At A Glance

  • Age: 18 years, 1 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


10/14/05: We picked up Jasper this morning from ?grandma?. Grandma took in Jasper when her daughter had an abrupt move and could no longer care for him. Grandma and Grandpa soon learned that Jasper needed much more attention than they were able to give him. Don?t get me wrong--?they loved and cared for him deeply and it shows!! He?s a fabulous, warm-hearted dog! He is 17 months old and adjusting very well to my home. I have one Golden who is 8 and my boyfriend's dog is here, too---and all 3 are getting along great! Not even a growl from anyone!

Jasper loves being outside. He has never had run of a house. The previous owner kept him in a dog kennel outside; his original ?purpose? was to be an outside dog and for hunting. I don?t know about the hunting part, but he loves the outdoors. My yard is fenced and he loves it. So far he?s only lifted his leg once in my house, but it was on a plant on my floor, so I?ll give him the benefit of the doubt :) Housetraining will probably be the biggest challenge for him, but I see him catching on very quickly. It will be interesting to see how he sleeps tonight. He has never been in a crate before, so I will introduce that to him later. My other dogs are not in crates, but we used them when they were younger. We?ll have to see how Jasper does.

He is very good-looking! He?s got the cutest little face! He?s got to be the smallest Golden I?ve ever seen?he can?t weigh much more than 50 lbs. The previous owner said he was the runt of the litter. He seems to think he?s a lap dog---when my teenagers sit around on the couch, he wants to sit on their laps?he just rolls over and wants to be petted!

I will be taking him to the vet on Monday to have him checked out; I know he needs to be neutered and micro chipped and I?m not sure about shots. The previous owners could not find the vet records, so I will be doing an internet search to see if I can track them down.

My first impression is that Jasper will be a fabulous addition to someone?s family!! I don?t think I?ll have this guy in foster very long?..

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