he jumps off when I get there. It's not wide enough for the both of us at once. When Huckleberry doesn't know what you want him to do-I think a language barrier (or stubborn!)-he will just lay there until you move him. 

Keep watching for more updates and progress on Huckleberry.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fans of Tom Sawyer, meet one of America's new additions from Turkey! Huckleberry was found running in the woods in Turkey, with mange and in poor condition. He was shaved due to mange and his hair is still growing back, so he may get longer hair and a filled out tail. He does have cornea scarring in one eye. His sight is not affected by this and it is not painful to him. Huckleberry is neutered and weighs only 42 pounds. He is about the size of a Cocker Spaniel and his weight is about right. 

Huckleberry will sleep on the couch, in your bed, or sometimes crawl up in the chair. His favorite pastimes are chasing, playing and playing tug with my other foster, a large Golden Retriever.

He was used to being outside, so has had some accidents in the house. He is learning his American name and "sit". I found out he also comes by whistling once in a while. He likes to take toys and place them in the kennel with him.

I feed him separately, as he lets other dogs take and eat his food. He may jump up when treats are involved to get his first. There has been no counter surfing or getting into the garbage can.

Huckleberry loves to be petted and get attention. He walks very nicely with a leash and flat collar and rides well in the car on the front seat floor with a rug.

Huckleberry is ready to meet his forever family and continue discovering the joys of being a RAGOM dog. Keep watching for updates.