JingJing 20-113C

JingJing 20-113CJingJing 20-113C


JingJing came to RAGOM from China through our international outreach. He is healthy but has some muscle loss in his hindquarters, so he needs limited steps. JingJing loves attention and walks well on leash. He has shown a tendency to resource guard toys and food, so children in the home should be age 13+. JingJing can live with other gentle dogs and has been fine with cats he has met. He requires a physical fence. JingJing will thrive in a mature home where he gets lots of love.

At a Glance #20-113C

Golden Retriever 9 years old
Male 86 lbs

Available as of September 29, 2020
Fostered in DeWitt, IA

Status: Closed to Applications
Adoption fee: $600

Children ages 13+
Can live with other dogs
Can live with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Low energy
Children ages 13+
Can live with other dogs
Can live with cats
Physical fence required (no invisible fence)
Low energy


JingJing came to RAGOM from China through our international outreach. He is healthy but has some muscle loss in his hindquarters, so he needs limited steps. JingJing loves attention and walks well on leash. He has shown a tendency to resource guard toys and food, so children in the home should be age 13+. JingJing can live with other gentle dogs and has been fine with cats he has met. He requires a physical fence. JingJing will thrive in a mature home where he gets lots of love.


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

JingJing had to change foster homes 2 weeks ago because the previous foster is moving out of the area and could not continue fostering him. When I went to pick him up, he greeted me at the door and was immediately friendly and very loving, no shyness or bashfulness. I introduced my golden to him and he had no problem with introduction and they started running around the house playing almost immediately.

He rides really well in a vehicle and he is eager to get “on board”, but needs help lifting his back end into the vehicle. When exiting the vehicle, he needs assistance as he cannot jump down from the seat or back end of a vehicle. I raise the seat so he can walk out from the floor of the vehicle.

The only “resource guarding” I encountered was in the first 36 hours and it was with toys on his pillow. When he was on his pillow with the toy and I reached in to pet him he growled and snapped.

By the 3rd day all I had to do to get a toy off his bed is coax him off the bed, walk over and pick up the toy. Even when he is watching me, he does not react. When he was anywhere else with a toy, I could trade him a treat for the toy without any issues.

I have not seen any “resource guarding” with his food. I have stood close to him while eating and rubbed his back with no reaction. Also, my golden tends to stand fairly close to him while he finishes eating and he has not displayed any issues with her.

JingJing went to the vet when he came to my home. This vet looked at his previous lab work and wanted to follow up on a few things. Originally JingJing had shown some signs of being anemic. This blood test showed that his red blood cell count is normal.

Vet attributes this to being on a good diet the last couple months. His kidney values looked good also and once again the vet attributed this to a good diet of prescription food. He doesn’t feel kidney disease is an issue and potentially may be able to take JingJing off the prescription food.

The vet did notice low protein level so he is doing a few more tests to determine the cause. The vet noticed both of his ears have an infection and we are working on treating those. His eyes look good and have only a slight amount of clear discharge. This has lessened considerably the last 2 weeks.

JingJing is a very much a gentleman. He likes to be by you and will follow you around or lay by you. When people come to the house, he greets them enthusiastically but gently.

He is learning “wait” and being released before he goes through a doorway or coming out of his crate. He crates very well and seems comfortable.  I have not found a part of his body that he is uncomfortable with being touched.

He takes a bath very well and stands still for the blow dryer. I brush him in the backyard and he stands still like he is on a grooming table. While treating his ear infections, he comes over and lets me flush, swab and medicate them without moving.

JingJing does sleep on his pillow by the bed through the night without any problems. He is such a sweet boy

His home is going to need to have minimal stairs for him to navigate. He goes up and down the 2 stairs here fine, but more than that consistently will be a struggle for him as he has lost some muscle in the rear.

When he is playing and goes down, he does struggle to get up, especially on slick surfaces. Another dog in the home would have to be gentle.

JingJing does play well, but an exuberant play partner would be to much for him. I’ve noticed that he does look to my golden for direction quite often, so another dog to help him navigate his new residence would be beneficial.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

JingJing has been getting a lot more accustomed to life in the United States. He gets very excited when going on walks but behaves very well—no pulling and stays near your side.

