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  • Age: 17 years, 4 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


5/12/06: Well, as you can see the troops are growing, with Gretchen weighing the most, being the first to crawl out of the box and always the one in the mix of things :) They were all so good.....the substitute vet was very impressed with them all, they were good troopers. They got their 2nd dewormer, 1st set of shots, and microchipped....they are now officially RAGOM dogs forever :)

They are eating dry food most of the time. We stopped the mush early in the week, then just with water, and now they seem to prefer the dry. They all are sweet, playful, busy, awake more, love running in and out of the kitchen onto the deck and back again. This rain lately is not helping that exercise regiment very much. Josie is weaning them and you will hear a yelp now and then after Josie has let them know it's NOT time to nurse. Course, many a yelp comes from someone being a little rough in his or her names...they all seem to have their moment. We had to add another board to the box as Ms Gretchen crawled out...I came down stairs the other morning and there she was, curled up on the video chair, very comfortable, thank you. So thought maybe a fluke....ah, no....was waiting on the chair when I got home. It was a bit confusing for them all when they got back in the box and found that they couldn't quite see over the edge unless they stood up. I love this age...when I open the door it's quiet and then I call "puppy, puppy, puppy" and they all come running. Works getting 'em outta the kitchen and onto the deck and back again. They love it when I just lay down with them and they can climb and play and be loved up. They all love to be held and cuddled. They now will "hold" things with their if you put your hand up under their body and up by their face they wrap their paws around your hand.

They had baths last night.....what a hoot. I debated on putting them all in the bathtub and going at it, but decided the nice deep laundry room sink would be better......and it was. Dierks was the wild child out of the bunch, Trace the calmest. They are now running circles around the table, barking and even growling. I went to pick up Willie the other night when he was sleeping in the kitchen and got some growls....and today Dierks gave the vet tech what for when he was getting micro chipped....not a happy camper. Kix is the most laid back which is funny as he was the noisey one when born. The boys all seem to take turns getting beaten up by Gretch or Patsy......then when you think you are going to have to separate them, the boys come back and give as good at they get. Little Martina was the runt.....let's just say she holds her own nowadays. They are all beautiful, their coloring is changing a bit does their personality. But to see them day to day you don't see any real distinct thing that makes one stand out more than the other.....except Gretch....she is usually in the middle of things! What a spitfire, she will need to be kept busy busy busy to wear her out. The funniest thing is it's always the boys heading for momma to nurse....Cash and Willie are the biggest babies when it comes to wanting momma. Josie is now playing with them all.....she rolls 'em around and nibbles at 'em and has a good time.

Well, unless you have had 9 puppies, the mom, another foster and your own dog and try to work full can't believe how busy it is :) I think I got more sleep when my kids were little. But I love, love, love every minute with them...even hauling them up and down 2 flights of stairs everyday so they can be in the kitchen and run in and out on the deck. My favorite time is when I put them in the big "box" at night....everything is clean and pee free :) I lay down and play with them, then hold and cuddle each one, then get the puppy treats and watch them run to get their treat and go off and eat by themselves....then if someone is too slow try and steal theirs. Sometimes before the last one has gotten their treat, one of the first ones will be back. I do have to watch Josie as she thinks nothing of taking the treat right out of their mouth. She's a bit of a puppy herself.

It's hard to believe that Memorial weekend they will be 8 weeks old. I just don't know where the time went. It seems like I just awoke to Cash being born......guess learning to enjoy each day with them, naughty or nice, is a great lesson to learn....time goes by so fast and they will be dogs, trained and fun....but the puppy breath and kisses will be gone. No matter the number of steps taken, mush made, messy paper cleaned up, potty on the kitchen's been worth every minute of it and I would do it all over about a year :) Puppy kisses from the troops!

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