At A Glance

  • Age: 17 years, 9 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 60.00 lbs
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Meet lovely Kaitlyn.  This 5.5 year old Golden beauty joined her foster family in the Twin Cities this past Sunday, May 16th.  Kaitlyn was retired from a non-ideal breeding operation.  She has experienced a lot of new situations and circumstances in this past week.

Kaitlyn hasn't had exposure to many things, as she was solely used for breeding.  When she arrived, she first had to get used to walking on a leash.  Her foster mom thinks she is doing a splendid job already.  As so very many things are new to her, she can be quite timid when seeing or hearing something for the first time.  But she is a trooper and is already enjoying our twice daily walks.  She enjoys having a resident seven year old Golden Retriever to help her learn the ropes.  She has been exposed to children of all ages and does very well with them.  Although, she really prefers that they approach softly and quietly, as they are definitely new to her.

Kaitlyn's foster mom had a bit of a time getting her to eat or drink when she first arrived.  Her foster mom finally figured out that canned, soft dog food was something that she would eat.  Her foster mom also figured out that she would eat and drink if she placed her food in her crate, so that she knew it was hers.  In addition, her foster mom noticed that Kaitlyn's teeth were in pretty tough shape and were perhaps giving her difficulty when eating. 

On Tuesday, Kaitlyn had her first visit to the vet.  She did very well traveling in the car with the resident Golden along for moral support.  The vet weighed her in at 72 pounds.  Her exam also revealed that Kaitlyn has an ear infection in her right ear, and that she had a couple of teeth that would require extraction, as well as large amounts of calculus that were causing extreme inflammation and pain in her mouth.  She was sent home with some pain meds and antibiotics for her ear infection and mouth inflammation.

Wednesday, Kaitlyn spent the day hanging out with her foster family and continuing to adjust to life indoors.  Her foster mom thinks she is doing spectacular as a house dog!  She hasn't had a single accident inside her home or in her crate in the week that she has been here.  She currently spends a lot of time in her crate with the door open, taking in the newness of family and home life.  Her family has an open concept living room, kitchen and dining room and Kaitlyn's crate is right in the middle of all the hustle.  She enjoys watching all the action, and will venture outside her crate more and more frequently to see what foster mom is up to in the kitchen.  She also frequently heads out to the second story enclosed deck on her own, and catches some sunshine or watches the birds.

Kaitlyn has free roam of the house when her foster family is home, but she has yet to wander too far from foster mom or her crate.  She does really well in the crate at night and while her foster family is out.  The only vocalization her foster mom has heard from her, was one night she heard her whining.  When foster mom went to check out what was wrong, she discovered that Kaitlyn had tipped her water bowl in her crate.  After cleaning it up and putting down new towels for bedding, she was happy as could be.  As she is such a quiet, easy foster dog, foster mom was happy to learn that she will let you know if something is needed.

Early Thursday morning Kaitlyn was off to the vet again.  She was spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, had her teeth cleaned, and two teeth were extracted.  Foster mom spoke with the vet and found out that the surgery went well and that Kaitlyn actually had fewer teeth extracted than was expected at her exam!  Kaitlyn spent the night recovering at the vet and was picked up Friday afternoon by her foster mom.

Kaitlyn is doing really well with her recovery.  She is on pain meds for a few days and will continue her course of antibiotics (she takes her meds like a superstar).  She will have her sutures removed in about two weeks.  She was also sent home with medication for a right ear infection.  The vet recommended soft food for a week, and hopefully soon, Kaitlyn will be up for dry food when she has recovered from her extractions.

This beautiful girl is as sweet as sugar.  Foster mom thinks she is really one of the most gentle animals she has ever met.  She does really well with other dogs, children and adults.  But because of the circumstances where she spent her first five years, she'll require an adoptive family that has a resident, large breed dog - to help her overcome her shyness.  In addition, she will require a physical fence.  Also, although Kaitlyn is so very gentle, a family with older children (or no children) that aren't quite as boisterous or make sudden movements, would be ideal for her. 

Kaitlyn is shy, but is quickly adapting to the comforts of home life.  Kaitlyn loves to sit next to you and have you stroke her head for as long as you'll do it.  She loves to be loved and will make a WONDERFUL furry family member.  Kaitlyn is gorgeous, gentle, and a sweetie - who will be the perfect Golden girl for a family that will help her overcome her shyness with lots of love to share.  If you think you have the love and patience share with this angel and would like to show her what life should really be all about for a Golden family member, please contact your placement advisor.


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