We've also seen improvement in his tendency to sneak out of the house. He no longer tries to nudge himself out the door, but instead watches us leave from a distance.

JingJing is completely housebroken now. He sleeps on the floor in our bedroom at night without any accidents. He's also been allowed free roam in the house while we are running errands instead of being put into his kennel—also with no accidents! He is able to hold himself for a much longer period of time compared to when he first came to our house.

JingJing has finished his round of eye medicine prescribed by the vet and seems to be doing better. There is still a small amount of discharge but it doesn't seem to be bothering him (no scratching or rubbing).

He's been placed on renal support dog food as a precaution after the vet saw early signs of kidney disease. The vet will want to see him again in about 4 months to determine if any early signs still persist. 

Overall, he's a very laid-back dog who enjoys going on walks and playing with our resident dog every morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

JingJing was taken to the vet last week to receive the second round of vaccine boosters. This sweet boy is fully vaccinated now!

We've also made big progress on JingJing's potty training—he has been accident free for the past two weeks! And the frequency of him needing to be let out is much lower now. I was able to let him go to the yard every 4 hours or so with no issues.

JingJing 20-113C

We also have been working on his food/toy resource guarding. Compared to when JingJing first came to our home, he now growls much less when being touched while he's playing with toys or eating.

I think his future forever home will have no issues with this behavior once gaining his trust and knowing how to work with his behaviors. JingJing has never had any fights with our resident dog when they were playing with the same toy or eating together.

JingJing and our resident dog have been bonding closer and closer. JingJing will follow her everywhere in the house and in the yard. If we're only giving attention to our resident dog, JingJing will become jealous and ask for petting too.

The way that JingJing begs for attention is to raise his paw and ask you to hold his hand. If you ignore him, he will keep waving his paw until you notice.

Another discovery from last week is that JingJing behaves really well when getting a bath. He just calmly sits in the bathtub and enjoys it.

JingJing 20-113C

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

JingJing is a handsome 8-year-old Golden Retriever boy. He is such a brave boy who flew all the way from China in a cargo plane! JingJing has been in our home for about a week and we have discovered that he is such a loving and sweet boy.

JingJing gets along well with our resident dog (a 7-year-old female Lab), and he loves to play with our neighbors' dogs (small to medium sizes). JingJing also walks really well on the leash with barely any pulling.

JingJing is not completely house trained. He has had several accidents within this first week. However, we found that if let out frequently (every 1-2 hours) he won't have any accidents at home.

Because of this reason, we put JingJing in the crate at night and he will sleep through the whole night without needing a potty break. When let out, he goes up and down the stairs to the yard by himself to go potty with no problem.

JingJing is healthy in general. He weighs about 86 pounds and the vet said it is a healthy weight for him. However, the vet has found that his eyes have some inflammation. He is currently on eye drops for 10 days. If that doesn't clear it up, further checking will be needed for underlying issues.

The vet also found out that he has a slight increase in kidney value indicating signs of early kidney disease. They recommend starting him on a kidney support diet and rechecking his kidney values in 6 months. He is currently on a prescribed kidney care dog food.

JingJing likes to play with stuffed toys, but he is protective of his toys (known as “resource guarding”). When first being touched while he's playing with a toy, he stops and puts his head over the toy. If continued being touched, he starts growling and attempts to bite. JingJing also resource guards his food; his behavior while he's eating is similar to when he is playing with his toys.

JingJing is a flight risk. There were two times this week that he squeezed through the door while we were trying to leave. He then took off and ran away from us with no response to his name being called. Due to this behavior and his resource guarding, children in his forever home should be older (age 13+).

JingJing's energy level is low to medium. He likes playing with toys every day and playing with our resident dogs every other day. When we let him out in the yard, he is generally gentle and will pace around. However, when the neighbors' dogs come out, JingJing would go run with them along the fence with a wagging tail.

Overall, JingJing is a very, very sweet boy who loves attention. He follows us around the house all the time and asks for petting. While I'm working from home, JingJing is always laying by my side in the office. He will be a perfect companion for a family who is more mature and patient to spend time with him.

Closed to Applications: Many families have submitted applications for JingJing or he is working with an applicant for a potential adoption.