Juno 14-301

Juno 14-301Juno 14-301


Juno made her way to Minnesota in 2014, after a RAGOM volunteer working in Puerto Rico found a litter of five puppies left in a parking lot. Juno may not be a traditional Golden Retriever, but her heart certainly is. Juno is sweet, attentive to her humans, and wants to please. Chasing tennis balls and chewing sticks are also high on her list! And although Juno enjoys playing with other dogs, she does exhibit resource guarding behavior if they approach foster mom, who Juno considers her primary caregiver. For this reason, Juno should be an only dog.

At a Glance #14-301

Mixed Breed Born: May 2014
Female 54 lbs

Status: Adopted

Juno's Well-wishers

Kathy M
"Merry Christmas, Juno!"
Scott B
"You will find your forever home soon."
Mary R
"Love you!"
John and Michelle H
"From your Puerto Rican foster brother, Patch 10-223."


Juno made her way to Minnesota in 2014, after a RAGOM volunteer working in Puerto Rico found a litter of five puppies left in a parking lot. Juno may not be a traditional Golden Retriever, but her heart certainly is. Juno is sweet, attentive to her humans, and wants to please. Chasing tennis balls and chewing sticks are also high on her list! And although Juno enjoys playing with other dogs, she does exhibit resource guarding behavior if they approach foster mom, who Juno considers her primary caregiver. For this reason, Juno should be an only dog.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Miss Juno has found the perfect forever family! She will have five humans to cuddle with and play ball. Juno could not be any luckier on this beautiful Spring morning!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Juno was busy today supervising garden cleanup. More importantly, she has a family who would like to adopt her! Their home visit is later this week; paws crossed for Juno that all goes well!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Miss Juno had a very active Easter! As she watched us clean the house and prepare food for a couple days before, she knew something was up, but I am sure she could not have imagined what was coming. She started by entertaining about 30 people for brunch. Everyone adored her and she had unlimited opportunities to play ball!

Then she entertained the other side of the family for dinner. Only 10 people, but still a great opportunity to play ball and troll for any food drops. She topped the night off by watching the possum visit the bottom of the bird station which was quite exciting. The end result was a very, very tired Miss Juno!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Juno is living the good life and as always, her favorite spiky ball is close by.  It is a little hard to tell, but this ball is different, in that it lights up when it bounces.  This makes the chase even better!!  Our Spring weather is more to her liking but we are still spending a fair amount of time playing ball in the house until we have a little more snow melt.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sweet Miss Juno is doing her best to charm her way into a forever home.  Please consider her for your family!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Given the cold snaps of late, we have outfitted Juno with winter outerwear.  This lets her go for walks in cold temps and avoid cabin fever!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Miss Juno is not happy about the below zero temps.  She is ready and waiting for a warm up so she can go on a walk!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Juno blends right into the fall colors.  In her world, there is nothing better than a game of fetch through the leaves with her favorite ball.

I am very happy to report that we have found a way to distract Juno when she encounters another dog while walking with her primary care giver (FM).  All I have to do is give her that favorite ball when we see another dog coming our way.  She is totally focused on her ball and we can pass by without incident.  So when on a walk the primary care giver must be aware of approaching dogs to help Juno deal with the situation, but it is definitely a specific and manageable quirk.

If you have no other dogs in your home, please consider Juno as an addition to your family!  She is smart, wanting to please, and full of unconditional love! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

With the colder weather, Juno is enjoying more time indoors. This perch gives her a direct view of the bird feeding station and any random squirrels that feed from the ground. Always good "creature" watching!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Juno recently had a visit with her behavioral vet, Dr. Duxbury. Miss Juno was on her best behavior and continues to charm people wherever she goes. Everybody at the vet commented that they are surprised Juno is still available. Granted, the behaviorists see lots of dogs with "issues," but from their point of view Juno is very manageable.

Juno was seeing Dr. Duxbury because she gets jealous when her favorite person pays attention to another dog. Then she will behave in a way that lets the other dog clearly know they need to stay away from her person. If the other dog does not back down, Juno will engage by barks, growls, and possibly a bite. We have worked on many ways to distract her. Her recall has improved quite a bit and she has learned how to "leave it." Her training needs to be continued in her adoptive home. 

Juno needs to be an only dog. She is fine on walks and in public, actually friendly with all people and most dogs. However, it is likely that Juno will always have this one quirk that her family needs to manage. It will be important to not bring other resident dogs into your home. 

A family with children over 12 will be very pleased with choosing Juno to be their pet. Juno loves cuddles, walks, and of course, fetch. She will give back endless love and fun to her forever family!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Juno has been enjoying life as her typical affectionate self. No shyness for this gal when it comes to asking for belly pets!

Friday, September 29, 2017

We had our session with the dog trainer and received great instructions for fun training exercises. The exercises are geared towards giving Juno a way to focus away from other dogs instead of acting on an inappropriate response towards them when present with her primary care giver. It not only provides an alternate response for her to stressful situations, but helps us to spot warning signs and react appropriately. Training is not just for dogs, but humans, too!

