Julie 20-039A

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Julie 20-039AJulie 20-039A


Julie came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder auction. Julie surprised everyone by being pregnant, and she gave birth to eight adorable puppies on April 9. Mama and babies have done very well. Julie will require a home with a confident resident dog who respects Julie's space, and any children in the home must be age 10+. Julie requires a physical fence. Julie's puppies have gone to their families, so now Julie is looking for a loving, patient home where she can blossom.

At a Glance #20-039A

Golden Retriever Born: March 2015
Female 50 lbs

Status: Adopted


Julie came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder auction. Julie surprised everyone by being pregnant, and she gave birth to eight adorable puppies on April 9. Mama and babies have done very well. Julie will require a home with a confident resident dog who respects Julie's space, and any children in the home must be age 10+. Julie requires a physical fence. Julie's puppies have gone to their families, so now Julie is looking for a loving, patient home where she can blossom.


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Julie has found her forever home and has been adopted. She is one of the nicest dogs I have ever fostered. She is so sweet and loving. Her new family will give her the life that she deserves!

Julie 20-039A

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Julie is doing so good! She had her spay surgery today and is resting comfortably.

Julie is now ready to find her forever family.

I will be looking for a family that has a resident dog that is more laid back and not too busy. Julie is good with most dogs but does not like when a dog gets into her face or her space. She will growl at a dog that does that to her. We really want her to be comfortable in her new home and she will need some time and space to adjust to her new surroundings.

Julie will need a fenced in yard to keep her safe and no small children. She does love children!

Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A

Monday, June 8, 2020

Julie is doing great! She has raised her last family and they have all been adopted. She did a wonderful job and was an awesome mom.

She said goodbye to each puppy as they went home to their forever families. She watched me clean up all the puppy pens and put away all the puppy toys. She smelled around and seemed fine with it. Her tail is always wagging and she is always looking at the humans for some love and pets.

Today was a very hot day and we spent most of it inside. After dinner we decided to go for a pontoon ride. This would be Julie's first. 

She tried to climb through the rails so I kept her on a short leash. She did great and really enjoyed it!

We have two resident dogs that also came along. They like to stick their heads through the rails and catch some wind in their fur. Julie watched and followed suit. 

Julie will need a few more weeks before I will mark her available for adoption. I need to see how she is going to act around other dogs now that her family has moved on. I have only known her as a pregnant/momma dog. She has been very protective of herself and her family. She was growling at the other dogs to tell them to stay away. This is very normal behavior for a pregnant/momma dog.

Now I would like to expose her to some new dogs to see how she acts around them. This will tell me if she needs an active playful dog or a laid back lazy dog.

Julie is wonderful with people and has the Golden nudge down. She loves to be petted and hang out with the humans. She sleeps quietly through the night in a crate. When she first came she was not house trained. She is doing much better now and has not had an accident in the house in several weeks. She does not tell me she needs to go out but with a regular schedule she does just fine.

Julie still needs to get her spay surgery done. I am hoping to get that scheduled soon.

Julie is a very special girl that deserves the very best forever home. I know I will find that for her when she is ready!

Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A

Monday, May 18, 2020

Julie is doing great! She is a good mama and a very sweet girl. She loves to get petted and to be close to her humans.

The puppies are 5 1/2 weeks old and are eating softened kibble now. They are still nursing on Julie but I have been limiting that to just a few times a day.

Julie is so thin and really needs to start putting on some weight. I have her on a new food that has a very high calorie count. She is eating eight cups of food a day and it is all going to produce milk. I am hoping that in about a week her milk will be dried up and she will start gaining weight.

I put a shirt and shorts on her so the puppies can't get at her. She can still be in the same area as the puppies and they can hang out together. If she is not covered they will not leave her alone. She is so sweet, she is not correcting them. She will just stand there and let them nurse even when they have emptied her.

We have started taking Julie for walks. She walks nice on a flat leash and seems to enjoy the walks. We are keeping them short for now. She also needs to build up some muscle. She is really just skin and bones.

It will probably be a few weeks after the puppies go to their new homes before I will make Julie available for adoption. I have only known her as a pregnant dog. Once the puppies are gone I will need some time to see what Julie will need in her forever home.

Right now she does not like the other dogs. That may change after the puppies are gone. She is being protective of them. Once her job is over she may relax and be more willing to accept play and want to be with the other dogs. Time will tell us what she will need.

Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Julie is doing well and keeping herself busy raising her family. The puppies are a little over three weeks old and they are also doing well. They are still sleeping a lot. When they are up they have started to bark and play with each other. They spend most of their time in the whelping box. This week they are just big enough to peek out and we even had one escapee! 

Julie is leaving them for longer periods of time. She is so ready to be done with the feeding and all the cleaning up after them. Some time in the next week I will start feeding them softened puppy food and weaning them off of Julie. I will start doing that at about four weeks of age. 

Julie is starting to let the other dogs in the house come closer to the puppy pen. I am also letting all the dogs go outside together. She is very accepting of the resident dogs. They are older and are not in her face at all. 

I do have another foster at my home and she is much more playful and younger. She does not respect the other dogs' personal space. She will get right in their face and try and get them to play.

Julie does not like that and will give her a little growl. She does not do anything else. She has not wanted to play with the other dogs yet. She has started showing interest in some of the dog chew toys. I have caught her chewing on a bone a few times. 

Julie is a very sweet girl and loves to be by her people. We will update again soon.


Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A

Monday, April 20, 2020

Julie is doing great. She is doing a good job taking care of her family!

The puppies are growing very fast and have all doubled in size since birth.

They do a lot of sleeping and eating.

They squeak and Julie comes to attend to their needs. 

Julie 20-039A

As the puppies get older, Julie is spending more time out of the whelping box.

Julie 20-039A

Julie is a wonderful dog, very loving to her puppies and to all the people in our house. Right now she is not very happy with the other dogs in our house.She is in a protective mood and does not want them by her babies. 

The dogs need to walk by her area to get outside. Julie will stand by the gate and give a low growl to tell them to stay away. This is very normal behavior for a mother dog. It will be fun to see her behavior after the puppies have all gone to their forever homes. 

Julie 20-039A

The puppies all have families waiting for them. We had so many awesome families inquiring about them. I found myself wishing I had ten more puppies to fill the need.

I will update again soon! 

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Please join me in welcoming Julie to RAGOM. She came to us from a commercial breeder. Little did we know that she also had a few stowaways with her. 

She has been in RAGOM's care for several weeks. She first went to a temp foster until her permanent foster could take her. She was with her permanent foster for two weeks and was heading to the vet Monday morning to get spayed.

When the vet examined her, it was clear that she was pregnant. Her foster was not prepared to whelp puppies. The vet told her if she was going to move to another foster she better move quickly.

 A few phone calls were made and a wonderful transport arranged (all while practicing social distancing). Julie was delivered to me on Monday evening. I am her third foster. She is a wonderful dog and adapted to all the changes without any issues. 

We spent Tuesday getting to know each other and setting up for puppies to come. 

We had no idea she was pregnant, so we also had no idea what her due date would be. I have had several litters of pups here and was watching for any sign to tell me she was in labor. Wednesday night she was acting very uncomfortable and panting a bit, but she still had an appetite and ate all her meals that day.

On Thursday morning she only ate about half of her breakfast and was continuing to pant and could not get comfortable. I figured that Thursday was going to be the delivery day. She refused food the rest of that day. That is a good indicator that she was ready to give birth.

She wanted to go outside that evening at around 8:15 pm. It was still light outside so I took her out. She took care of her business and then stopped suddenly and a big gush of water came next. Her water had broken. We went back inside and waited.

I am thinking to myself, this is going to be a long night. Why do they always go into labor in the middle of the night? 

The first puppy was born at 9:15 pm. The second one came at 9:58 pm. I am thinking to myself this is going to go on for a few hours. We had eight puppies that needed to get born.

The third one came much faster at 10:12 pm. They were coming pretty fast now and before I knew it number eight was born at 11:09 pm. That was record time. In two hours and ten minutes all the puppies were here and doing great! There are a few that are smaller but they are all gaining weight and Mama Julie is doing a great job taking care of them. 

Let me introduce you to RAGOM's beautiful Easter Puppies!
Name - Sex - Meaning to the name

Faith - Girl - a strong belief in God's goodness
Shepherd - Boy - The Lord is our shepherd
Jonah - Boy- Jonah and the Whale
Trinity - Girl - The Father the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ
Jordan - Boy - Jesus was baptized in the river of Jordan
Gabriel - Boy - Gods Angel
Glory - Girl - The Glory of God
Angel - Girl - Messenger of God  

We will update again soon so you can watch these babies grow!

Please Note: RAGOM will not be accepting applications for Julie's puppies until the puppies are available for adoption and are listed on our Adoptable Dogs page.  

Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A
Julie 20-039A