At A Glance

  • Age: 12 years, 4 months
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


Kole came all the way from MO from a puppy mill.  Thankfully, he doesn’t have the slightest hint of puppy mill behavior.  This guy is 15 weeks old and is a total gentleman!  I’m not exaggerating either!  He is the calmest puppy I’ve ever seen.  He is very curious about his surroundings and within a day, learned how to do the steps into the house.  Apparently he’s a fast learner because hours later, he tackled the entire staircase to go upstairs too!

Mr. Kole is very bright.  When he came home with me, he had no concept of his name or to come when called. After only 2 days, he now responds readily to his name and is learning the word no.  He isn’t a big chewer compared to many pups…he likes his soft little toys but doesn’t seem to try to bite or chew on people too much.  We’re happy about this.

Since coming home, he has been going through some crate training and within the first day of short stints in the crate, he now goes in without having a total melt down and howling.  Like I said, he’s a fast learner.  Kole also LOVES to be snuggled by his people.  I mean, no matter what he is doing, once you scoop him up and sit with him, he just melts in your arms and snuggles right in.  He is very well socialized to both people and dogs but he seems to really love people and will gladly bounce along at your heels to help you do whatever needs doing.  The first night, since he was having none of the crate, I took him into bed with me and he snuggled right up with his little nose under my chin and went to sleep.  Like I said, he loves to snuggle!

Potty training is going well…he is in his crate all night without the need for potty breaks and will keep his crate clean. He is getting the concept of going outside but we do still have accidents in the house.  Because of his puppy mill upbringing, he seems more at home outside than inside and tends to be more restless in the house.  Once he’s outside, he will lay in the cool grass and chew on a stick or his toys.

Kole is a fantastic puppy and will likely grow to be very large if the size of his feet are any indication.  At the vet yesterday, he was 37 pounds.  In a loving home, he will also grow to be a very confident, calm, and loving dog.  That I know for sure.  If you are interested in Kole, please contact your placement advisor.

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