This is a photo of Juno with her new favorite ball.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A huge THANK YOU to all of Juno's sponsors! Your generosity goes a long way to helping provide the training that Juno needs. She is a smart girl and I know it will get her to where she needs to be for her forever home. After her daily walk, playing fetch outside and in, helping me work in the yard, and training, Juno usually sleeps hard to be ready for a repeat!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Juno had a great time at Goldzilla! Her first foster parents from her time in Puerto Rico even got to reunite with her. She is still as sweet as she was as a pup. Juno is going to make one lucky family very happy!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Juno is really blossoming in our home. She is one smart gal and is doing fantastic on her training! She will follow target hand in motion based on the command "touch."  Juno will go around me in circles if asked whether there is a treat reward or not. Now we are going to up the stakes and ask her to do that in situations where she is not likely to want to be distracted.

Juno has met several dogs and many people on morning walks with foster dad. She is getting to be known by regular walkers and joggers on the trail and if invited goes right up to them and sits for a pet. There have been no issues with dogs she has met and she will play if the other dog is game.

At this point we believe that her resource guarding around other dogs is based on who she believes is her primary care giver. This is consistent with what happened in her first adoptive home and what we are seeing in our home. In other words, she will resource guard foster mom when I show attention to another dog, but she has no issues with other dogs when out with foster dad.

Juno loves to spend time with me working in the yard. That is second to chasing tennis balls and chewing sticks.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Juno had an exciting day last week when we visited the vet behaviorist. It was a bit of a drive across town but not to worry, Juno loves car rides! We discussed the resource guarding observed towards other dogs and went thru some training exercises. Our homework:

  • Learn settle on mat. The end objective is to give her a command that allows her to chill out. 
  • Learn target hand as a start to being able to redirect her attention.
  • Focus on positive rewards for interaction we initiate and turn away when she jumps up, as an example.

Juno is doing fantastic on the first two, the third needs more work. She is also taking serotonin inhibitor meds and will visit with a trainer soon. Juno is now marked as "Children ages 12+," not because of aggression towards children, but because all humans in the home will need to follow the training we are teaching her to deal with resource guarding towards other dogs.

Outside of homework Juno is generally enjoying life. She has early morning walks and loves to hang out with me when I work in the yard.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Slowly increasing the duration of Juno's walks has her back to 100% in terms of stamina. The walks are in addition to super speed crazy dog laps in the yard where she seems to be in total oblivious joy. Balls are a big deal for Juno, she has endless energy for fetch and rarely misses a throw. Once she catches the ball she promptly brings it back and drops it at your feet for another round.

We have observed a behavior related to resourcing guarding towards other dogs. We are working to narrow down the trigger but it seems to be around a dog in close proximity receiving attention and/or food that causes her to react inappropriately towards that dog. She is an absolute angel around people, sitting nicely to be petted. This behavior is only towards dogs in certain situations. We will see a trainer this week to better understand the behavior and identify options for resolution.       

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Juno has been a sweetheart as an only dog in our foster home. She has the cutest look and is a lover dog that will wrap you around her finger. Juno came into RAGOM 3 years ago as a puppy but recently returned to RAGOM foster care due to issues with resident dogs in her adoptive home. They saw reactive behavior towards other resident dogs typically related to food, treats, or attention from her humans.

Behaviors we have observed during her first week in our home:

  • She loves car rides, behaves perfectly.
  • We do not believe she would harm anything while we are away but we kennel her because that is her safe place.
  • Juno will drop toys or raw hides on command or we can take them from her mouth with no issue.
  • She is not necessarily a Velcro dog but wants to know where her humans are and hang out with us. Relishes cuddles and belly pets, prefers to sleep in our bed at night.
  • Juno does limited warning barks. Like the lion in The Wizard of Oz she sometimes needs help with courage.    
  • She will play endless games of fetch and rarely misses a catch no matter how you throw it. She is unbelievably quick and focused when it comes to catching the ball.
  • Juno does well with commands of sit, lay, heel. "Come" seems to be optional in her world but she always responds to a whistle. She tends to jump up when excited or meeting new people so the command "down" is something we will work on and would be a reason not to place her in a home with young children, as she is a very solid dog.
  • Juno walks great on a leash with no pulling. She has been a bit cooped up in boarding for the last 2 months so we are working on building stamina for duration of walks. As we get her out more, we will understand if her reactive behavior is more general or limited to a home with resident dogs. So far she has met one neighborhood dog on a walk with no issues, only the typical tail wagging and sniffing.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


After our first week together, we've learned that Juno is not your typical puppy. She seems to be more mellow than most and doesn't get into much trouble other than grabbing a shoe as she runs past them at the door. It's not that she wants to destroy the shoe, as I write this update, I see that she brought my tennis shoe up on the couch and is using it as a pillow.

Juno is a mixed breed. Because she was found in a parking lot, we don't know what else she is mixed with but I think I've figured it out: she has to be part teddy bear! I've never seen a dog that loves to cuddle as much as Juno. As soon as we sit down, she does her best to plop into someone's lap. And boy does this girl love to give kisses; she doesn't nip on your fingers like most puppies, she just attacks with love and affection.

