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  • Age: 22 years, 2 months
  • Breed: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: N/A
  • Status: Adopted


6/24/05: Good Evening Everyone,

I am Luke, a 5 1/2 year old neutered male. I was a Ragom dog before and that's how I came to live with my Mom. She was my foster and fell in love with me. I have been housemates with Lady 05-052 for the past 3 years. Sadly, our mom is moving into an apartment and our family wanted me (us) to have a new forever home. That's what love is all about - doing what's best for those you love, not for yourself.

I have had my share of health issues, mostly to do with allergies....need I say more? They will never be cured, but we can easily keep them under control and keep me comfortable.

I would say over all I am a pretty mellow fellow. And as you can see I have a sense of humor :) I have met the cat(s), not really interested like some people. I sit very nicely when it is treat time; while others clamor and worry about when it's their turn, I just sit calmly and wait, as I know my goodie is coming. Tonight I had my nails clipped and I stood to be brushed for 20 minutes. I believe in good grooming and am always available for any such services that are offered me. I will say that being the only "guy" around here may test my patience, especially with Sunny. She is rather jealous of any attention the foster mom doles out to anyone other than herself.

While I have enjoyed living and playing with Lady, I don't feel it would be out of the question to find separate forever homes. I enjoy playing, but honestly, that girl just doesn't know when to stop sometimes. I love her dearly, but could be happy in a home where things are mellow. I like kids as long as they don't try to climb on me. I come when called and stay in the yard area when outside. I feel I qualify as a gentleman and would make someone or some family a wonderful companion. I too, will see the doctor this Monday a.m. and be updated on whatever needs to be done. I will take the weekend to get things in order and settle in, but I think by Monday I should have a better idea of how it's going to go around here, and if I will need to find a spot just for me for peace and quiet. Perhaps the lovely resident, Reba, would care to join me; we seem to have a bit more in manners!

Well, I really must be off to bed. It's been a busy and somewhat stressful day with the move and all. Will catch you all up next week. Meanwhile, I will ask my foster mom for some better pictures of me to send off....I am far more attractive than these photos. If you think you might possibly be interested in a long term - forever relationship, please email [email protected].

Have a lovely weekend.

Sincerely, Luke

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