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  • Age: 21 years, 8 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


3/23/06: Well here is sweet Josie, momma to be....anytime. She had a long ride from Kansas yesterday, and we are so grateful to all the wonderful volunteers who made it happen. She was supposed to come Monday, then Tuesday, but with the snow storm (in the KC area) it just didn't happen. But she's here now safe and sound, eating like it's her last meal, which I am sure that is how she feels. She was basically starving and you can see and feel her spine, her back side is collapsed in a bit and being pregnant she has a sway back. Last night she ate 1 cup of puppy kibble at 3 different feedings and drank water like she hadn't had any for a very long time :( She also helped herself to my turkey sandwich from the counter when I turned my back....she only got a half :) Today she has eaten easily 6 cups of food and had puppy canned food one time and cottage cheese 2 other times. There is no way to make up for her poor diet and horrible surroundings she was living in, but we are going to do our best to get as much good food as possible into her before her babies come. I bathed her last standards aren't that high, but she wasn't coming to bed smelling the way she did, and I didn't want her to bring her babies into the world being so smelly. I brought her up to bed....she wasn't comfortable on the bed. So I put the leash on and hooked it to the bed rail. A few minutes later I got up to check and see how she was doing. She was doing just fine...had found slipper socks under a bag in a basket and had started to chew through the leash. Finally I took her to the downstairs bathroom and put her in there. It was now close to 2 a.m. and she settled in til 6 a.m. She had peed but that was all.

So our day started early, then off to the vet. We got there and in the office ok and then she just went flat down and wouldn't move. Finally coaxed her into the exam room. Her ears are filthy beyond anything I've seen and the right ear is infected, but Dr. Nancy doesn't want to use anything topical or orally til after the babies are born. Til then we will clean ears everyday...which she isn't fond of. Considering how skinny she is and the poor diet she has had, her teeth are in pretty good shape and she guesses Josie is about 5 years old. We are going back in tomorrow a.m. to have an ultra sound to get the best reading we can on the puppies and her health in general. There is a vet who comes around with his portable machine and lucky for us Friday is his day at Dr. Nancy's.

The really good news is Casey is fine with her. I muzzled Casey and took her out to the garage while Josie was still in the Doggie Mobile. There was a bit of growling and barking, so I put Casey out back. Got Josie out and took her out front to potty. Then when they met up and Casey did her naughty girl growly thing, poor Josie hit the floor. That was all it took for Casey to say " ok, she's good and can stay." No muzzle, no fights etc. I don't leave them alone just to be safe. Tonight Josie is starting to get a little growly around Casey when Casey is barking. I feed her separate from Casey and Reba as she had to fight for food before, and I want her to feel unthreatened and know she can relax and eat. So far so good.

Most puppy mill dogs are very shy and frightened of everything, won't always eat right away, won't look you in the eyes, don't want to potty in front of you...well, the list goes on and on. But Josie is a bit better. She walks on a leash with some coaxing, but of course isn't sure about going in and out of doorways. She does make eye contact, sometimes will come to you when you call and get on the floor with her. Last night she actually came over by me when I was sitting in the kitchen and took turkey from my hand!! She is watching Casey and Reb, following me around, coming and getting some love, taking treats, going in and out to go potty, etc. She met one of the cats on the stairs and just looked at him and walked away. I have also picked up her cue for needing to go out. She will get really antsy and walk back and forth or in circles. I didn't catch it this a.m. and she left me the poop sample I need for the vet, on my bedroom floor :) What a good girl. She spent time in the bathroom today with just a gate across the door.....but she messed with a big one and proceeded to walk thru it, sit in it, put her paws on the sink and counter, and roll the paper and rug thru it :) It took me about 2 seconds in the house to know it had been a bit too long alone and not getting out. But since I've been home again she's fine.

So here we all are waiting for those puppies to come. My husband is out of town and comes home late tomorrow night. I told him we'd wait til he got home :) If only!! Once the babies arrive I will send in pics and we will go from there. Keep your paws crossed for an easy delivery, healthy puppies, but not too many of 'em :)

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