Kids? Yup, loves them. too. My 2-year-old grandson was here and in usual Juno style, she was jumping on him to give him lots of kisses (we are working on the jumping part). She is doing fantastic with potty training and keeps her crate clean for up to 8 hours (she's not spent more than 8 hours in the crate). She easily gets into her crate and once in, you don't hear a peep out of her.

She gets along great with Sophie, my 6-year-old resident Golden. They have a great time chasing each other in the yard. Juno attended a RAGOM meet and great last weekend and didn't have issues with any other dogs. She also had an opportunity to meet a cat and didn't really pay much attention to it, so I think she could go to a home with cats.

Juno 14-301
Juno 14-301
Juno 14-301

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Juno arrived in Minnesota on Wednesday night with a wonderful smile on her face. This happy puppy came charging out of her crate to embrace this next phase of her life adventure with joy and kisses.

She visited the vet on Friday to be microchipped and was also diagnosed with Juvenile Demodicosis. This is a non-contagious skin condition that is caused by a normal skin mite. She is receiving medication and the itching already seems to be subsiding. She was a chill girl during her chipping and skin scraping, and just kept trying to kiss the vet. Juno takes her daily, oral medication like a champ. Juno weighed in at 20.3 lbs.

On Saturday she joined her sisters for a trip to her first Meet and Greet. Juno was a bit unsure of this new situation, but was a good girl and was happy to just watch events from the security of Foster Mom's lap. Juno has a wonderful temperament. She is very silly and playful and loves to chase balls. She doesn't retrieve (sorry folks, none of these girls have the retrieving gene) but spins and twirls and runs after the ball.

She likes to hang close to her people and to dog sisters and never stays out of sight for long. She is the muscle in the group, but is the first to climb into a bed or lap for a nap after a good play session. She loves to groom her sisters as she falls asleep: ears, paws, or whatever happens to be within reach. They are usually in some pile of limbs that looks quite uncomfortable. She keeps trying to curl up with my resident Golden. 

Juno loves stuffed toys. She loves to chase after them if you will keep throwing them for her. (Note: she doesn't return any of them, so you need a good supply on hand if you are going to play this game for very long.) When left on her own with the stuffies she will tear them apart, so she needs to be supervised with the soft toys.

She is very food motivated and a faster eater. So I have to keep an eye on Juno because she always finishes her food first and starts looking in the other dogs' bowls. She sits nicely for treats and in anticipation of her food bowl.

Juno has not had any accidents in the house, but she has not yet provided me with any signals when she has to go outside. She is on a strict schedule and always goes when the other girls make a fuss to be let out in to the yard. She generally walks in a forward direction when she is on a leash and does not stop to play with the leash or pull against it.

This precious little Sato (Puerto Rican "street dog") is a huge cuddler and truly has a golden personality. Juno would like to be allowed on the sofa so she can fall asleep with her head in your lap, and I suspect she would also like to sleep in bed with her humans, but does fine in a crate overnight. And, in case you were wondering, she speaks English and not Spanish.

Juno's face says it all!

Juno 14-301
Juno 14-301 and littermates

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Original Bio September 2014: 
Please give a warm RAGOM welcome to Juno or, as I like to call her, Juno-berry. We are long-time RAGOM volunteers that moved to Puerto Rico for a work assignment. While leaving work one day, my husband found a litter of 5 puppies left in the parking lot. The mom was nowhere to be found. Naturally, my husband brought them home, and we began the rescue process.

Juno was 15 pounds when found and has grown to 20 pounds. She is completely up to date on all her shots, including rabies and bordetella, as well as, Frontline and Heartguard. When we first got the puppies, they all had pretty bad dry skin. But with some medicated shampoo, it cleared up amazingly. Now, they all have hair again!

All of the puppies have been spayed/neutered. We were able to find homes for two of the five puppies here in Puerto Rico, but Juno and her sisters (Lilly 14-300 and Isabel 14-302) have hit the jackpot. They boarded a big plane for a "field trip" to Minnesota where RAGOM will help find the forever home they deserve!

Juno is a super sweet dog that just wants to hang around with you. She has her puppy energy, but it's not too much. She loves to chase tennis balls or chase dogs that like to chase tennis balls! She gets along great with dogs and kids. She has not been exposed to cats, but I think she'd be fine.

Juno is still learning how to walk on a leash and use the bathroom outside. She knows "sit" and will sit for just about anything. She is very treat motivated. Have I mentioned the ice machine?  She will be right under your feet in a sitting position waiting for that tasty morsel of frozen water!

Juno is crate trained to sleep through the night for about 8 hours. She is kenneled while I'm gone during the day. Juno will make a wonderful addition to any family. If you think that might be you, please contact your placement advisor and I'm sure Juno's new foster would love to set up a meeting! Juno, good luck in your forever home.

We miss you already. Love always, your Puerto Rican foster family.

Juno 14-301
Juno 14-301