At A Glance

  • Age: 18 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


You are a beautiful girl! From Ann

Jazz has been with us for 2 weeks today, and while we've been getting to know her she has wormed her way into our hearts. By far she has been the easiest foster we've ever had...a beauty & a sweetie, what a great combo!!

Jazzie is an 8 year female purebred golden retriever that was surrendered due to financial concerns regarding her recurrent ear infections & recurrent ear hematomas. She rode in the car like a trooper, walked into our house & made herself right at home. She was new to cats, but met them without any problems. In fact she really likes the cats, & occasionally chases them trying to play... when they stop running she just stands there looking at them waiting politely for the chase to begin again. She also met our 4 goldens, 2 males & 2 females, without any problems & gets along great with our 3 kids, ages 9, 15 & 18. Jazz weighs in at 70 pounds & could lose at least 10 of that, she is a little on the short side & has a healthy appetite, waiting nicely for her food, no counter surfing or begging at all.

Off we went to the vet this week, so now Jazz is up to date on her vaccines, microchipped as well. As far as her ears go she had the stitches taken out from her most recent hematoma, & has a minor ear infection. After a long discussion it was decided to start Jazzie on a grain free diet & start prednisone, in addition to frequent ear cleanings & ear drops.  According to the vet when dogs have chronic ear issues it typically is related to allergies of some sort, either environmental or diet related, with diet being the most common culprit.  While the prednisone gets the swelling down, we will also be doing an 8 week diet trial, where Jazzie won't be allowed to eat anything other than her dog food (grain free)...no treats, no snacks & no rawhides. If her ears improve then we will know it was diet allergies, & if not then it is most likely environmental & thus Jazzie will need to stay on the prednisone probably for life (the vet says it runs about $10 per month). Her other health issue is that she unfortunately tested positive for lymes disease & anaplasmosis, both tick borne diseases. Since she tested strongly positive for both she will be antibiotics for the next 2 weeks & then will need to be followed closely. Most dogs do well but can have flare ups of pain, usually aching in the joints, & may need to be treated again with antibiotics & pain control. It was suggested that she be retested in a year & while she will always test positive hopefully it won't be as strongly. Keep your paws crossed for this wonderful girl that she feels better soon.

Jazz walks very nicely on the leash, is completely potty trained, & is very quiet in general. She loves the water, & also loves to play, especially fetch. She loves to chase the ball & will usually bring it back for more, although she doesn't always give it up easily! She is such a pleasure to have around & can be quite a snuggle bug too. She also listens very well. She knows her name and comes happily when she is off the lead. She is a true pleaser. She likes to be near people and a part of the action.

If you are interested in this sweetheart contact your placement advisor. I can guarantee Jazz will steal your heart before you know it!

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